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Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove Ode to Billie Joe
2. Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove A Thousand Miles of Bad Road
3. Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove Breakdown
4. Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove Blaze of Glory
5. Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove The Spy
6. A7PHA Sicked
7. A7PHA At the Altar
8. A7PHA Modern Animal
9. A7PHA 99 Point Static
10. A7PHA No brakes
11. A7PHA Hater Hate It feat. Gonjasufi
12. Juana Molina Paraguaya
13. Juana Molina Sin Dones
14. Juana Molina In the Lassa
15. Juana Molina A00 B 01
16. Juana Molina Andó
17. F.S.K. Ein Haufen Scheiss und ein zertrümmertes Klavier
18. The Tiger Lillies Heroin
19. The Tiger Lillies You wouldn´t know
20. The Tiger Lillies Dance Floor
21. The Tiger Lillies Salvation Army
22. The Tiger Lillies Go
23. The Tiger Lillies Funeral Song
24. The Tiger Lillies Screwed Blues
25. The Tiger Lillies Cold Night in Soho
26. Käptn Peng und die Tentakel von Delphi Spiegelkabinett
27. Juana Molina Cálculos y Oráculos
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Grande Royale I'm on the loose
2. The New Roses Quarter to twelve
3. The Morrings Amsterdam
4. House by the lake Glacial Place
5. Dynamite March on
6. Ni Sala Clear your mind
7. Mystery Dear Someone (live)
8. Dirty Thrills Rabbit Hole
9. Wiesner Schizophren
10. ELOY The Call
11. The Flying Eyes Sing Praise
12. Ulrich Ellison & The Tribe America
13. Neal Hoffmann Maybe America
14. John Garner The Ooooh Song
15. Hell in the club The Phantom Punch
16. The Quireboys Shame, shame, shame
17. GUN Boy who fooled the world
18. The Scotty Bullock Trion The Road
19. Triggerfinger Upstairs Box
20. Freund von Anton Wölfe
21. Hard Working Amerincans Mission Accomplished (live)
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1. Wavves Animals
2. Ash Red Wine on the pullover
3. Amores Tangos Marioneta
4. Little Simz Stillness in Wonderland
5. Duct Tape Goin back home
6. Fazerdaze Lucky Girl
7. Dark Harbour Here in the dark
8. She keeps bees Head of steak
9. Toro y Moi Girl like you
10. Michael Nau Some Twist
11. Evan Dando Repeat
12. Childhood Californian Light
13. Larry Dismond Shango
14. Zwanie Jonson Songs for a girl
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl:
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1. In Memoriam Wilhelm Killmayer (1927-2017)
2. W. Killmayer An John Field. Nocturnes f. Klavier (1975) – I. Glimpflicher Absturz
3. W. Killmayer Sinfonia I (Fogli, 1968)
4. W. Killmayer Klavierquartett (1975)
5. W. Killmayer Jugendzeit. Poème symphonique (1977)
6. W. Killmayer Verschüttete Zeichen. Essay symphonique (1978)
7. W. Killmayer Überstehen und Hoffen. Poème symphonique (1977/78)
8. W. Killmayer Im Freien. Poème symphonique (1980)
9. W. Killmayer An John Field. Nocturnes f. Klavier (1975) – II. Der Schrecken kommt nicht weit genug
10. W. Killmayer Aus den Heine-Liedern (1994/95): In mein gar zu dunkles Leben
11. W. Killmayer An John Field. Nocturnes f. Klavier (1975) – III. Am Grat
12. W. Killmayer An John Field. Nocturnes f. Klavier (1975) – IV. Ausflug aus dem Karzer
13. W. Killmayer Aus den Heine-Liedern (1994/95): Auf Flügeln des Gesanges
14. W. Killmayer An John Field. Nocturnes f. Klavier (1975) – V. Im Schlupfloch
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1. The Pop Group Little Town
2. Pick a piper Still awake
3. Keane Somewhere only we know
4. Casper Girls in Hawaii
5. Petit Biscuit Sunset Lover
6. Paul White Accelerator
7. Palace Holy Smoke
8. Johnny Flynn Wandering Aengus
9. Joel Sarakula Analog Dreams
10. Palace Veins
11. Gucci Mane My Chain
12. Lord Huron She lit a fire
13. WHY One Mississippi
14. Freak a Zoid Now or Never
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1. Sun ra springtime again
2. 79s gang drama
3. palace holy smoke
4. Isaac Hayes run fay run
5. vampire weekend a punk
6. ra ra riot boy
7. Quentin Sirjacq Bodies
8. lee perry Political Confusion
9. the dog hunters Politican man
10. politics
11. poor grrrl super rude
12. grizzly bear cut out
13. why Proactive Revolution
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1. Mondo Fumatore White Devil
2. Happyness Friend of the Revolution
3. Bonez MC Palmen aus Plastik
4. William's Orbit Once in a lifetime
5. Pyro One& Refpolk Her mit dem schönen Leben
6. Anti- Flag Power to the peaceful
7. Two Feet Go fuck yourself
8. Noga Erez Pity
9. Anti- Flag Culture Revolution
10. The Strokes Drag Queen
11. Zenga We've done it always that way
12. LOVING Bowlly goes dancing drunk into the future
13. Lord Space Wissen ist Markt
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B., Jessica Moos
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1. Unterleger masrmobil palak paneer
2. käptn peng und die tentakel von delphi mc homosapiens sapiens
3. käptn gips menscheit
4. kasai allstars (clap clap mix) quick as white
5. Playlist
6. Neoangin der vergessliche
7. Bambi Davidson Brunswick
8. Lee Perry Political Confusion
9. The Dog Hunters Politican man
10. Bad religion Politics
11. Isaac Hayes run fay run
12. mike mouthersbough loquasto internationl film festival
13. Desorden Publico Politica Criminal
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Monika Bernreuther Musikauswahl:
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1. Chad VanGaalen Old Heads
2. Weyes Blood A Certain Kind
3. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions Sleep
4. Leska Full Cathedral
5. John Maus The Combine
6. Rostam Bike Dream
7. Kasai Allstars Quick as White (Clap Clap Remix)
8. Sampha Blood on Me
9. Loyle Carter Ain´t nothing changed
10. Glass Animals Agnes
11. Kate Tempest Lionmouth Door Knocker
12. alt-J Deadcrush
13. The XX Say something loving
14. Stormzy Cigarettes & Cush
15. J-Hus Did You See
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1. The Notwist Kong
2. Neoangin to sahre a memory
3. Queens of stone age the way you used to do
4. Jordan Rakei Sorceress
5. Mount Kimbie We go home together
6. Animal collective Jimmy Mack
7. James Blake Timeless
8. Loxle Carner The Money
9. Paul& The tall trees Can't you wait
10. Ja Panik Future
11. Kate Tempest Let them Eat Chaos
12. Grouper I'm clean now
13. Howe Gelb Thats how things get done
14. William's Orbit Once in a lifetime
Musikauswahl: Jessica Moos
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1. Bobby Hutcherson Little Angel
2. Mount Kimbie You took your time
3. If you got money
4. Veranstaltungskalender Playlist
5. La Femme d Argent
6. Achterbahn Trance me up
7. D'Angelo Ain't that easy
8. groundation pepper spray boogie
9. american in me
10. Peru Boom Subete a la Noche
11. compulsive gamblers pepper spry boogie
12. the clash jimmy jazz
13. Ibeyi Deathless
14. Actitud Maria Marta Revolution
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. mogwai crossing the road material
2. iftiin band feat. mahmud abdalla & maryan naasir(v.a. - sweet as broken dates) this love has no boundaries
3. sharero band (v.a. - light & sound of mogadishu) sharero 75
4. kasai allstars lobelela
5. kasai allstars drowning goat (daedelus remix)
6. ben frost threshold of faith
7. johannes albert giovanni frizzante
Top 5 Records
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1. Manic Street Preacheres If you tolerate this
2. Nena 99 Luftballons
3. OK KID Gute Menschen
4. Pixies Monkey gone to heaven
5. Little Feat Apolitical Blues
6. Könsförrädare Of the Unpolitical
7. Hol mir mal ne Flasche Bier
8. The La`s Freedom Song
9. Bonobo Migration
10. John Lennon Gimme Some Truth
11. Gentleman Politican Boy
12. Sara Bareilles, Clarence Bekker, Titi Tsira Whats going on
13. Generation X Gimme Some Truth
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1. Hot Chip Night& Day
2. Sarah Beatty Bandit Queen
3. Loyle Carner Yesterday
4. WHY Proactive Evolution
5. Chinese Man The new crown
6. Pick a piper Still awake
7. Dick Griffin Now is the time
8. Wu- Tang Clan CREAM
9. Bastien Keb Cashmere
10. FEMME Fever Boy
11. Alex G Bobby
12. Brenk Sinatra& Morlokk Dilemma Kopfnuss
13. YELLOW POWER hai samurai
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1. SOHN Warning
2. Porches Be Apart
3. Das bierbeben dunkle Tage
4. tearing down the borders
5. berlin boom orchester ums ganze
6. Actitud maria marta revolucion
7. Ibeyi Ghost
8. Gold Pamda Brazil
9. Playlist
10. Lawman
11. Playlist
12. Police
13. the olympians diana by my side
14. Jet Are you gonna be my girl
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Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. russian girlfriends anexiety attack
2. bird berlin insti mit love
3. bewlow a silent sky the highest shrien
4. december youth ailleurs
5. yellow thought instrumental
6. mount shasta collective apathy
7. kassai allstars in praise of homeboys
8. kassai allstars (africaine 808 remix) in praise of homeboys
9. sex bomb-omb we are sex bob-omb
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. streiff&zehnder (heimatklänge) mineur
2. alder&frick (heimatklänge) stammtisch
3. klaus renft combo (helden wie wir) gänselieschen
4. kassai allstars (clap clap remix) quick as white
5. marco beltrami (ben hur) ilderim wagers
6. mike mothersbough (the live and sea aquatic)) loquasto international film festival
Moderation: Axel Musikauswahl: Axel
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1. Strange Ranger House Show Tiny Engines
2. Bless You re Always On TV DZ Tapes
3. Tics Tiny Beau Travail
4. Tera Melos Trash Generator Sargent House
5. Room 101 one man band Blood Bag (featuring XVC) Summary Execution
6. Converge Under Duress Epitaph
7. Ripped Genes Beautiful Girl
8. Bad History Month Being Nothing Exploding In Sound
9. Bethlehem Steel Alt Shells Exploding In Sound
10. Ted Leo You re Like Me Super Ego
11. Gleemer Soothe Me Other People
12. Slaughter Beach, Dog Gold and Green Big Scary Monsters
13. Lomelda Bam Sha Klam Double Double Whammy
14. Sandy Realms Pink Dime Self-released
Moderation: Jessica Moos Musikauswahl:
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1. Wallows Pleaser
2. Christian Löffler Pacific
3. A Tribe called quest The Kiling Season
4. JJ Jones Harlem Nocturne
5. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Hawkins
6. Swiss feat. Emos Durchbrenn
7. Sun Palace Raw Movements
8. Chris Read & Pugs Atomz Choclate Milk
9. Shiftee Dope Girls
10. Philo Philta Barkeeper
11. Marc Anthony Todo tiene su final
12. Karuan Trainstaton without Fascists
13. Dr. Dre Satisfaction
14. Milly James Submarine EP
Musikauswahl: Jessica Moos
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1. sugar daddy another one bites the dust
2. Mount Kimbie You took your time
3. Alice Rose Rare Bird
4. Blossom Honey Sweet
5. The mighty stef down at the radiation
6. Tom Waits Who are you
7. La Femme d' Argent Air
8. Adiam Quiet Desperation
9. Gemmy Rainbow Rd.
10. Vampire Weekend A Punk
11. Anti Flag Culture Revolution
12. Dead Moon Time are a changing
13. Anti Flag Power of the Peaceful
14. Parquet Courts Sunbathing Animal
15. Emil Amos Dialtone
16. Hello Casanova I'll be waiting