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Limbo Rhythm
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1. Melodiesinfonie Lonely Melting Pot Music
2. United Vibrations Far Far Away (Pt.1) Ubiquity Records
3. United Vibrations Far Far Away (Pt.2) Ubiquity Records
4. Guts Opening Heavenly Sweetness
5. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band P.I.M.P. Big Crown Records
6. Ancient Astronauts Last Night (Razoof Instrumental) Switchstance Recordings
7. Guts Desintoxication Heavenly Sweetness
8. The Milk Trouble Gonna Bring Me Down (Tall Black Guy Remix) Wah Wah 45s
9. Guts All Or Nothing Heavenly Sweetness
10. Poldoore Reason Why Cold Busted
11. Guts Take Me Back (feat. Leron Thomas & Tanya Morgan) Heavenly Sweetness
12. Dday One Give And Take The Content Label
13. Quiet Dawn Grow Old Pt.2 (Mo Fingaz Remix) First Word Records
14. Ancient Astronauts Classic (Kill Emil Instrumental) Switchstance Recordings
15. Aesop Rock Rings Rhymesayers Entertainment
16. Dday One Years Ago The Content Label
17. Poldoore Antarctic Circle Cold Busted
18. Melodiesinfonie Naked (feat. Marla) Melting Pot Music
19. The Milk Get Up, Get On Wah Wah 45s
20. Deep Street Soul Love On Tap (feat. Kylie Auldist) Freestyle Records
21. Deep Street Soul Deux Freres Freestyle Records
22. Deep Street Soul Messin With Me Freestyle Records
23. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band Bacao Suave Big Crown Records
24. Makala Jazz Funk Band Wack Wack (Doctor Stereo Remix) Bandcamp
25. Jayl Funk (vs Jack & Juke feat. Sharlene Hector) Aint No Funky (Jayl Funk Edit) unreleased
26. Snowboy & The Latin Section Ole Mambo Snowboy Records
27. Snowboy & The Latin Section La Epoca Del Palladium Snowboy Records
28. Jayl Funk (vs Billy Stewart) Easy Summertime (Jayl Funk Edit) unreleased
29. Lack Of Afro I Got The Rhythm (feat. Elliott Cole) LOA Records
30. Deep Street Soul Big C Freestyle Records
31. Freethinker Funk Essence Funky Bitch MustBeat
32. Guts Dance, Love & Die Heavenly Sweetness
33. Sans Soleil Whole Lotta Soul Confunktion Records
34. Leon Reality Timewarp Music
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Manuel Volpe & Rhabdomantic Orchestra Atlante Agogo Records
2. Guts Rest Of My Life (feat. Lorine Chia & Von Pea) Heavenly Sweetness
3. Basement Freaks Little Red Afro (Tribute To Jon H) (feat. Mustafa Akbar) Jalapeno Records
4. The Relatives Cant Feel Nothin Luv N Haight
5. Emapea Smooth Walk Cold Busted
6. Lucky Brown Buddha On The Road Tramp Records
7. Jonny Drop Hit That Note Again Alberts Favourites
8. Lewell Williams The Lonely Hunter Tramp Records
9. Shelley Fisher I Will Leave You Girl Tramp Records
10. Emapea Good Old Days Cold Busted
11. Megaloh Exodus (feat. ASD, Max Herre & Gentleman) Nesola
12. Megaloh Regenmacher Nesola
13. Andy Cooper Room To Breathe Unique Records
14. Andy Cooper Blind Faith Unique Records
15. Dday One Natural Balance The Content Label
16. Ephemerals Everyday Killers (The Allergies Remix) Jalapeno Records
17. Jonny Drop The Game We Play Alberts Favourites
18. Alex Puddu Immersioni Schema Records
19. Nickodemus (feat. Toofless, Jibberish, Ed Hooligan & Eslam Awad) A Dubai Minute Wonderwheel Recordings
20. Emapea Ruffneck Madness Cold Busted
21. Andy Cooper Chasing The Funk Unique Records
22. Basement Freaks Walk Away Jalapeno Records
23. Jesse Morgan You ve Changed For The Worst Mo-Soul Records
24. Calagad 13 Flow Breakbeat Paradise Recordings
25. John Timmons & Funkshun Love At First Sight Tramp Records
26. The Allergies Blast Off (feat. Andy Cooper) Jalapeno Records
27. Marta Ren & The Groovelvets 2 Kinds Of Men Record Kicks
28. Renegades Of Jazz Afro Cookie Agogo Records
29. The Lime Soul Kitchen Tramp Records
30. Voodoocuts Shoop Man Bandcamp
31. Megaloh Himmel beruehren Nesola
32. Basement Freaks White Hot (feat. Kylie Auldist) Jalapeno Records
33. Deep Heet Funky Beat Tramp Records
34. Marta Ren & The Groovelvets Release Me Record Kicks
35. Deep Street Soul Souls Come Alive Freestyle Records
36. Alex Puddu The Bull Schema Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Cunnie Williams What Is Black Music? Yo Mamas Recording
2. Poets Of Peeze Better Dayz Yo Mamas Recording
3. Working Week Inner City Blues Virgin
4. Soul II Soul Keep On Movin (feat. Caron Wheeler) 10 Records
5. Young Disciples Step Right On Talkin Loud
6. Galliano Little Ghetto Boy Talkin Loud
7. Yellow Productions Tell Me Something (feat. Magali) Yellow Productions
8. The Rhythm Section Suzannes Jam (feat. Jacko Peake) Ubiquity Records
9. Urban Species (feat. MC Solaar) Listen (Album Version) Talkin Loud
10. Urban Species (feat. MC Solaar) Listen (Guru Remix) Talkin Loud
11. Guru Introduction Chrysalis
12. Guru Loungin Chrysalis
13. A Tribe Called Quest Jazz (We ve Got) Jive
14. Us3 Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) Blue Note Records
15. Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush The Jackal (The Illest Mix) Island Records
16. Greyboy feat. Karl Denson Unwind Your Mind Ubiquity Records
17. Akasha Akasha Theme Wall Of Sound
18. The Family Tree Hang On To Your Pride (feat. Diana Darouiche) Compost Records
19. Ronny Jordan Get To Grips Island Records
20. Digable Planets Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like That) (Album Version) Pendulum Records
21. De La Soul Piles And Piles Of Demo Tapes Bi-Da Miles (Conleys Decision) Tommy Boy
22. T And Da Flow You Got The Best Of My Love INFRACom!
23. Linquist Die Alte Schule MZEE Records
24. Jamiroquai When You Gonna Learn (Digeridoo) Sony Soho Square
25. Serge Gamesbourg Bonnie And Clyde Fontana
26. MC Solaar Nouveau Western Polydor
27. Chapter And The Verse Black Whip Rham!
28. Yellow Productions Ligne C (feat. Ideosoul) Yellow Productions
29. Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe Part Of The Master Plan (92 Live And Direct) FFRR
30. Hip Hop Finger Boundaries (feat. Leena Conquest) (Album Version) Audiorama Tonatelier
31. UMCs One To Grow On (Growin Likes Weeds) Wild Pitch
32. Stetsasonic Talkin All That Jazz Tommy Boy
33. Kid Frost La Raza (La Raza Mix) Virgin
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Guts We Are All Africans Heavenly Sweetness
2. Irievibrations feat. Kinetical Treetop (No Ordinary Love Riddim) Irievibrations Records
3. Irievibrations feat. Ras Kuko Vida (No Ordinary Love Riddim) Irievibrations Records
4. Balkan Riddims Nuff Ah Dem Timewarp Music
5. Gentleman Warn Dem (feat. Shaggy) (MTV Unplugged) Island Records
6. The Quantic Soul Orchestra Father Tru Thoughts
7. Noe Schleusenwaerter Dingja Records
8. Noe Bergschiff Dingja Records
9. EOM (Elements Of Music) Skatt LOA Records
10. EOM (Elements Of Music) Further LOA Records
11. Cro Erinnerung Chimperator Productions
12. Cro Hey Girl Chimperator Productions
13. Blumentopf Schwarzes Gold EMI
14. Kokolo Afrika Man Little Boat Records
15. Kokolo Hey Hey Little Boat Records
16. Kokolo The Big Bamboo Little Boat Records
17. Kokolo How We Gonna Work It Out Little Boat Records
18. HornDogz Move On Up (feat. Bibi Tanga & Peeda) Uptone Records
19. Sola Rosa Can We Get It Together (feat. Noah Slee) Agogo Records
20. Hidden Jazz Quartet His Footlocker Agogo Records
21. Shawn Lees Ping Pong Orchestra Hey Ya Ubiquity Records
22. OutKast Hey Ya! (Album Version) Arista
23. Just Brothers vs Dead Prez Hip Hop Tomatoes (Mashup) unreleased
24. Just Brothers Sliced Tomatoes (Original Version) Music Merchant
25. Wally Clark China Shop Gummy Soul
26. Wally Clark Year Of The Goat Gummy Soul
27. Tall Black Guy Sades Taboo (Sweetest Taboo Blap-Up) unreleased
28. Guts Forever My Love (feat. Grand Puba) Heavenly Sweetness
29. Hidden Jazz Quartet Kimberley Hotel (feat. Anthony Joseph) Agogo Records
30. Hidden Jazz Quartet Soulosophy (feat. Bajka) Agogo Records
31. Hidden Jazz Quartet Luvlite (feat. Bajka) (Original Mix) Agogo Records
32. Guts Its Like That (feat. Dillon Cooper) Heavenly Sweetness
33. DJ Format (feat. Abdominal) Ill Culinary Behaviour (Second Hand Audio Remix) Bandcamp
34. NitroSoul Check Da Technique Funk Labs
35. SoulMetricSystem Raw Deal (Loop Maffias Heist Remix) Neighbour Jam
36. Shawn Lees Ping Pong Orchestra Rock Your Body Ubiquity Records
37. See-I Musical Murder (Empresarios Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
38. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee East Ubiquity Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Sarah Williams White Hum (Paul White Remix) First Word Records
2. Matthias Vogt Trio Driver (Joash Remix) INFRACom!
3. Ivan Ave Moves Jakarta Records
4. EOM (Elements Of Music) Cruise LOA Records
5. EOM (Elements Of Music) EOMstrumental 11 LOA Records
6. Gloria Ann Taylor Deep Inside Of You (12inch Version) Luv N Haight
7. EOM (Elements Of Music) Aratnom (A Date Called Quest) LOA Records
8. Renegade Brass Band Just Business (Tall Black Guy Remix) Here & Now Recordings
9. Jonny Drop Mind Field Alberts Favourites
10. Gideon Conn Question Of Sport Wah Wah 45s
11. Gideon Conn The Modern Age Wah Wah 45s
12. Souleance New York (Original Mix) First Word Records
13. Souleance Hustle (feat. VECT) First Word Records
14. The Reflex (vs Kid Creole & The Coconuts) My Dub Curiosity (The Reflex ReVision) Bandcamp
15. Plateau Gats Show Me A Sine Here & Now Recordings
16. Souleance Ratatouille First Word Records
17. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Just Another Christmas Song Daptone Records
18. Don Smith Black Christmas Tramp Records
19. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Aint No Chimneys In The Projects Daptone Records
20. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings 8 Days (Of Hanukkah) Daptone Records
21. The Olympic Cyclone Band Joy (Part III) Jalapeno Records
22. The Bionic I Disco Claus Tramp Records
23. The Olympic Cyclone Band 12 Days Of Christmas (feat. Stephanie Davies) Jalapeno Records
24. Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience Soulful Christmas Record Kicks
25. The Reflex Soul Man (The Reflex ReVision) Bandcamp
26. Soopastole Get On Up Jalapeno Records
27. Nina Simone Be That Way Sometimes (The Reflex ReVision) Bandcamp
28. James Brown Superbad (DJ Friction Remix 2015) unreleased
29. Martin Mull with The Sondra Baskin Glee Club Santafly Tramp Records
30. Marta Ren & The Groovelvets I m Not Your Regular Woman Record Kicks
31. Funk Machine Soul Santa Tramp Records
32. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Big Bulbs Daptone Records
33. Joe Shinall Sock It To Em Santa Tramp Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Twilight We Will Be Special (The Twilite Tone Remix) Ubiquity Records
2. Funk Busters Celestial Blues (feat. Greg Blackman) Agogo Records
3. Brooklyn Funk Essentials Set It Off Dorado Records
4. DJ Format & Abdominal Reflective Meditation Rhymes Bandcamp
5. Gideon Conn Deception (Blackalicious Cover) Bandcamp
6. Blackalicious Deception (Original Version) Mo Wax
7. Fat Freddys Drop Slings & Arrows The Drop
8. Iba Mahr Travelling VP Records - Born Rollin
9. Iba Mahr Glory Of The King VP Records - Born Rollin
10. Fat Freddys Drop 10 Feet Tall The Drop
11. Fat Freddys Drop Wairunga Blues The Drop
12. Brooklyn Funk Essentials Recycled Dorado Records
13. Mo Horizons Free & Easy (Renegades Of Jazz Remix) Agogo Records
14. Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers Rar (Radio Citizen Remix) Agogo Records
15. Mop Mop (feat. Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph) Run Around (Grant Phabao Remix) Agogo Records
16. Boca 45 Soul On Top (feat. Louis Baker) 45 Live Records
17. Voodoocuts Jazzaround unreleased
18. Fort Knox Five (feat. Flex Mathews) Swinging On A Rhyme (Original Mix) Fort Knox Recordings
19. Morongroover (vs The Pharcyde) Fairy Tales Breakbeat Paradise Recordings
20. Jayl Funk Supernatural Babe GoodGroove Records
21. Jayl Funk SixxThreeAight GoodGroove Records
22. Morongroover (vs Large Pro) The Right Keys Breakbeat Paradise Recordings
23. Basement Freaks All That Funk Jalapeno Records
24. Fort Knox Five (feat. Mustafa Akbar) Whatcha Gonna Do (Original Mix) Fort Knox Recordings
25. The Mighty Mocambos Not Get Caught (feat. DeRobert) Jalapeno Records
26. The Mighty Mocambos B-Boy Suite In B-Flat Minor Mocambo Records - Legere Recordings
27. Mr. Confuse The Turnaround Confunktion Records
28. Mr. Confuse Rush Zone Confunktion Records
29. The Allergies Loves Supposed To Be Jalapeno Records
30. The Adam Coopers A Month Of Summers LOA Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Freeze Me Fireflies
2. Never Never The Distributors
3. Violence Grows Fatal Microbes
4. Lucifer Rising Farben & James Din A4
5. Somebody to Love Tonight Patrick Cowley
6. Pigfoot Patrick Cowley
7. Dub Storm Fats Comet
8. Cool Down 33-10-3402
9. Crippled Nurse (and Water) O/V/R
10. MGM_41-85 ADMX-71
11. Stopping And Starting Voice Of Authority
12. the human legue do or die (dub) The Human League
13. Round Trip Bryce Hackford
15. Untitled I - From Live At Nyx#2 Willis Anne
16. Timelink Patrick Cowley
17. Night Joel Graham
18. Blood (Head Technician Remix) worriedaboutsatan
19. Killer Nighter Morgan Hammer
20. Rainy Tuesday Perseus Traxx
21. The Snake Different Fountains
22. Burning Mack General Ludd
Limbo Rhythm
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1. The New Mastersounds Tranquilo Legere Recordings
2. The Milk Darling Whats Wrong Wah Wah 45s
3. The Milk What Did I Do To My Love Wah Wah 45s
4. Buffalo Brothers Keppels Basement Buffalo Brothers
5. Alan Lee Moanin Jazzman
6. The Haggis Horns Give Me Something Better (feat. John McCallum) Haggis Records
7. Buffalo Brothers Metric Buffalo Brothers
8. Umse Dankbar Jakarta Records
9. Umse Rush Hour Jakarta Records
10. Urian Hackney Caramel Cold Busted
11. Ancient Astronauts (feat. Asphate & DJ TouchNice) The Enemy Within (Original Mix) Switchstance Recordings
12. Ancient Astronauts (feat. Monsoon) Give It To You (Maker Remix) Switchstance Recordings
13. Ancient Astronauts (feat. Akua Naru) Last Night (Razoof Remix) Switchstance Recordings
14. The Souljazz Orchestra Its Gonna Rain Strut Records
15. The New Mastersounds Lets Do Another Legere Recordings
16. Lack Of Afro The Love You Gave LOA Records
17. Double Yellow Feed You (Ambient Jazz Ensemble Rework) Here & Now Recordings
18. The Haggis Horns I Cant Stop The Feeling (feat. Lucinda Slim) Haggis Records
19. The New Mastersounds Enough Is Enough (feat. Charly Lowry) Legere Recordings
20. The Haggis Horns Return Of The Haggis (X-Rated) Haggis Records
21. Bosq Change (feat. Jimmy Riley) (Caserta Mixdown) Ubiquity Records
22. Bosq Pay The Price (feat. Kaleta) Ubiquity Records
23. Buffalo Brothers Tycho Strut Buffalo Brothers
24. Kraak & Smaak Shiiiiit Jalapeno Records
25. Hess Is More Youarenotaprimate (Dimitri From Paris Dubwise) Gomma
26. The Gene Dudley Group Dynamite In The Still Of The Night (feat. Anne Frankenstein) Wah Wah 45s
27. Zamali Famous Butt (Umbo Remix) Timewarp Music
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Ephemerals Howl Jalapeno Records
2. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Where Are You Now Timmion Records
3. The Souljazz Orchestra Life Is What You Make It Strut Records
4. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Better Things To Do Daptone Records
5. Saun & Starr Hot Shot Daptone Records
6. Junior Oliver Cassius Can LOA Records
7. The Cuba Libre Allstars Valdez In The Country Freestyle Records
8. Renegades Of Jazz (feat. Greg Blackman) Imperial Breed (Got The Blues Version) Agogo Records
9. Brian Auger I ve Gotta Go Now (feat. Julie Driscoll) Freestyle Records
10. Brian Auger Black Cat Freestyle Records
11. Hot 8 Brass Band Papa Was A Rolling Stone Tru Thoughts
12. The Soul Surfers Less Talk More Do Ubiquity Records
13. Hidden Jazz Quartett (feat. Greg Blackman) Tap On The Backdoor (Renegades Of Jazz Remix) Agogo Records
14. The Soul Surfers Straight Up (feat. Smoove & Turrell) Ubiquity Records
15. Saint John Stand Up (Baby) Tramp Records
16. Rickey Andrews Chances Are Your Dance Is Mine Tramp Records
17. Renegades Of Jazz Paradise Regaind Agogo Records
18. Mkali Bahari Orchestra Black Rite Freestyle Records
19. The Soul Motivators La Garonne Do Right Music
20. The Soul Motivators Working It Out Do Right Music
21. The Budos Band Unbroken, Unshaven Daptone Records
22. Dele Sosimi E Go Betta (O Flynn Edit) Wah Wah 45s
23. Antibalas Dirty Money Daptone Records
24. The Souljazz Orchestra Kossa Kossa Strut Records
25. Coconut 74 The Gold Coast Freestyle Records
26. Antipodelica Life On Mars Freestyle Records
27. Nick Pride & The Pimptones White Lines Bandcamp
28. Junior Oliver Hendricks LOA Records
29. Kane Sugar The Bump Freestyle Records
30. Junior Oliver Ariel LOA Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Soul Scratchers Scratch My Back Tramp Records
2. Polyversal Souls Starlet Road Filling Station Romance Philophon
3. Timberlake When The Time Is Right Tramp Records
4. Abraham Battat Fly Away Tramp Records
5. Johnny Frigo Day Tripper Ubiquity Records
6. Speedometer Happy Freestyle Records
7. John Milk Never Give It Up Underdog Records
8. Shawn Lees Ping Pong Orchestra Rock Your Body Ubiquity Records
9. Stone Foundation Learning The Hard Way Turning Point
10. Stone Foundation The Turnaround (feat. The Q Strings) Turning Point
11. Speedometer Dont Fool Yourself (feat. James Junior) Freestyle Records
12. Speedometer No Turning Back (feat. James Junior) Freestyle Records
13. Quarter Street La Quarter Llego HopeStreet Recordings
14. St Germain Real Blues (Original Mix) Parlophone - Warner Music
15. Twilight Play My Game (Ohmega Watts 1990 Mix) Ubiquity Records
16. Gregory Porter Musical Genocide (Ludovic Navarre a.k.a. St Germain Version) Blue Note - Decca Records
17. Polyversal Souls Sad Nile (feat. Hailu Mergia) Philophon
18. Polyversal Souls Yelle Be Bobre (feat. Guy One) Philophon
19. John Milk Till Our Soul Gets Up (Patchworks Remix) Underdog Records
20. Orgone I Get Lifted Ubiquity Records
21. Gregory Porter Liquid Spirit (Patchwork Peterson Remix) Blue Note - Decca Records
22. Margie Joseph I Cant Move No Mountains (Scrimshire Edit) Wah Dubplate
23. Rory Hoy feat. Ashley Slater Hey Everybody (Original Mix) Super Hi-Fi Recordings
24. Selection Rebel On The Run (Quincy Jointz & Shaddy Edit) Chopshop
25. George Kelly Vanilla Ice Cream Chopshop
26. Romare Rainbow (Club Mix) Ninja Tune
27. Kraak & Smaak (feat. Ivar) Way Back Home (Original Mix) Boogie Angst
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Junior Kelly No Dig It Up Irievibrations Records
2. The Gene Dudley Group I ve Changed (feat. E) Wah Wah 45s
3. Mocky Soulful Beat Heavy Sheet Productions
4. Mojo Rising In The Pocket Cold Busted
5. The Gene Dudley Group Covered In Black (feat. E & Ishtar) Wah Wah 45s
6. J Dilla vs The Cyrkle The Visit (Serge Gamesbourg Rework) unreleased
7. Jackie Mittoo Whoa Whoa (smallFall Regrooved) unreleased
8. Smokey Bandits The Rooster (Savages Y Suefo Kindakumbia Remix) Agogo Records
9. De La Soul Breakadawn (Rhythm Scholar Remix) unreleased
10. Mocky Upbeat Thing Heavy Sheet Productions
11. Gecko Turner I ll Do That (Original Mix) Lovemonk
12. The Haggis Horns (feat. Lucinda Slim) I Cant Stop The Feeling Haggis Records
13. Mister T. Soul Food Fantasy (feat. Lucy Lune Gillespie) Cold Busted
14. The Haggis Horns Return Of The Haggis Haggis Records
15. Nick Pride & The Pimptones Hit The Love Button (Live Session) Bandcamp
16. WDR Big Band & Karim Siad Ait Oumrar (Savages Y Suefo Remix) Agogo Records
17. The Qualitons Margit (Savages Y Suefo Remix) Agogo Records
18. Uppers International Aja Wondo (smallFall Edit) Shango Records
19. Watcha Clan El Quinto Regimiento (Savages Y Suefo Remix) Agogo Records
20. Dunkelbunt (feat. Cloud Tissa) Kebab Connection (Savages Y Suefo Paprika Flavoured Remix) Agogo Records
21. Bosq (feat. Evan Laflamme) Bounce And Pull Up Ubiquity Records
22. Timewarp Inc (feat. Leon) Disco Frisco (Disco Funk Edit) Timewarp Music
23. Deep Collective Electric Duo (Timewarp Inc Remix) Timewarp Music
24. The Funk District Robot Soul (Richard Seaborne Remix) Whiskey Pickle
25. London Elektricity All Hell Is Breaking Loose (Gentlemans Dub Club Remix) Hospital Records
26. Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band Mewo Akoma (ClapClap Absolut Remix) Strut Records - Absolut Remix
27. Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers Rar (Radio Citizen Vinyl Mix) Agogo Records
28. Mojo Rising Precipitate (feat. World View) Cold Busted
29. London Elektricity Just One Second (Riot Jazz Brass Band Rework) Hospital Records
30. The Milk Kicking The Smoke Wah Wah 45s
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Warmth Lazy Afternoon Tramp Records
2. The Gene Dudley Group I ve Changed (feat. E) Wah Wah 45s
3. Kerbside Collection Get A Wiggle On Legere Recordings
4. Kerbside Collection Slidin Legere Recordings
5. Alex Puddu The Mover (feat. Joe Bataan) Schema
6. My Neighbour Is Completely Graduated Neighbour Jam
7. Alex Puddu I Want You Schema
8. Dele Sosimi Where We Want Be Wah Wah 45s
9. Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band Amaehu Strut
10. Dele Sosimi We Siddon We Dey Look (Straight Molin) Wah Wah 45s
11. Kerbside Collection Bogangar Legere Recordings
12. Novalima Mi Canto Wonderwheel Recordings
13. My Neighbour Is Next Level Of French Love Neighbour Jam
14. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Jazz Face (Ambient Jazz Ensemble Rework) Here & Now Recordings
15. Stereo 77 feat. Joe Beats Sofia Timewarp Music
16. Novalima Madretierra Wonderwheel Recordings
17. Novalima Copa De Manana Wonderwheel Recordings
18. Mo Horizons Jungle Affair (The Soul Session Remix) Agogo Records
19. The Motion Collective Zagara (Una Mas) A.MA Records
20. The Motion Collective Into You (Original Version) A.MA Records
21. Mustafa Por Causa de Voce Menina (Mo Horizons Radio Restyle) Agogo Records
22. Novalima Hoy Dia Wonderwheel Recordings
23. A L.A.S. feat. Trio De Caj Carnaval de Mi Barrio (Mo Horizons Carnaval de Santiago Remix) Agogo Records
24. Novalima Santero Wonderwheel Recordings
25. Flamingo Star Nothing Sweeta (Mo Horizons Hippie Remix) Agogo Records
26. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Waiting For Space (Dylan Colby Swerve Reunion Remix) Here & Now Recordings
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Richie Spice Open The Door VP Records
2. Richie Spice Youth Dem Cold VP Records
3. Buju Banton 54-46 (feat. Toots Hibbert) VP Records
4. The BlueBeaters Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Record Kicks
5. Saun & Starr Dear Mr. Teddy Daptone Records
6. Flame Griller Balance Bandcamp
7. Guts (feat. Grand Puba) Forever My Love (DJ Suspect & Doc TMK Remix) Heavenly Sweetness
8. Guts (feat. Tanya Morgan) Go For Mine (Blanka Remix) Heavenly Sweetness
9. Flame Griller Rickys Journey Bandcamp
10. Roast Beatz Words With Meaning (feat. Rider Shafiq & Brotherman) Breakbeat Paradise Recordings
11. The Allergies (feat. Blurum13) Flip The Scripture (Spit Mix) Jalapeno Records
12. Sola Rosa Get Your Move Gone (feat. Sharlene Hector) Agogo Records
13. Breakdown Brass Next Episode Kept Records
14. Breakestra vs The Amazing Jewel T Recognize The Hard Knocks (Temple Of Boon Mashup) unreleased
15. Randy Roberts & The Capital Strokes District 11 Goodfellas
16. Saun & Starr Hot Shot Daptone Records
17. Sola Rosa Right On Time (feat. Tawiah) Agogo Records
18. Roast Beatz Do What You Love (feat. Kylie Earl & Dizzy Dustin) Breakbeat Paradise Recordings
19. Fort Knox Five Reach (feat. Flex Mathews) Fort Knox Recordings
20. Roast Beatz Write Now (feat. Figure Of Speech) Breakbeat Paradise Recordings
21. Randy Roberts & The Capital Strokes Oh Yeah Goodfellas
22. Fort Knox Five Swinging On A Rhyme (feat. Flex Mathews) Fort Knox Recordings
23. Hugh Masekela Languta (DJs Choice Edit) unreleased
24. Randy Roberts & The Capital Strokes Do It Like The Strokes Goodfellas
25. Fort Knox Five Whatcha Gonna Do (feat. Mustafa Akbar) Fort Knox Recordings
26. Jay W. McGee Good Feeling (Cool Million Remix) Legere Recordings
27. The Soul Surfers feat. Myron & E You Can Run (But You Cant Hide) From My Love (Pt.1) Ubiquity Records
28. The Allergies Hold It Jalapeno Records
29. Cherry B & The Sound Makers No Answer (Andy Lewis Vocal Mix) Legere Recordings
30. The Allergies God Walked Down Jalapeno Records
31. Alexia Coley Somethings Going Down (Renegades Of Jazz Remix) Jalapeno Records
32. The BlueBeaters The Model Record Kicks
33. Tony Guerrero & El Diablitos Surfprovisacion Grand Palais
34. Tony Guerrero & El Diablitos El Diablito Y La Sirena Grand Palais
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Mr Echo How Long (feat. Padma Purana) Cold Busted
2. Cyance Aphelion (Niles Philips Remix) Timewarp Music
3. Dunkelbunt Get Down Poets Club Records
4. The Worldstylers Baby You Dont Know (feat. Elliot) Mana Mana Records
5. Dunkelbunt Mountain Jumper Poets Club Records
6. Mop Mop (feat. Sara Sayed) A Chance For Peace (Original Version) INFRACom
7. The Worldstylers Rabbis Groove Mana Mana Records
8. Maurizio Fabbri Chicha Morada (Original Mix) Spring Strut Recordings
9. Maurizio Fabbri Chicha Morada (Hammond Classics Remix) Spring Strut Recordings
10. Dubcity Fanatikz Livin In A Dubcity (The Worldstylers Remix) Mana Mana Records
11. Dunkelbunt Ich grill mit Dir die Abendsonne Poets Club Records
12. Sixfingerz Turn Your Lamp Down Low Cold Busted
13. Medras Swim In Snow (Niles Philips Remix) Timewarp Music
14. Auditors Domination Rempeto (Niles Philips Remix) Timewarp Music
15. Omegaman (feat. Mustafa Akbar) Follow Me (DJ Maars Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
16. Boca 45 45 Live Legere Recordings
17. Sixfingerz I Think You Do Cold Busted
18. Tuxedo So Good Stones Throw Records
19. Koka Mass Jazz By Myself Cold Busted
20. Tuxedo Without Your Love Stones Throw Records
21. Koka Mass Jazz All I Want Is All You Want Cold Busted
22. Mop Mop (feat. Sara Sayed) A Chance For Peace (DJ Smash Remix) INFRACom
23. Flatwound Kick Junior (Timewarp Inc Remix) Timewarp Music
24. Afternoons In Stereo West End Satori (Timewarp Inc Remix) Timewarp Music
25. SoulMetricSystem Aguardiente (David Montoya Remix) Spring Strut Recordings
26. Gabriele Poso Invocation 002 (Gerardo Frisina Remix) Agogo Records
27. Gabriele Poso Invocation 010 (Ezel Remix) Agogo Records
28. Gabriele Poso Invocation 002 (Opolopo Remix) Agogo Records
29. SoulMetricSystem Knuckle Sandwich (Shantisan Afro Bounce Remix) Spring Strut Recordings
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1. Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra No Such Thing Ubiquity Records
2. Capital Letters Fire Greensleeves Records
3. Capital Letters Out Of Africa Greensleeves Records
4. John Holt Police In Helicopter (Extended Version) Greensleeves Records
5. John Holt Youths Pon The Corner Greensleeves Records
6. Betty Ford Boys Shut Up Melting Pot Music
7. Essa The Middle Man (Live Version) First Word Records
8. Akua Naru Falling The Urban Era
9. Akua Naru The Mine The Urban Era
10. Akua Naru Mr. Brownskin (feat. Georgia Anne Muldow) The Urban Era
11. Dele Sosimi Na My Turn (Radio Edit) Wah Wah 45s
12. The Mighty Mocambos Drifting Stars Legere Recordings
13. Saun & Starr Look Closer (Cant You See The Signs) Daptone Records
14. The Mighty Mocambos Road To Earth (feat. Peter Thomas) Legere Recordings
15. LoopMaffia Night Cruisin Cold Busted
16. Merry Clayton Southern Man (Scrimshire Edit) Bandcamp
17. Louise Golbey The Outsider (feat. Omar) Louise Golbey
18. Merry Clayton Grandmas Hands (Scrimshire Edit) Bandcamp
19. The Mighty Mocambos In The Dark (feat. Nichola Richards) Legere Recordings
20. The Uptown Felaz (feat. MC Kyla) Now You Know (Mr Konfuze Remix) Nova Gain Records
21. The Mighty Mocambos Not Get Caught (feat. DeRobert) Legere Recordings
22. Dalindeo Pyoeraeily Haemeentiellae (Biking On Haemeentie) BBE
23. Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra Your Way (Original Mix) Ubiquity Records
24. Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra Close To Far Ubiquity Records
25. Dalindeo Ota Linja 8 (Take The Line 8) BBE
26. Dalindeo Kurvi-Twist BBE
27. Dalindeo Karhupuiston Kuningatar (Queen Of The Bear Park) BBE
28. The Boom Yeh Turn It Up (Original Version) Unit 8 Records
29. The Mighty Mocambos The Showdown Legere Recordings
30. The Mighty Mocambos Locked And Loaded Legere Recordings
31. Dalindeo Kallion Rytmi (Rhythm Of Kallio) BBE
32. Johnny Hammond Its Too Late (Scrimshire Later Edit) Bandcamp
33. Stephane Lefrancois Flair Balanced Records
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1. Warmth Praise Poems Tramp Records
2. Flashbaxx Something To Believe (feat. Tanja Proessler & Christoph Matyascheck) Here & Now Recordings
3. Ulysses Crockett Resurgence Tramp Records
4. Natures Time The Way I See It (Far Out) Tramp Records
5. River Of Gennargentu Fire Over The Hill Talk About Records
6. The Milk Deliver Me Wah Wah 45s
7. Erykah Badu Honey (FloFilz & Pawcut Remix) Gingerbread Records
8. Lucky Brown Buddha On The Road Tramp Records
9. Cookie Thomas Black Velvet Soul (Part 2) Tramp Records
10. The Gene Dudley Group The Fawcett Negotiation Here & Now Recordings
11. Lucky Brown Negra Modelo Tramp Records
12. Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra Malunguinho Here & Now Recordings
13. Third Coast Kings Ice Cream Man (45 Edit) Here & Now Recordings
14. Cloak Dagger Ethasu Spring Strut Recordings
15. Quasamodo (feat. Thaliah) Hard To Be A Superman (Basement Freaks Dub) Jalapeno Records
16. My Neighbour Is Show Me A Little Bit Neighbour Jam
17. The Allergies Be With You Jalapeno Records
18. J-Sound Supernature (Trotter Remix) MustBeat
19. Soopasoul Funky Hot Grits Jalapeno Records
20. Funky Destination You Wanna Be A Hippie Timewarp Music
21. Dusty Seventy Three Here & Now Recordings
22. The Ticklejunk All Stars Fijar Del Sol (Basement Freaks Remix) Spring Strut Recordings
23. Renegades Of Jazz Tamerlane (feat. Greg Blackman) Agogo Records
24. The Ticklejunk All Stars Resist Me (Boca 45 Remix) Spring Strut Recordings
25. Renegades Of Jazz Flemish Cap (feat. Karin Ploog) Agogo Records
26. Skeewiff Interlude Dude Jalapeno Records
27. Renegades Of Jazz Paradise Lost Agogo Records
28. Fulgeance & DJ Scientist Tbilisi Sunset First Word Records
29. Fulgeance & DJ Scientist From Lithuania With Love (feat. Blu & Open Mike Eagle) First Word Records
30. Hotelsinus Unreality (Sammy Senior Remix) MustBeat
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1. The Liberators Let It Go (Instrumental) Record Kicks
3. The Delegators Just Be Good To Me Strong Rabbit
4. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings You ll Be Lonely Daptone Records
5. The Royale VII Its An Explosion Soul45
6. St. Maartens Rolling Tones Its A Feeling Record Kicks
7. Frankie Crocker Ton Of Dynamite Turbo Records - Outta Sight
8. Willie West Getting Down Timmion Records
9. Lee Perry What A Good Woodman Trojan Records
10. The Bluebeaters Catch That Teardrop Record Kicks
11. Early Clover & The Georgia Soul Drifters Think It Over Record Kicks
12. Fred Williams & The Jewel Band Tell Her Solo Records
13. Luca Sapio & The Dark Shadows Nobody Knows GMG
14. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Now I Can Fly Timmion Records
15. Paris Connection Whos That Lady Explosion - Soul Jazz Records
16. Johnny Osbourne We Need Love Studio One
18. Third Coast Kings Moving In The Night Record Kicks
19. Gizelle Smith June (TM Juke Remix) Record Kicks
20. Marta Ren & The Groovelvets 2 Kinds Of Men Record Kicks
21. Cookin On 3 Burners (feat. Kylie Auldist) Settle The Score (Diesler Remix) Freestyle Records
23. Nickodemus (feat. Kissey Asplund) Mirage (Yukicito Remix) Here And Now Recordings
24. The Gene Dudley Group The Fawcett Negotiation Here And Now Recordings
25. Ray Harris Deep Down Inside Here And Now Recordings
26. Souleance Tropicalidad Here And Now Recordings
27. Native Guard Roots Down Low Here And Now Recordings
28. Third Coast Kings Ice Cream Man (45 Version) Here And Now Recordings
29. Flashbaxx Something To Believe (feat. Tanja Proessler & Christoph Matyascheck) Here And Now Recordings
30. Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra Malunginho Here And Now Recordings
31. Brownout Flaximus (Renegades Of Jazz B-Boy Edit) Here And Now Recordings
32. Ambient Jazz Ensemble The Journey (Leftside Wobble Remix) Here And Now Recordings
34. Quincy Jointz Rock On (Diesler Remix) Timewarp Music
35. Nick Pride & The Pimptones Hotdoggin (Diesler Remix) Record Kicks
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