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Limbo Rhythm
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1. Evidence Throw It All Away Rhymesayers Entertainment
2. Children Of Zeus (feat. Caron Wheeler) U Alone (Remix) unreleased
3. Akua Naru My Mother's Daughter (Radio Edit) SPV Recordings
4. Children Of Zeus Happiness First Word Records
5. Darkhouse Family The Offering First Word Records
6. Rootwords A Matter Of Time Kinyama Records
7. Darkhouse Family Space And Time (feat. Jessy Allen) First Word Records
8. Colm K Water All City Records
9. Ephemerals In And Out (Original Mix) Jalapeno Records
10. The Expansions Breakthrough (7" Version) Albert's Favourites
11. The Tibbs Lies Record Kicks
12. Crowd Company Get In The Groove Vintage League Music
13. The Haggis Horns What It's All About (feat. Doc Brown) Haggis Records
14. Maze Soundz feat. Urban Shokker Raise The Funk (Bouncy Version) unreleased
15. Ken@Work The Jackal Chopshop
16. Chris Zent & Maze Soundz Calling Mama (Original Mix) Nuit Blanche Musique
17. Fatwax45 & Wildaboutnothin' Dominoes (Talkin' All That) Waxnerds
18. Lack Of Afro Balcony (feat. Wax & Herbal T) LOA Records
19. The Allergies (feat. Andy Cooper) Blast Off (Remix) Jalapeno Records
20. The Haggis Horns Take It Back (feat. Doc Brown) Haggis Records
21. The Haggis Horns (feat. Lucinda Slim) World Gone Crazy (Lack Of Afro Remix) Haggis Records
22. Lack Of Afro Ride (feat. Wax & Herbal T) LOA Records
23. Robert Finley Medicine Woman Easy Eye Sound
24. Radio Trip Computers Singing (Alfomega?Mix by Markey Funk) Jalapeno Records
25. Boca 45 & Mohawkestra The Bear Pit Bomb Strikes
26. Freethinker Funk Essence Dust On My Shoes MustBeat Records
27. The Andy Tolman Cartel Move Over (feat. Jo Harman) Freestyle Records
28. Soopasoul Pushin' Weight Jalapeno Records
29. Myles Sanko Promises (Smoove Remix) Legere Recordings
30. The Allergies You Got Power Jalapeno Records
31. The Allergies Entitled To That Jalapeno Records
32. The Allergies Get On The Floor Jalapeno Records
33. Robert Finley Honey, Let Me Stay The Night Easy Eye Sound
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Phil Vetter Niemand Hausboot Entertainment
2. Lee Fields & The Expressions Time Big Crown Records
3. Backbeat Underground (feat. Aaron Abernathy) She Don't Love Me (Like I Do) (Radio Edit) Fort Knox Recordings
4. Crowd Company Can't Get Enough Vintage League Music
5. The Haggis Horns Curse Of The Haggis Haggis Records
6. Martha High (with Osaka Monaurail) Don't Throw Your Love In The Garbage Can Record Kicks
7. Combined Forces Feeling Alright Tramp Records
8. Holly Carroll Lovin' Tramp Records
9. Souleance That Guy (feat. Von Pea) First Word Records
10. Wu-Tang Clan Hood Go Bang (feat. Redman & Method Man) eOne
11. Southpaw Chop feat. Large Professor Here We Go (Large Pro Remix) Southpaw-Chop Music
12. Lack Of Afro International (feat. Wax & Herbal T) Freestyle Records
13. Radio Citizen Opium Sonar Kollektiv
14. Alex Puddu Ocean Drive (feat. Duane Hobson) Al Dente
15. Kind & Kinky Zoo Hurricane Train (SoulBrigada Remix) Legere Recordings
16. Kind & Kinky Zoo Beat Sample Legere Recordings
17. Kabanjak The Ocean Within Luvah Records
18. Kabanjak All I Need Luvah Records
19. Spangle Do Dat Stuff Tramp Records
20. Alex Puddu Runaway Boys (feat. Lonnie Jordan) Al Dente
21. Nautilus Root Down (Instrumental Version) Agogo Records
22. Funkallisto Piamose Trastevere Express Yourself
23. Martha High (with Osaka Monaurail) Think (About It) Record Kicks
24. Chuck D & The Slamjamz Artist Revue Talking Loud, Saying Nothing (feat. Most HiFi) The Slamjamz Recording Company
25. Funkallisto Take A Little Time (feat. Jess Roberts) Express Yourself
26. Funkallisto The Devil Express Yourself
27. TNT Powerhouse Basement Jam Tramp Records
28. Martha High (with Osaka Monaurail) Mama Feelgood Record Kicks
29. The Fugitives & Archie Brooks Rich Man Poor Man Tramp Records
30. DJ 'S' Funk In A Bottle Chopshop
31. Alex Puddu Wild Saxophone Al Dente
32. Instigator Afrobeat Orchestra Yellow Fever Bandcamp
33. Crowd Company Saw You Yesterday Vintage League Music
34. Instigator Afrobeat Orchestra G-Spot (Victor Rice Remix) Bandcamp
35. The Frightnrs Do Unto Others (Version) Daptone Records
36. The Frightnrs More To Say (Version) Daptone Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Zara McFarlane In Between Worlds Brownswood Recordings
2. Minoru Muraoka Take Five United Artists Records
3. Supersoul Dem Funk sei Dank (Instrumental) Agogo Records
4. Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra Togetherness Persephone Records
5. Jackie Johnson & The Backbeaters How Tough It Was Tramp Records
6. Paper Tiger Recliner Pt.1 Wah Wah 45s
7. Paper Tiger Slippery Wah Wah 45s
8. Zara McFarlane Stoke The Fire Brownswood Recordings
9. Zara McFarlane Allies And Enemies Brownswood Recordings
10. Minoru Muraoka The Positive And The Negative (Yin & Yang) United Artists Records
11. Ancient Astronauts & Azeem Intro Switchstance Recordings
12. Ancient Astronauts & Azeem Poetic Occupation (feat. Divine Styler) Switchstance Recordings
13. Thunderball (feat. Mustafa Akbar) Heart Of The Hustler (Thunderball Poor Hand Dub) Fort Knox Recordings
14. Ancient Astronauts & Azeem False Charges Switchstance Recordings
15. Thunderball (feat. Hutchy) Selector (Drive By Mix) Fort Knox Recordings
16. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Subatomic Sound System New Ark Subatomic Energy (Intro) Echo Beach
17. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Subatomic Sound System Curly Dub (Sing Along Jah Jah Children) Echo Beach
18. Amlak Redsquare Judges (Kabanjak Remix) Switchstance Recordings
19. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Subatomic Sound System Chase The Devil (feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore & Screechy Dan) Echo Beach
20. Afrob (feat. Megaloh) R.I.P. (Acoustic Version) One Shotta Records
21. Sticky Joe & Kingston Express (feat. Horace Andy) Stress Out (Lion Dub Remix) Kingston Express Records
22. Thunderball (feat. Miss Johnna M) Daydream (Thunderball vs Slant Mix) Fort Knox Recordings
23. India Arie Video (Al Pack Bootleg) unreleased
24. Thunderball If Knowledge Is Power (feat. Akil Dasan) Fort Knox Recordings
25. Washed Out Hard To Say Goodye (Lone Remix) Stones Throw Records
26. Soothsayers Blinded Souls (SMBD '79 Raw Disco Mix) Wah Wah 45s
27. Son Palenque A Pila El Arroz (Los Chicos Altos Dub) unreleased
28. NameBrandSound & Sonar's Ghost Can't Hold It First Word Records
29. Son Of Scientist Spartan Riddim First Word Records
30. Resonators Right Time (Ash Walker Vocal Mix) Wah Wah 45s
31. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Subatomic Sound System Dub Along Echo Beach
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra Still Got A Way To Fall (Version) Ronet Records
2. The Soul Session Sun Shines Softly (feat. Anaj) Agogo Records
3. Ton Steine Scherben (feat. Nina Hagen) Keine Macht fuer Niemand (Dubvisionist Dub Version) Echo Beach
4. The Black Seeds Wake Up Proville Records
5. Professor Wouassa Serema (feat. Ebo Taylor) Matasuna Records
6. Chico Trujillo, Wiracocha & Rodrigo Gonzalez La Partida Off Ya Tree Records
7. Gaston Avila Lleu Lleu Off Ya Tree Records
8. Luis Alberto Gomez Reganame Off Ya Tree Records
9. The Soul Session Live Your Life (feat. Anaj) Agogo Records
10. Chinoy De Barro Off Ya Tree Records
11. Lutz Krajenski I Got Hope (feat. Alana Alexander) Agogo Records
12. Rodrigo Amarante Tuyo (Original Version) Lakeshore Records
13. Colonel Faat Balantinje (Mankoora Remix) Agogo Records
14. The Black Seeds Everybody Knows Proville Records
15. Dubmatix feat. Prince Blanco The Israelites Dub Arc Records
16. Ton Steine Scherben Lass uns ein Wunder sein (Aldubb Reggae Dub Version) Echo Beach
17. Urbs Happy Days (feat. Bagi & Sarah Ann) Beat Art Department
18. Wu-Tang Clan People Say (feat. Redman) 36 Chambers
19. Urbs Holdin' Back (feat. Wordsworth) Beat Art Department
20. Urbs Fiass in d'Hand (feat. Skero & Kayo) Beat Art Department
21. Curtis Mayfield Right On For The Darkness (Serge Gamesbourg Rework) unreleased
22. The Olympians Sirens Of Jupiter (Goji Berry Edit) Bandcamp
23. Chuck D & The Slamjamz Artist Revue (feat. Kyle Jason & The Banned) Make It Funky The Slamjamz Recording Company
24. Sunny & The Sunliners Intro 2 Big Crown Records
25. Sunny & The Sunliners Get Down Big Crown Records
26. Sunny & The Sunliners Should I Take You Home Big Crown Records
27. The Poets Of Rhythm Upper Class (Maze Soundz Re-Edit) unreleased
28. Professor Wouassa Doumadem Matasuna Records
29. Professor Wouassa Papa Jo Matasuna Records
30. The Eminent Stars Brown Thang (Instrumental) Tramp Records
31. The Souljazz Orchestra Dog Eat Dog Strut Records
32. The Soul Session You Are Everything (feat. Jiddu Krishnamurti) Agogo Records
33. The Souljazz Orchestra Is Yeelyel Strut Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Nautilus Bill's Chill Agogo Records
2. Nicole Atkins Darkness Falls So Quiet Single Lock Records
3. Michael Nau How You're So For Real Full Time Hobby
4. Wax Poetic (feat. Norah Jones) Angels (Dr. Rubberfunk Remix) Bandcamp
5. Curtis Harding I Need A Friend (Quincy Jointz Edit) unreleased
6. Hidden Jazz Quartett (feat. Bajka) Soulosophy (Soulson & Goji Berry Edit) unreleased
7. Nicole Atkins Listen Up Single Lock Records
8. Sugaray Rayford The World That We Live In Blind Faith Records
9. Sugaray Rayford Don't Regret A Mile Blind Faith Records
10. Sugaray Rayford Dig A Little Deeper Blind Faith Records
11. Nautilus Nautilus Agogo Records
12. Omar vs Dr. Rubberfunk Steppin' For The Devil (Dr. Rubberfunk Re-Edit) Bandcamp
13. Same Speed Edits Airbell Samba Edit Same Speed Edits
14. Jamiroquai Too Young To Die (George Kelly Vocal Mix) Bandcamp
15. Kapote Besamo Fly (Extended Version) Toy Tonics
16. Smoove Main Sourced Wack Records
17. Mined & Forrest There It Is (Jayl Funk Remix) Breakbeat Paradise Recordings
18. Sugarhill Gang Livin' In The Fast Lane (Jayl Funk Funky Break Edit) unreleased
19. Voodoocuts The Fool Juice On Wax
20. Chaka Khan Some Love (Scrimshire Edit) Wah Wah Dubplates
21. Washed Out Zonked (Interlude) Stones Throw Records
22. Washed Out Get Lost (Single Version) Stones Throw Records
23. Washed Out Hard To Say Goodbye Stones Throw Records
24. Leon Feelin' Groovy Timewarp Music
25. Eric Boss Closer To The Spirit (Pt.2) Mocambo Records
26. Eric Boss Closer To The Spirit (Pt.1) Mocambo Records
27. Roy Roberts Experience Bee Hive (Pt.1) Perfect Toy Records
28. Roy Roberts Experience You Move Me (Pt.1) Perfect Toy Records
29. Cookin' On 3 Burners Black Stick Soul Messin' Records
30. Sugaray Rayford Troubles Blind Faith Records
31. The Allergies Push On Jalapeno Records
32. Roy Roberts Experience So Much In Love Perfect Toy Records
33. Leon The Meeting Timewarp Music
34. Hoffy Makei Klap Forgot Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Kabanjak More Love Switchstance Recordings
2. Eddie Domingo Dub Coming (feat. Italee) Echo Beach
3. Sticky Joe & Kingston Express Mr Big Man (feat. Horseman) Kingston Express Records
4. TVS (feat. James Joseph) Hard Times Echo Beach
5. Longfingah Anybody Out There GuerillJah Productions
6. Beam Up Hanabi Redubbed (feat. Terence Alfonso Bowry) Echo Beach
7. ALA.NI One Heart (Adrian Sherwood Absolut Dub Mix) Absolut Remix
8. Morgan Heritage (feat. Jo Mersa Marley) Light It Up (Dubmatix Blaze Up Remix) CTBC Music Group
9. Carlton Livingston 100 Weight Of Collie Weed (FLeCK & Blue Hill Remix) ODG Productions
10. Mungo's HiFi (feat. Charlie P) Nice It Up (Irie Worryah Edit) Echo Beach
11. Krak In Dub Amazonite (Zion Train Remix) Universal Egg
12. Tackhead Exodus (Dubmatix Rave Up Remix) Echo Beach
13. AMJ Collective Heartbeat Astar Artes Recordings
14. Sticky Joe & Kingston Express Don't Stop The Music (feat. Earl 16, Horseman, Chesire Cat & Solo Banton) Kingston Express Records
15. AMJ Collective Left To Right Astar Artes Recordings
16. Tackhead War (RSD a.k.a. Rob Smith Dub Remix) Echo Beach
17. Longfingah Raggamuffin Yute GuerillJah Productions
18. Baba Sissoko Dhe Dhe Dhe (feat. Corey Harris) Blind Faith Records
19. Profusion A Long Walk First Word Records
20. Afrob Ruf deine Freunde an (feat. Max Herre & Joy Denalane) One Shotta Records
21. The Allergies It Won't Be Me (feat. Andy Cooper) Jalapeno Records
22. Cookin' On 3 Burners Real Life Baby (feat. Emmi) Soul Messin' Records
23. Cookin' On 3 Burners Lone Wolfe Soul Messin' Records
24. Washed Out Floating By Stones Throw Records
25. Taylor Bense Let Me Know Wolf + Lamb Music
26. Washed Out I've Been Daydreaming My Entire Life Stones Throw Records
27. Dday One Cielo Azul The Content Label
28. Dday One Everyday The Content Label
29. Dday One Take One, Take Two The Content Label
30. Dday One Rhythm Section The Content Label
31. Urbs (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Big Earth) Hands Up (Original Mix) Beat Art Department
32. The Allergies Get Down On You Jalapeno Records
33. Ordiman Monday Session MustBeat Records
34. Bahama Soul Club (feat. Brenda Boykin) No Words (Suonho Remix) Buyu Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Boshi San S-A-N (Intro) 58Beats
2. Tora Empyrean Eighty Days Records
3. Tora Too Little Eighty Days Records
4. Kuchenmann (prod. by KFelk & Tony Oldschool) Der Jam (Akt 2) Heart Working Class
5. Children Of Zeus I Can't Wait (Original Mix) First Word Records
6. Kuchenmann (prod. by KFelk) Hektisch (feat. Olivia) Heart Working Class
7. Profusion Where Do I Begin? First Word Records
8. Boshi San Wieder Bock 58Beats
9. The Pharcyde Runnin' (Rae & Christian Remix) Grand Central Records
10. Kuchenmann (prod. by Emrou) Beef Heart Working Class
11. Boshi San Telegramm (feat. David Pe) 58Beats
12. Children Of Zeus Don't Say A Word First Word Records
13. Poldoore Hard To Forget (Moods Remix) Cold Busted
14. Tha 4orce Set Standards (Main Mix) King Of The Beats
15. Shirley Bassey Where Do I Begin (Goji Berry Edit) unreleased
16. Ashley Thomas Merry Go Round Wah Wah 45s
17. Melvin Sparks Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got) One Note Records
18. Bahama Soul Club (feat. Olvido Ruiz) Muevelo Papi (Suonho Remix) Buy? Records
19. The Revival I Chose To Sing The Blues Perfect Toy Records
20. Hackney Colliery Band Money Wah Wah 45s
21. The Haggis Horns Take It Back (feat. Doc Brown) Haggis Records
22. Daytoner Feel It Cabin Pressure Recordings
23. The Meltdown Crooked Country HopeStreet Recordings
24. Saturday Nite Fish Fry Soul Sermon 7 Arts
25. Boco Lacour Running The Mardi Gras Perfect Toy Records
26. Magic Sunshine Tramp Records
27. Tim James Strange Things Tramp Records
28. Charlie Chisholm Boss-tet Wade In The Water Tramp Records
29. Khanh Ly Diem Xua INFRACom!
30. Carol Kim Tinh Ta Nhu Lua Dom Hoa INFRACom!
31. George Brigman & Split Drifting Perfect Toy Records
32. The Milk My Son The Killer Wah Wah 45s
33. Lee Fields & The Expressions Never Be Another You Big Crown Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Addictive TV Orchestra Of Samples OSI (Orchestra Of Samples Imprint)
2. Ritual Trio Africanos Latinos Jazzman Records
3. Mulatu Astatke Kulunmanqueleshi (Out-take Session Take 1) Strut Records
4. Mulatu Astatke Kulunmanqueleshi (Out-take Session Take 2) Strut Records
5. Mulatu Astatke Yekermo Sew Amha Records
6. Alogte Oho & His Sounds Of Joy Mam Yinne Wa Philophon
7. Soothsayers Blinded Souls Wah Wah 45s
8. Mulatu Astatke Munaye (Out-take Session Take 1) Strut Records
9. Dem Juju Poets Juju Chant No.2 Matasuna Records
10. Dem Juju Poets Mala Mali Matasuna Records
11. Lord Echo Makossa No.3 Soundway Records
12. Lord Echo Life On Earth Soundway Records
13. Addictive TV Herbal Haze OSI (Orchestra Of Samples Imprint)
14. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee Year Of The Funky Legere Recordings
15. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee Kang Ding Love Legere Recordings
16. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee Love In Hong Kong Legere Recordings
17. Addictive TV Hangman OSI (Orchestra Of Samples Imprint)
18. Sabu & Sahib Shihab Nus Jazzman Records
19. Sara Lugo feat. Protoje Really Like You (Dunkelbunt Remix feat. Will Magid & Paul Bertin) Oneness Records
20. iLLBiLLY HiTEC Way Up (feat. Kinetical & Longfingah) Echo Beach
21. Deela Big Inna Jungle Luvah Records
22. 6Blocc Stay Strong Booyaka Records
23. The Hempolics High & Gritty (FLeCK Remix) Shark Free Records
24. iLLBiLLY HiTEC Rude Boy Talk (feat. Kinetical) Echo Beach
25. Deela 24K Cumbia Luvah Records
26. Dem Juju Poets Bagamoyo Matasuna Records
27. Blay Ambolley I Get Myself To Blame Agogo Records
28. Blay Ambolley Afrika Yie Agogo Records
29. Fela Kuti Water No Get Enemy (smallFall & AmazeMe Breaks Rework) Shango Records
30. Kabanjak Clap Your Hands (Original Mix) Switchstance Recordings
31. Brace & Kabanjak You Are Mine Switchstance Recordings
32. Voodoocuts Loopita Juice On Wax
33. Daytoner Apache Street Cabin Pressure Recordings
34. Tanika Charles Soul Run Record Kicks
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Jaqee Hello (It's Me Are You There?) Rootdown Records
2. Ephemerals The Beginning Jalapeno Records
3. Ephemerals In And Out Jalapeno Records
4. Sunny & The Sunliners Should I Take You Home Big Crown Records
5. Gene Faith When My Ship Comes In Tramp Records
6. R.D.M. Band How Can I Get In Touch With You Tramp Records
7. Jimmy Jones Do What Comes Natural Perfect Toy Records
8. The Volcanos No Trespassing Tramp Records
9. El Michels Affair Shaolin Brew Big Crown Records
10. El Michels Affair 4th Chamber Big Crown Records
11. DJ Format & Abdominal Dirt AAF Records
12. Thunderball Heart Of The Hustler (Fort Knox Five Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
13. Mister T. The Return Of The Classic Cold Busted
14. Toni L Ein bisschen Jazz (Figub Brazlevic Remix) Vinyl Digital
15. DJ Format & Abdominal Behind The Scenes AAF Records
16. Mister T. Bring It Back Again Cold Busted
17. AndyFellaz Rumbetas Cold Busted
18. Brandon Cabana Chat Cold Busted
19. Thunderball Elevated State (Nicola Conte Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
20. Roman Schuler extended Trio (RSxT) Life Is A Wave Herbie Martin Music
21. Stone Foundation Simplify The Situation 100% Records
22. Gemma & The Travellers Too Many Rules & Games Legere Recordings
23. Jimmy Ellis Kiddio Perfect Toy Records
24. Stone Foundation Season Of Change (feat. Bettye Lavette) 100% Records
25. Gemma & The Travellers I've Got No Feelin' Legere Recordings
26. Tanika Charles Sweet Memories Record Kicks
27. Tuxedo Special Stones Throw Records
28. The Allergies (feat. Andy Cooper) Love That I'm In (Radio Edit) Jalapeno Records
29. Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor & Jonathan Maron Big Fantasy (For Me) (Radio Edit) Persephone Records
30. Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor & Jonathan Maron Tear It Down (Instrumental) Persephone Records
31. Tobe Tronic Night Drums Timewarp Music
32. Fort Knox Five (feat. Joe Quarterman) Don't Go (Trotter Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
33. Jack & Jointz (feat. Ashley Slater) Flip (Diesler Remix) ChinChin Records
34. Tuxedo Scooter's Groove Stones Throw Records
35. Tuxedo Take A Picture Stones Throw Records
36. Bosq Can't Seem To Hide (feat. Megan Doherty) Ubiquity Records
37. Wight Atlas (Flashbaxx Remix) H42 Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Jeb Loy Nichols You Got In City Country City
2. Blumentopf Alles Gute Four Music
3. Jeb Loy Nichols Katie Blue City Country City
4. The Rhythm Express Hercules (feat. Michael Dunston) 7 Arts / Side Door Records
5. Anatoly Ice & Dariya Hide Confunktion Records
6. Diazpora Piece By Piece L?g?re Recordings
7. Chinese Man What You Need (feat. Vinnie Dewayne, Myke Bogan & Tre Redeau) Chinese Man Records
8. Main Concept Evolution Buback
9. Sons Of Time In Control Unique Records
10. Fdel How Lucky Am I (feat. Lyrics Born) Unique Records
11. Maze Soundz Funky Feelin unreleased
12. Diazpora Yaroslava L?g?re Recordings
13. Diazpora Numbers L?g?re Recordings
14. Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers Kurifuna Agogo Records
15. Bastien Keb Pick Up First Word Records
16. Miramode Orchestra Tumbler (feat. Mara von Ferne) Agogo Records
17. Miramode Orchestra Hobo (feat. In?z Sch?fer) Agogo Records
18. Piero Piccioni Camille 2000 (Intro) Blind Faith Records
19. Martha High The Hard Way Blind Faith Records
20. Andy Cooper Chasing The Funk (The Allergies Remix) Unique Records
21. Dem Juju Poets Watusi Fever Radio Krimi Records
22. Kutiman She's A Revolution (feat. Adam Scheflan & Karolina) Siyal Music
23. Kokolo Soul Power (7" Version) Record Kicks
24. Big Daddy Rucker Just Do Your Thing Tramp Records
25. Dede Copeland You Gotta Give Up Some Money Tramp Records
26. Martha High Lovelight Blind Faith Records
27. Lack Of Afro (feat. Emma Noble) Fires Glow (Flevans Remix) LOA Records
28. Martha High Always Worth The Pain Blind Faith Records
29. Holly Golightly & The Greenhornes There Is An End Damaged Goods
30. Digger Barnes You Can't Run From The Devil Barnes & Quincy
31. Jeb Loy Nichols That's How We're Living City Country City
32. Jungle Fire Lamento Momposino Nacional Records
33. Jungle Fire LA Kossa Nacional Records
34. Baba Sissoko Kali Baba Blind Faith Records
35. Baba Sissoko Il Faut Pas Ecouter Blind Faith Records
36. Ray Lugo Now Little Boat Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Dubmatix (feat. Joe Pilgrim) Africans (ODG Remix) Dub Arc Records / Soul Beats
2. Denham Smith Please Natty (Syrix Irievibrations Dub Version) Irievibrations Records
3. Delus LaLaLa (Syrix Irievibrations Dub Version) Irievibrations Records
4. The Grinders Shaka Zulu Down The Bush Records
5. Vibronics meets Conscious Sounds Leave Ya Dub Scoops Records
6. Zion Train (feat. Lua & Dubdadda) State Of Mind (Dubmatix Remix) Universal Egg
7. Dubmatix Liberation (feat. Longfingah) Echo Beach
8. Zion Train (feat. Daman) Money (Numa Crew Remix) Universal Egg
9. Dubmatix Pull Up Selector (feat. Eek-A-Mouse & Leroy Horsemouth Wallace) Echo Beach
10. Zion Train (feat. Daman) No ID (FLeCK Remix) Universal Egg
11. Clinton Sly Party All Night (FLeCK Remix) Totally Dubwise Recordings
12. JStar (feat. Ranking Joe) Bad Boy Stepping (Freedo Remix) JStar Records
13. Vibronics meets Conscious Sounds Try A Dub Scoops Records
14. Dubmatix (feat. Kulcha Ites) Wobble Weeble (DubTrap Mix) Dub Arc Records / Echo Beach
15. The Hempolics Me Love To Sing (Mungos Hi-Fi Remix feat. Solo Banton) Shark Free Records
16. Falkwun Pon Road Riddim Totally Dubwise Recordings
17. Subtifuge (feat. Blackout JA) Call Me A Rasta (Jungle Citizenz Remix) Totally Dubwise Recordings
18. Zion Train (feat. Daman) No ID (Dub FX Remix) Universal Egg
19. Sticky Joe Giddy Up (King Yoof Remix) Kingston Express Records
20. Subtifuge & Mr Williamz Ganja Dadda (Marcus Visionary 2015 Remix) Totally Dubwise Recordings
21. Sticky Joe (feat. Horseman & Cheshire Cat) Fussin N Fightin (Dubmatix Remix) Kingston Express Records
22. Sticky Joe (feat. Macka B & Ital Horns) Good Day (Dub Smugglers Remix) Kingston Express Records
23. Frisk & Solstice Television Riddim Totally Dubwise Recordings
24. Midway & Meloki Temptress Riddim Totally Dubwise Recordings
25. Vibronics meets Conscious Sounds Blaze A Fire Dub Scoops Records
26. Sticky Joe Raggamuffin Business (Riche Phoe Remix) Kingston Express Records
27. Stephen Ragga Marley Rock Stone (feat. Capleton & Sizzla) Ghetto Youths International
28. The Hempolics Serious (Original Version) Reggae Roast Records
29. Anthony B Freedom Fighter (Syrix Irievibrations Dub Version) Irievibrations Records
30. Promise No Promises meets Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution Band Two Roads Rewind Guaranteed
31. Side Effex (prod. by Liondub) Salvation (Original Version) Liondub International
32. Bob Marley Is This Love (Dubmatix Re-Vision) unreleased
33. Promise No Promises meets Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution Band In Real Life Rewind Guaranteed
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Tall Black Guy Peace And Love (feat. Masego & Rommel Donald) First Word Records
2. Omar Hold Me Closer Freestyle Records / Peppermint Jam
3. Omar Destiny (feat. Jean-Michele Rotin) Freestyle Records / Peppermint Jam
4. Eric Lau Myo Shuffle First Word Records
5. Eric Lau Lau s Lament First Word Records
6. Mndsgn Enter Her Adobe (Interlude) Stones Throw Records
7. Tall Black Guy One Device, One Method, One Thing First Word Records
8. Omar Doobie Doobie Doo Freestyle Records / Peppermint Jam
9. Bobby Thurston I Know You Feel Like I Feel (The Reflex Revision) Bandcamp
10. Empire projecting Penny Freakman (Dave Gerrard Re-Twerk) unreleased
11. Alicia Myers I Want To Thank You (Alkalino Rework) unreleased
12. Chemise She Can t Love You Emergency Records
13. Mndsgn Searchin II (4 Sumthn New) Stones Throw Records
14. Snacks We Want Love Boogie Angst
15. Michael Jackson Rock With You (The Reflex Revision) Bandcamp
16. Spyder-D Big Apple Rappin (Frico Edit) Replay Records
17. Bill, Ben & Baggio Pusherman (Dr Packer Quickfix) Bandcamp
18. Kapote The Nose Toy Tonics
19. DJ Soo Love Doctor unreleased
20. Izo FitzRoy Hope You Can Wait (Hot Toddy Remix) Jalapeno Records
21. Kapote Uhh Baby (Brame & Hamo Remix) Toy Tonics
22. Tom Misch Watch Me Dance (Crackazat Radio Edit) Beyond The Groove
23. SkET Hurt Me Bad (Chicky Boom Remix) Acidulate Records
24. Cup & String Still Deep In Love (2 Step Mix) unreleased
25. Adam F Circles (Nixon vs TobyOne Refix) unreleased
26. Tall Black Guy Come With Me And Fly (feat. Yusef Rumperfield) First Word Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Michael Nau While You Stand Full Time Hobby
2. Dungen Aladdin och lampan, del 2 Smalltown Supersound
3. Michael Nau The Glass Full Time Hobby
4. The Milk Darling Whats Wrong (Live At The Union Chapel) Wah Wah 45s
5. The Julian Taylor Band Coke Bottle Candy Aporia Records
6. Zero Gravity The Big Cloud Mana Mana Records
7. Kabanjak Birdy Hop Switchstance Recordings
8. Mister T. The Heart Grows Fonder (feat. Lucy Lune Gillespie) Timewarp Music
9. The Allergies Since You ve Been Gone Jalapeno Records
10. The Traffic White Lines Freestyle Records
11. Smoove Return Of The Beats Jalapeno Records
12. The Rebel JBs Need Some Money unreleased
13. Savages Y Suefo (feat. Ashley Slater) Revolution! (Mr. Bird Remix) Agogo Records
14. Kabanjak Turn It Up Switchstance Recordings
15. Lack Of Afro Take You Home (feat. Joss Stone) Freestyle Records
16. Zero Gravity Gringos Paradise Mana Mana Records
17. Rhythm Express (feat. Michael Dunston) The Ghetto (Black Lives Matter) 7 Arts
18. Gilles Petersons Havana Cultura Band Orisa (feat. Dreiser & Sexto Sentido) Brownswood Recordings
19. The KutiMangoes Adjoa Tramp Records
20. Gilles Petersons Havana Cultura Band Arroz Con Pollo Brownswood Recordings
21. Diesler & Yam Who Afro Funky (feat. Andre Espeut) Midnight Riot
22. Empresarios Pa La Calle (Funkin Basstards Remix) Empresarios Musica
23. Dem Juju Poets Peoples Republic Matasuna Records
24. Mebusas Mr Bulldog (Bosq Rework) unreleased
25. Dem Juju Poets Barabara Matasuna Records
26. Bugalu Foundation La Cadena Stutter & Twitch Records
27. Gilles Petersons Havana Cultura Band Ipacuba (feat. Danay Suarez) Brownswood Recordings
28. Folamour Maybe I Did Burn Ya Place All City Records
29. The Battle Of Santiago Ghetto Funky (Dubmatix Refix) Made With Pencil Crayons
Limbo Rhythm
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1. RPM Food Of My De-Rhythm Mo Wax
2. Spearhead 100.000 Miles Capitol Records
3. Raw Stylus Pushin Against The Flow Telstar
4. Brooklyn Funk Essentials Take The L Train (To Brooklyn) Dorado
5. Eric IQ Gray Electric (Radio Edit) Alternation
6. DJ Krush Just Wanna Touch Her (Stoned Jazz Mix) 4th & Broadway
7. Martine Girault Revival FFRR
8. Jhelisa Friendly Pressure (Radio Mix) Dorado
9. Jazzkantine Respekt (feat. Smudo & Hausmarke) BMG Ariola
10. Such A Surge & Jazzkantine Ich bin ein Traeumer (Radio Edit) Epic
11. Simple E Play My Funk 4th & Broadway
12. Young MC I Come Off (Southern Comfort Mix) 4th & Broadway
13. Ronny Jordan My Favourite Things 4th & Broadway
14. The Subterraneans Taurus Woman (feat. Mardou Fox & Jonzi D) Acid Jazz Records
15. Galliano Jus Reach Talkin Loud
16. Knowtoryus Nobodys Victim Compost Records
17. Us3 I Got It Goin On Blue Note
18. Blacknuss Allstars Love No Limit Diesel Music
19. Kruder & Dorfmeister High Noon G-Stone Recordings
20. Ballistic Brothers vs The Eccentric Afros Blacker (Sweet Green Jam) Wall Of Sound
21. Marden Hill Get Some In Wall Of Sound
22. Ski (Aint Gonna) Justify (Ashley Beedle Short Trip To Space Mix) Wall Of Sound
23. Ballistic Brothers Blacker (4 The Good Times) (Album Version) Soundboy Entertainment
24. The Chimes Heaven CBS
25. Children Of Judah To The Bone (Lets Get Stoned) Wall Of Sound
26. Blacknuss Allstars Daddy (feat. ADL, Leafnuts & Swing) Diesel Music
27. Prince & The New Power Generation Sexy MF (Album Version) Paisley Park
28. Circle Believe In Me Karamel
29. Galliano Skunk Funk Talkin Loud
30. United Future Organisation United Future Airlines Talkin Loud
31. United Future Organisation Stolen Moments Talkin Loud
32. United Future Organisation Tears Of Gratitude Talkin Loud
33. Quintetto X Mentira Big Cheese Records
34. Reminiscence Quartet Rua De Lisboa Yellow Productions
35. United Future Organisation Upa Neguinho (Album Version) Talkin Loud
36. United Future Organisation Upa Neguinho (Supa Neg Mix) Brownswood Records
37. United Future Organisation I ll Bet You Thought I d Never Find You Talkin Loud
38. Young Disciples Apparently Nothin (Soul River) Talkin Loud
39. Spirit Level True Change (feat. Kim Edwards) Ubiquity Recordings
40. Blacknuss Allstars Rising To The Top (feat. Lisa Nilsson & Desmond Foster) Diesel Music
41. Basis Of Attraction Spinning Wheel Direct Effect
42. Night Trains Lovesick (feat. Marcia Johnson) Acid Jazz Records
43. Common Cause A Second Though (Trumpet Blows) Karamel
44. A Real Dope Thing Dewdrops (Vocal Mix) MZEE Records
45. Nuyorican Soul I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (Album Version) Giant Step Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Goldroger Bemale den Mond (Live aus der Leere) Melting Pot Music
2. Linear John When It Comes To Ladies Agogo Records
3. MC Rene Letzte Gedanken Peripherique Records
4. MC Rene Perfektion Peripherique Records
5. Atmosphere Sugar Rhymesayers Entertainment
6. Goldroger Perwoll (Live aus der Leere) Melting Pot Music
7. Ancient Astronauts Last Night (feat. Akua Naru) Switchstance Recordings
8. Atmosphere Chasing New York (feat. Aesop Rock) Rhymesayers Entertainment
9. Parker Aqua Dust Jalapeno Records
10. Ancient Astronauts (feat. Asphate & DJ TouchNice) The Enemy Within (Remix) Switchstance Recordings
11. Broken Puppets News Of Tomorrow Pt.1 (Skit) Switchstance Recordings
12. Ancient Astronauts Anti Pop Song Switchstance Recordings
13. Protassov Gathering Clouds Switchstance Recordings
14. Deela Carruseles Switchstance Recordings
15. Felix Laband Donkey Rattle - Kill The Boer Compost Records
16. Jack & Jointz Seventh Dimension ChinChin Records
17. Square One Countdown Showdown Records
18. The Grinders Liar Liar (LionDub & Mr. Mefistou Jungle Steppers Remix) Down The Bush Records
19. Resonators Imaginary People Wah Wah 45s
20. Ambassa feat. Nichola Richards As Long As I ve Got You Wakeditown Records
21. Lady Wray Guilty Big Crown Records
22. Hannah Williams & The Affirmations Dazed And Confused Record Kicks
23. Diesler Caught Counting (feat. Lizzy Parks & Azaxx) A Little Something Recordings
24. Lady Wray In Love (Dont Mess Things Up) Big Crown Records
25. Lady Wray Bad Girl Big Crown Records
26. Rhythm Express Kingston Blues (feat. Maiko Watson) Side Door Records
27. Nick Waterhouse Tracy Innovative Leisure
28. Brian Auger Black Octopus Freestyle Records
29. Hannah Williams & The Affirmations Aint Enough Record Kicks
30. My Trippin Mojo Unconditonal Love Resistant Mindz
31. My Trippin Mojo Nice Girls With Cool Cars Resistant Mindz
32. Lady Wray Smiling Big Crown Records
33. Nick Waterhouse I Had Some Money (But I Spent It) Innovative Leisure
34. Nick Waterhouse Its Time Innovative Leisure
35. Shorty Long Burnt Toast And Black Coffee Jazzman
36. Ki Ki Page Big Boy Jazzman
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Ross McHenry Clean Break (For Ornette) First Word Records
2. Michael Nau Love Survive Full Time Hobby
3. Sorceress I Wait For You (Fulgeance Edit) Excursions
4. Nouvelle Vague Ever Fallen In Love (Unlocked Destination) Kwaidan Records
5. Michael Dues Goodbye Rainbow Tramp Records
6. The P.T.S. You Need Love Tramp Records
7. Lack Of Afro One World (feat. Herbal T) LOA Records
8. Nick Pride & The Pimptones Put Your Arms Around Me Legere Recordings
9. Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks Black Rose Tucxone Records
10. Nick Pride & The Pimptones Give It To Me Legere Recordings
11. Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks Be Yourself Tucxone Records
12. The Relatives This World Is Moving Too Fast Luv N Haight
13. Tommy Palmer Trio Swingin The Down Home Blues Tramp Records
14. The Mighty Sceptres Shy As A Butterfly (Kenny Dope Extended Mix) Ubiquity Records
15. Izo FitzRoy Here I Come (Flevans Remix) Jalapeno Records
16. Smoove & Turrell You Could ve Been A Lady (Radio Edit) Jalapeno Records
17. Timewrap Dubrealmc (Dub Version) Katakana Edits
18. Deela (vs 2Pac) Rear View (Deela Mashup) Luvah Records
19. Scala & Kolacny Brothers Clandestino (DJ Tomahawk Edit) unreleased
20. Deela (vs The Notorious B.I.G.) Everyday (Deela Mashup) Luvah Records
21. Timewrap Dopesmokah Katakana Edits
22. Renegades Of Jazz Them Who Walk Slow Agogo Records
23. Grant Phabao & RacecaR Return Of The Dig-Fu Paris DJs
24. Renegades Of Jazz Zebra Talk (feat. Kabanjak) Agogo Records
25. RSN & Mister T Son Of A Gun Katakana Edits
26. Fela Kuti Open & Close (Will Magid Remix) Bandcamp
27. Scrimshire (vs Morris Wilson) Mos Delight (Scrimshire Re-Edit) Wah Wah Dubplates
28. Fela Kuti & Africa 70 Opposite People (Bosq Rework) Gator Boots
29. Alex Puddu Black Orgasm Schema
30. The Gene Dudley Group Do The Cookie Dough Throw (Lay-Far Remix) Wah Wah 45s
31. Renegades Of Jazz Majirani Yako Kelele Agogo Records
32. Mingaco Orchestra Camino Culebrero (DJ Ajicero Remix) Agogo Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. ZioNoiZ Dub To Tashkent unreleased
2. Dele Sosimi meets Prince Fatty & Nostalgia 77 Na My Turn (Dub) Wah Wah 45s
3. Dele Sosimi meets Prince Fatty & Nostalgia 77 Dance Together (Radio Dub) Wah Wah 45s
4. DJ Vadim Music Soljah (feat. Junior Williams, Taiwan MC & Syross) Soulbeats Records
5. Ackboo Dying Inside (feat. Maicee) Tanta Records
6. Ackboo Helping Hand (feat. Green Cross) Tanta Records
7. Bunny General Mek Dem Rock (JStar Remix) Nice Up Records
8. DJ Vadim Hey Hey Hey (feat. Graziella Affinita & Pugs Atomz) Soulbeats Records
9. ZioNoiZ Root(s) Confusion unreleased
10. Troy Berkley & Krak In Dub Life Pon The Line Fogata Sounds
11. iLLBiLLY HiTEC (feat. Horseman & Kinetical) Happy (FLeCK Remix) Echo Beach
12. House Of David Gang Reggae Warrior (Ed Solo & Stickybuds Remix) NuFunk Records
13. Dubmatix (feat. Brother Culture) Rough Likkle Town (Marcus Visionary Remix) Inner City Dance
14. Dubmatix (feat. Tenor Fly) Showdown (Marcus Visionary Remix) Inner City Dance
15. Johnny Clarke Young Rebel (Aries & Gold Dubs Remix) Nice Up Records
16. Tenor Fly Rude Boy Talk (Toddla T & Mele Remix) Nice Up Records
17. Fort Knox Five (feat. Flex Mathews) Reach (Knight Riderz DnB Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
18. Troy Berkley & Krak In Dub Matrixx Fogata Sounds
19. See-I Never Give Up (Thunderball Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
20. DJ Vadim Inner Lite (feat. Big Red & Pupajim) Soulbeats Records
21. iLLBiLLY HiTEC (feat. Horseman & Kinetical) Happy (Dubmatix RamJam Remix) Echo Beach
22. Dub Dynasty Oh Father (feat. Kiangana) Steppas Records
23. Dub Dynasty Chase Babylon (feat. Iyano Iyanti) Steppas Records
24. Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System Black Ark Vampires (Steppers Bass Mix) Subatomic Sound
25. Troy Berkley & Krak In Dub Corner Dance Fogata Sounds
26. Starkey Banton I And I Saw Them Coming (Radikal Guru Remix) Nice Up Records
27. Top Cat Request The Style (Special Request Remix) Nice Up Records
28. Jon Phonics Kash Money First Word Records
29. Dubamine String Up The Sound (feat. Brother Culture) Dub-Stuy Records
30. Dubamine Good Morning Jamaica (feat. Carlton Livingston) Dub-Stuy Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Kabanjak Rhythm (feat. Azeem) Switchstance Recordings
2. Y-Bayani Obar No Ni Philophon
3. Kutiman I Think I Am (feat. Karolina) Siyal Music
4. Moderator Last Words Cold Busted
5. Moderator Fall From Above Cold Busted
6. DJ Shadow Nobody Speak (feat. Run The Jewels) Mass Appeal
7. My Neighbour Is Those Moments Cold Busted
8. Anthony Joseph The Kora Heavenly Sweetness
9. Kabanjak Blind Lights Switchstance Recordings
10. Moderator Keep On (feat. Revolutionary Rhythm) Cold Busted
11. M-Tri & DJ Leecy T Rush (feat. Dee The Conscious One) 410 EntertainmentBK
12. M-Tri & DJ Leecy T DJ Leecy T Takin Over Ya Frequency 410 EntertainmentBK
13. Darkhouse Family Solid Gold First Word Records
14. Moderator Why Tonight Cold Busted
15. The Milk What Did I Do To My Love (Radio Edit) Wah Wah 45s
16. Kutiman Jaffa Beach Siyal Music
17. My Neighbour Is Abstract Paranoia Cold Busted
18. Lady Wray Do It Again Big Crown Records
19. M-Tri & DJ Leecy T U Know Its Funky (feat. Jake Lef) 410 EntertainmentBK
20. Kabanjak The Hypnotic Switchstance Recordings
21. Deela Pump Up The Cumbia Bandcamp
22. Fort Knox Five (feat. Flex Mathews) Reach (Original Mix) Fort Knox Recordings
23. M-Tri & DJ Leecy T Trading Places 410 EntertainmentBK
24. DJ Shadow The Sideshow (feat. Ernie Fresh) Mass Appeal
25. Omegaman Skankin Riddim (Fretless Remix) Super Hi-Fi Recordings
26. Y-Bayani Get Away Philophon
27. Pat Thomas & The Big 7 Eye Colo Strut
28. Tall Black Guy Oooowee unreleased
29. Joe Cuba Gimme Your Love (Deela Edit) Bandcamp
30. Pat Thomas Gyae Su (Pt.1) Strut
31. Anthony Joseph Slinger Heavenly Sweetness
32. Pat Thomas & Marijata I Can Say Strut
33. Anthony Joseph Jimmy, Upon That Bridge Heavenly Sweetness
34. Prince Alla & Dubvisionist Always Dubbing Eleven Seven Records
35. Prince Alla Ethiopian Vibes (feat. Lone Ranger)
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Jahcoustix A Blink Of An Eye (Syrix Dub Mix) Irievibrations Records
2. Resonators Healer (7inch Edit) Wah Wah 45s
3. Rel McCoy Aint Yours (Instrumental) Gamma Delta Productions
4. Rel McCoy Aint Yours (Album Version) Gamma Delta Productions
5. Rel McCoy Hard Road Gamma Delta Productions
6. Beginner Ahnma (feat. Gzuz & Gentleman) Vertigo
7. Ancient Astronauts Dark Green Rod (feat. Ulf Stricker) Switchstance Recordings
8. Jahcoustix Too Brutal Irievibrations Records
9. Balkan Riddims United (feat. Jahricio) Timewarp Music
10. See-I Dub Revolution (Omegaman Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
11. Si el Audio, Tanguy, B-Toab & MC Trump (Beat by Cab Beats) Immer die gleiche Leier Bandcamp
12. Rel McCoy Home Gamma Delta Productions
13. Hot 8 Brass Band Sexual Healing (Space Captain Remix) Tru Thoughts
14. Ancient Astronauts I Came Running Switchstance Recordings
15. Aesop Rock Blood Sandwich Rhymesayers Entertainment
16. Ancient Astronauts Classic (feat. The Pharcyde) Switchstance Recordings
17. John Tinsey Freedom Excelsior Tramp Records
18. Das goldene Zeitalter Don't Give Up Your Smile Today Tramp Records
19. Cookin On 3 Burners (feat. Kylie Auldist) This Girl (Original Version) Freestyle Records
20. Il Complesso di Tada Movimentato Record Kicks
21. The Brand New Heavies Milf Shake (Omegaman Remix) Pedigree Cuts
22. Palov Moving Next Door (feat. Ang Angelides) Timewarp Music
23. Voodoocuts The Tortoise Loop Matasuna Records
24. Hot 8 Brass Band Sexual Healing (Jonny Faith Remix) Tru Thoughts
25. Charlie Beale Tale Of A.G. Smith Timewarp Music
26. Master Funk The Trip Timewarp Music
27. Ancient Astronauts Everybody Switchstance Recordings
28. Voodoocuts Kelja Matasuna Records
29. SoulBrigada Hustleman Matasuna Records
30. Baba Commandant & The Mandigo Band Wasso (Chicky Boom Remix) unreleased
31. Soul II Soul Back To Life (Scrimshire Edit) Bandcamp
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Alun Woodward The Bells Chemikal Underground
2. Alun Woodward Afterwards Chemikal Underground
3. Alun Woodward Slide Chemikal Underground
4. Mop Mop The Barber (feat. Anthony Joseph) Agogo Records
5. Chop Juggler Brave New World Cold Busted
6. Mop Mop Supreme (feat. Wayne Snow) Agogo Records
7. Saib Yu Garden Cold Busted
8. Sans Soleil Dawn Of Mankind Confunktion Records
9. Homeboy Sandman Eyes (prod. by Georgia Anne Muldrow) Stones Throw Records
10. Aesop Rock Defender Rhymesayers Entertainment
11. Homeboy Sandman Gumshoe (prod. by RJD2) Stones Throw Records
12. Sans Soleil Seaside Sucide Confunktion Records
13. Homeboy Sandman (feat. Steve Arrington) Its Cold (prod. by Large Professor) Stones Throw Records
14. Sans Soleil Deadness Of My Town Confunktion Records
15. Saib Cosmic Dreams Cold Busted
16. Children Of Zeus Still Standing First Word Records
17. Sade Cherry Pie (Mookie & Mooz Edit) unreleased
18. Saib Casablanca Funk Cold Busted
19. Chop Juggler Feel The Funk Cold Busted
20. Fort Knox Five (feat. Empresarios) Cinco To The Brinco (Omegaman Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
21. Fela Kuti vs B.T. Express vs Adriano Celentano Yeah Alright (Lego Funk Touch Mashup) unreleased
22. Marlena Shaw Woman Of The Ghetto (Lego ReFunk) unreleased
23. Homeboy Sandman Talking (Bleep) (prod. by Edan) Stones Throw Records
24. Homeboy Sandman Sly Fox (prod. by Paul White) Stones Throw Records
25. Fort Knox Five Dont Go (feat. Joe Quarterman) Fort Knox Recordings
26. The Blackbyrds Rock Creek Park (Lego Dub Edit) unreleased
27. Henri-Pierre Noel A Fifth Of Beethoven (The Reflex ReVision) Wah Wah 45s
28. Mop Mop Locomotive (Valique Remix) Timewarp Music
29. Henri Texier Les La-Bas (Bonobo Remix) Ninja Tune
30. Diesler Vice Squad A Little Something Recordings