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Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Corridor Domino
2. Sinead O'Brien Taking On Time
3. Zebra Katz Lousy
4. ANOHNI 4 Degrees
5. Empath Pure Intent
6. CocoRosie Smash My Head
7. Big Thief Not
8. Die Goldenen Zitronen Bleib Bei Mir
9. Shopping Initiative
10. Priests I'm Clean
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Sorry Right Round The Clock
2. FEELS Find A Way
3. Sharon Van Etten Jupiter 4
4. Yves Tumor Licking An Orchid ft. James K
5. BROEN Dorian Grays
6. Pynch Disco Lights
7. Drab Majesty Ellipsis
8. Diät We
9. Messer Der Mieter
10. The Notwist Pilot
11. Moses Sumney Virile
12. Teebs Studie feat. Panda Bear
13. Black Marble Feels
14. Ariel Pink House Of Yesterday
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Tame Impala Posthumous Forgiveness
2. Duster Letting Go
3. Squid The Dial
4. Black Country, New Road Athens, France
5. Burial Ashtray Wasp
6. Burial Young Death
7. Caribou You And I
8. Porridge Radio Lilac
9. The Homesick Kaïn
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. 3tm lake
2. caribou you and i (radio edit)
3. ariel pink hobbies galore
4. cocorosie smash my head
5. die sterne universal tellerwäscher
6. fka twigs fallen alien
7. flying lotus black ballons reprise feat. denzel curry
8. gewalt deutsch
9. gil scott-heron new york is killing me
10. hinds riding solo
11. jack penate prayer
12. khruangbin & leon bridges texas sun
13. moses sumney virile
14. nobodys face nobodys daddy part 2
15. peter ivers i´ve seen your face
16. tame impala like we only go backwards
Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. kamaal williams broken theme
2. the xx angels
3. perdu von bonn bis gott im club
4. caribou home
5. ricardo, rafael y pedro la sombra del ayer (gudrun gut vogelmix)
6. mercan dede engewal
7. omar souleyman mawwal
8. mikael tariverdiev waltz (from the long day)
9. whitney used to be lonely
10. the moldy peaches lucky number nine
11. gold panda greek style
12. leonard cohen the hills
13. tame impala feels like we only go backwards
14. whitney far, far away
15. prince 1999
Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. JW Ridley Everything (Deathless)
2. Pynch Disco Lights
3. Squid The Cleaner
4. Corridor Bang
5. Will Samson The Smallest Sliver
6. Perfume Genius Pop Song
7. Anna Meredith Ribbons
8. Islet Good Grief
9. Sinead O Brien Taking On Time
10. Treeboy Arc Concept
11. Omni Courtesy Call
12. Peaer Don't
13. Ti a I Feel Fine
14. Ezra Furman Transition From Nowhere to Nowhere
15. Big Thief Replaced
16. Palehound Your Boyfriend's Gun
17. Yves Jarvis The Truth
18. Richard Dawson Dead Dog in an Alleyway
19. Vanishing Twin KRK (At Home In Strange Places)
20. All We Are Alex Kapranos Heart Attack
21. Wand Scarecrow
22. Penelope Isles Cut Your Hair
23. Helado Negro Pais Nublado
24. A.A. Bondy Killers 3
25. Girlpool What Chaos Is Imaginary
26. Angel Olsen Endgame
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1. Lauri Hannu Ev'rybody loves ambo
2. Akne Kid Joe Markus Erlöser
3. Frittenbude Kill Kill Kill
4. Ton Steine Scherben Menschenfresser
5. Gymmick Wenn Du schön wohnst
6. The Soft Cavalry Careless Sun
7. Ex Hex Rainbow Shiner
8. John Maus Cop Killer
9. Angela Aux Killer Kid
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Dead Horse One My Pain Requiem Pour Un Twister
2. Jaakko Eino Kalevi I Am Looking Forward Domino
3. Jaakko Eino Kalevi The Source of the Absolute Knowledge Domino
4. Lyzza Hellraiser xxx Eigen
5. Vandalismus Ich bin der Einzige, der vom Kipp Audiolith
6. Shari Vari Dance Alone Malka Tuti
7. Phil Kieran Falling Down Maeve
8. Ex Ponto The Middle Path General Purpose
Lola Rosa
Moderation: Gerlinde Bogner Musikauswahl: Gerlinde Bogner
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1. Vagabon Flood
2. Angel Olsen New Cassette Love
3. Brittany Howard Goat Head
4. Chromatics Light As A Feather
5. Dog In The Snow Monochrom
6. Shari Vari Out Of Order
7. Michael Kiwanuka You Ain't The Problem
8. Villagers Note to Self (for Michael)
9. Apparat Heroist
10. Tame Impala It Might Be Time
Moderation: Alexander Müller Musikauswahl: Alexander Müller
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1. David Garcia Diaz Piano Improvisation
2. David Garcia Diaz The Shadow System
3. Cœur de pirate Funeral Dirge
4. Colin O'Malley Elegy
5. Austin Wintory Fracture
6. Sarah Schachner Dark Quarry
7. Joel Bille Fe
8. Rob Allison Glitch
9. Rob Allison Bwwaaaaaaa
10. Rom Di Prisco Desierto Caliente (Remix)
11. Peter Chapman aka Coins. Bittsevsky Park
12. Trevor Yuile Battle for Atlas
13. Disasterpeace The Winding Ridge
14. FBP Gorgeous Gorge (100-Year old Piano Version)
15. Rob Allison The End
16. Rainbowdragoneyes Staff Roll (End Credits)
17. Rainbowdragoneyes Convocation of the Curse
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1. The Utopia Strong Swimmer
2. Die Goldenen Zitronen If I Were A Sneaker
3. Playlist
4. Playlist
5. Fujiya & Miyagi Artificial Sweeteners
6. Black Sea Dahu Thaw
7. Black Sea Dahu Kingdom North
8. mark barrott go berri be happy
9. The Babies Breaking The Law
10. Arial Pink Unwritten Law
11. Die Goldenen Zitronen Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher
12. Gott&die Welt Hab ich das gerade laut gesagt?
13. Mahjongg Tell The Police The Truth
14. Low 500 Police
15. Bon Iver Hey, Ma
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. houseparty ultra-violence
2. kellerkommand affenstall
3. the flaming lips the spark that bled
4. the flaming lips suddenly everything has changed
5. uns dozer-gefallen
6. uns karnavaral
7. uns transmission
8. vandalsimus alle hassen r_n_b
9. vandalsimus ich kann vom fesnter aus dein ganzes leben verachten
10. girls in synthesis pressure
11. bleakness the closing door
12. true moon they call my name
13. lone wolf together alone
14. sex bomb-omb we are sex bob-omb
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Cordell Jackson Be Bopper´s Christmas
2. Lady Lamb Even in the tremor
3. Lady Lamb Strange maneuvers
4. Lady Lamb Prayer of love
5. Lady Lamb July was mundane
6. Lady Lamb Oh my violence
7. The McGuire Sisters The Cactus Christmas Tree
8. Voodoo Jürgens Kumma ned
9. Voodoo Jürgens ´s klane Glücksspiel
10. Voodoo Jürgens 2l Eistee
11. Voodoo Jürgens Angst haums
12. Voodoo Jürgens Rode Sporttoschn
13. Voodoo Jürgens Schworz wie Kindspech
14. Kazu Come behind me, so good!
15. Kazu Meo
16. Kazu Adult baby
17. Kazu Unsure in waves
18. Kazu Coyote
19. Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier Insolubles
20. Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier Ballade C.3.3.
21. Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier Cold Sun Warm Beer
22. Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier Browning
23. Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier Pink And Bleue
24. The Uniques Rockin´Rudolph
25. The Tiger Lillies and Berg Orchestra Devil´s Fairground
26. The Tiger Lillies and Berg Orchestra Free
27. The Tiger Lillies and Berg Orchestra Lillies Are Her Home
28. The Tiger Lillies and Berg Orchestra King Of The Gutter
29. The Tiger Lillies and Berg Orchestra Drugs
30. The Tiger Lillies and Berg Orchestra Is That All There Is?
31. Little Joey Comin´Down The Chimney
32. Nodding God Trapezoid Haunting
33. Nodding God Natron Skipping Rope
34. Nodding God Antimony Moon Fangs
35. Nodding God Calcination Totem Station
36. Doodie Stevens Merry Christmas Baby
37. - und ein gutes Neues!
Teardrop's Digest
Moderation: Martin Schmidt Musikauswahl: Martin Schmidt
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1. Ammer / Einhaeit Radio Inferno - Canto I
2. L´Épée Une Lune Étrange
3. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore (Dolores / Piano Nights)
4. Mirel Wagner No Death
5. Mirel Wagner In My Father´s House
6. Clan Of Xymox Back Door
7. Pink Turns Blue Missing You
8. Pink Turns Blue Your Master Is Calling
9. Rose McDowell & Shawn Pinckbeck Forever
10. Nature And Organisation Wicker Man Song
11. Boxhamsters Prost Neujahr Jr.
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1. sam densmore transitional piece (instrumental)
2. bad weed falling down
3. travels & trunks the lower lights
4. die cigaretten am strand
5. voodoo jürgens s'klane glücksspiel
6. isolation berlin kicks
7. locas in love commandante
8. desert sessions move together
9. desert sessions crucifire
10. mark lanegan band night flight to kabul
11. hot snakes checkmate
12. cari cari anaana
13. brittany howard stay high
14. ezra furman my teeth hurt
15. jeffrey lewis & the voltage dogs of my neighborhood
16. gurr & eddie argos christmas one and only
17. stumfol i got lost
18. the burning hell the river (never freezes anymore)
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1. the heliocentrics the uncertainty principle
2. no fun pizza song
3. dream boogie at the heart of seoul
4. ty segall fanny
5. the growlers pulp of youth
6. beck deadweight (instrumental
7. deviltrain thundermachine
8. charlotte brandi where the wind blows
9. hello emerson ohio
10. akne kid joe give never up a fight
11. the divine comedy queuejumper
12. slothrust planetarium
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Dives Waiting Siluh Records
2. Friends of Gas Kalter Apparat Staatsakt
3. Afuma Sick In The Bed Forms Edition
4. Moses Boyd Only You ft. Klein Exodus Rec
5. Devonte Hynes Arrival Domino Soundtracks
6. Beatrice Dillon Workaround Two Pan
7. Grimes 4AEM 4AD
8. Ar?ma Jaisalmer (Jack Essek Remix) Cosmovision Rec
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Woodland Gimme Some
2. Yogi Lang Shine on me
3. Tyketto Strength in numbers (live)
4. Arkansas Dave Think too much
5. Taming the Shrew Breathe
6. Don Ender Something's got a hold on me
7. Wrecking Crew Orchestra Ten Cent Love (Album der Sendung "Fun in the doghouse" im Bereich Rock)
8. Wrecking Crew Orchestra She wants love (Album der Sendung "Fun in the Doghouse" im Bereich Rock)
9. Black Stone Cherry Big Legged Woman
10. Quiet Riot Hellbender
11. Pretty Maids Shadowlands
12. Jeff Lynne's ELO Time of our life
13. RPWL What I really need (live)
14. BASK Rid of you
15. Stumfol Waiting around to live
16. White Reaper 1F
17. Chadwick Stokes & The Pintos Hit the bell with your elbow
18. Audiolaw R U Xistent
19. Worry Dolls The River
20. Robert Richter Like a fugitive
21. Black Stone Cherry Early one morning
22. Keen Hue We don't need war
Moderation: Dr. Best Musikauswahl: Dr. Best
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1. Nils Frahm A Walking Embrace Erased Tapes
2. Penguin Cafe Chinstrap Erased Tapes
3. 3TM Contrail We Jazz Records
4. 3TM Woods We Jazz Records
5. Portico Quartet Double Helix Gondwana Records
6. Penguin Cafe Chapter Erased Tapes
7. Mount Kimbie Marilyn (feat. Micachu) (WXAXRXP Session) Warp Records
8. Thoma Dusking Loci Records
9. Still Moving Gift For Mathilda Lanquidity Records
10. Flying Lotus pres. INFINITY Infinitum Drips (Maida Vale Session) Warp Records
11. Still Moving Collide Construc Lanquidity Records
12. Thoma Depths Loci Records
13. Ralph Heidel & Homo Ludens The Flood Kryptox
14. Petter Eldh Byagz We Jazz Records
15. Petter Eldh Koma Tema We Jazz Records
16. Salomea Magnolia Tree Kryptox
17. Mopo Jauzaa We Jazz Records
18. Ilmiliekki Quartet Land Of Real Men We Jazz Records
19. Ilmiliekki Quartet Twisted Thistle We Jazz Records
20. Bowman Trio Mae en jaksa We Jazz Records
21. Terkel Norgaard with Ralph Alessi Nineteen We Jazz Records
22. Terkel Norgaard with Ralph Alessi Twelve We Jazz Records
23. OK:KO Kiipeli We Jazz Records
24. Natural Lateral Days With Amber Social Joy
Moderation: Moormann Musikauswahl: Moormann
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1. VAR Undir Sud
2. Air Liquide If There Was No Gravity
3. Lindström Really Deep Snow
4. Röyksopp The Drug
5. Special Request Offworld Memory 3
6. Dominik Eulberg Eintagsfliege
7. Kreidler Eurydike
8. Trentemöller feat. Rachel Goswell Cold Comfort
9. Jay Jay Johanson Not Time Yet
10. Underworld Appleshine
11. Underworld This Must Be Drum Street
12. Underworld Listen To Their No
13. Air Liquide Der Laufer
14. Dominik Eulberg Elfenbein-Flechtenbärchen
15. Kreidler Nesindano
16. Oliver Koletzki Melting Into The Surroundings
17. Special Request vs. The Grid Floatation (SR Offworld Mix)
18. Deichkind Knallbonbon