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1. Julie's Haircut Tarazed
2. Petite Noir Best
3. Die Goldenen Zitronen Zitronenmord
4. Amyl And The Sniffers Got You
5. Die Türen Everybodys Darlehen
6. Quermeer Plastik
7. Cold Showers Faith
8. Stimming Prepare
9. Olga Bell Randomness
10. Fat White Family I Believe In Something Better
11. Frittenbude Kill Kill Kill
12. Toni Kater India
13. Angela Aux Killer Kid
14. Tiefschwarz The Whistler (instrumental)
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1. orions belte new year's eve 2
2. martha heart is healing
3. akne kid joe give never up a fight
4. idles great
5. the divine comedy queuejumper
6. steph cameron daybreak over jackson street
7. sinkane depayse
8. paint daily gazette
9. fantastic negrito plastic hamburgers
10. peter licht grundrisslied
11. martin frawley lo and behold
12. we brought a penguin black sun
13. the coathangers bimbo
14. slothrust planetarium
15. luke sital singh the last
16. sleeper paradise waiting
17. autonomics dead TV star
18. dream boogie at the heart of seoul
19. amyl and the sniffers got you
Deine Sendung auf Radio Z
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1. Sarah Schachner Fair Winds
2. David Garcia Diaz Credits
3. Ole Strandh Precinct Siege
4. Tangerine Dream Le Parc (Streethawk Theme)
5. Marteria Endboss
6. Blumentopf Profis
7. Alain Johannes Rising Sun
8. Sarah Schachner Anthropic Universe
9. Hintergrundmusik: Fader Gladiator Ein paar Rhymes (Instrumental)
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1. Ralph Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Greensleaves (1934)
2. Ralph Vaughan Williams Norfolk Rhapsody No. 1 (1906)
3. Ralph Vaughan Williams Romance f. Mundharmonika u. Orchester (1951)
4. Ralph Vaughan Williams Flos Campi f. Viola, Chor u. kl. Orchester (1925)
5. Gustav Holst Hammersmith f. Blasorchester (1930/31)
6. Gustav Holst Somerset Rhapsody (1906)
7. Gustav Holst Moorside Suite f. Blasorchester (1928)
8. Benjamin Britten A Time There Was. Suite on english folk tunes (1974)
Moderation: Crystal Musikauswahl:
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1. Analea Brown My Queendom
2. Analea Brown Turn Up
3. Analea Brown Rude Bwoy
4. SumeRR Old School
5. Belinda & Omi Peaches
6. Olivia Flowers What You Want
7. Gracie Bassie Be Yourself
8. CK I Found Me
9. MIR Singers ft Minori, Jodian Pantry, Chevelle Franklyn & Flavia Beswick You Deserve To Be Loved
10. Keishera My Story
11. D Major Red Alert
12. Jemere Morgan ft Stu Stapelton Troddin
13. Toian Kingston Town
14. Horace Martin Johnny Brown
15. Mister Royal Woke Up This Morning
16. Ras Pilot Free Dem Crops
17. Sophia Squire Island Love
18. Bounty Killer Real Man
19. Christopher Martin Weekend Love
20. Da Fuchaman Nothing Else Matters
21. Da Fuchaman Dem Nuh Clean
22. Da Fuchaman Pull Up My Selecta
23. Myki Tuff & Friendly Fire Band War General
24. Mr Williamz Saturday Night (Reggae Version)
25. Berlin Boom Orchestra Spuls Zurück
26. Berlin Boom Orchestra Doppelkopf
27. Berlin Boom Orchestra Moment Mal
28. Koffee Toast - Jester X Riddim Master Road Mix
29. Toddla T ft Aliai Harley Instruction
30. Spragga Benz, Sean Paul, Agent Saso & Chi Ching Ching Differ Remix
31. Prado ft Chico Boasy
32. Playlist
33. Playlist
34. Playlist
Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Space Africa Dred
2. Juana Molina Cosoco
3. Holly Herndon Eternal
4. Little Simz 101 FM
5. Camp Cope The Face Of God
6. Avey Tare K.C. Yours
7. A.A. Bondy Killers 3
8. John Maus The Combine
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Bleached Shitty Ballet
2. Death And Vanilla Nothing Is Real
3. Wand Scarecrow
4. Wand Rio Grande
5. Pixx Bitch
6. Drab Majesty Ellipsis
7. Priests Good Time Charlie
8. Priests Texas Instruments
9. Drugdealer Fools
10. Kevin Morby OMG Rock n' Roll
11. Omni Delicacy
12. Cate Le Bon Home To You
13. Nots Floating Hand
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. asuna & jan jelinek pulsating primary structure
2. starcrawler pet sematary
3. aldous harding fixture picture
4. bibio old graffiti
5. faye webster flowers feat. father
6. fujiya & miyagi flashback
7. hayung can´t say
8. jean tonique feel better now
9. kazu salty
10. lady wray come on in
11. sebadoh celebrate the void
12. mac demarco all of our yesterdays
13. she keeps bees kinship
14. sinkane dépaysé
15. the staches fake stomach ache
16. wood prozac or adidas
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. Hintergundmusik: marsmobil palak paneer
2. nicotine nerves is that so bad victim
3. waving the guns denkpanzer
4. frittenbude die dunkelheit darf niemals siegen
5. betta lemme kick the door
6. geinoh yamashirogumi doll's polyphony
7. Hintergundmusik: marc mothersbouhg loquasto international film festival
8. hintergrundmusik: dj koze seeing aliens
9. jimi tenor my mind will travel (teen party edit)
10. robag wruhme venq tolep
11. helado negro running
12. die time twisters sie ist ein rebell
13. gaika immigrant sons
14. pole wald
15. avey tare hors
16. Playlist
17. Playlist
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. The Treatment Let's get dirty
2. Rival Sons Stood by me
3. Ally Venable Running after you
4. Todd Snider Esplanation/Watering flowers in the rain
5. L.A. Guns Don't need to win
6. Spidergawd No Man's Land
7. Spidergawd Auszug aus dem Interview mit Per Borten
8. Spidergawd Whirlwind Rodeo
9. Andrew Bird Sisyphus
10. The Treatment Waiting for the Calling
11. The Treatment The Fighting Song
12. Lugnet Living in a dream
13. Motorpsycho Lux Aeterna
14. Ryan Bingham Stones
15. Electric Mary Gimme Love
16. Electric Mary Sorry Baby
17. FM Other Side of midnight
18. The Devil and The Almighty Blues One for sorrow
19. Suzi Quatro No Soul/No Control
20. Burning Rain If it's love
21. Drenge Prom Night
Mach mal langsam
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1. Ian Hatcher Private
2. Alice Dee Babylon
3. Arrington de Dionyso Bromiophone Over Deep Water
4. Malaikat dan Singa Mingkar Mingkur
5. Hager Kaputt Zentralcafé 3:35
6. Lan Cao, Gregor Siedl, Wolfgang Seidel Jettatura
7. Populäre Mechanik Das moderne Heim
8. Nona feat. Rora Haddoh
9. Malaikat dan Singa Todas Las Fiestas de Manana
10. Czentrifuga Fallen Stars Coming From The Opposite Side of Time
11. Arrington de Dionyso Trance Music For Crows
Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. kamasi washington can you hear me
2. panda bear dolphin
3. natalie beridze for love
4. feist any party
5. Unterleger für VK Playlist
6. sun ra springtime again
7. addison groove go la la
8. erfolg brillenmann
9. bambi davidson brunswick (radio edit)
10. ambiviolenz schmackofatz
11. radiohead fake plastic trees
12. hochzeitskapelle venezuela
13. jimmy buffet a pirate looks at forty
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. patio no time
2. possible humans stinger
3. gurr middleton mall
4. priests control freak
5. hydrogen sea the bloop
6. geins't nait rossi aldo
7. wolf müller meets the nile project mabomba dance
8. nihiloxica baksimba
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1. Acid Pauli Baris
2. Soap&Skin Italy
3. Ibeyi Me Voy feat. Mala Rodiguez
4. Ninjabeat Norwegian Waffels (Instrumental)
5. Kirszenbaum Émile Zola & kokakola
6. Apostolos Chatzichristos I Mannoula
7. The Screenshots Europa
8. Young Fathers Low
9. Slut Nest Big Thing
10. The Black Elephant Band I Am A Human Being
11. European Rich Kids Schwarzgelbes Unterseeboot
12. Blumfeld Wir Sind Frei
13. Baked Beans Dr. Dackel
14. Boxcutter Old School Astronomy
15. Rayon Nelson Freedom
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1. Von Spar Mont Ventoux
2. Faye Webster Flowers feat. Father
3. Die Sauna Der Letzte
4. Slowness Berlin
5. Susan James Sea Glass
6. Alex St. Joan Kick and Rise
7. Burning Alms Everyone You Know
8. Cold Showers Faith
9. Tacocat Grains Of Salt
10. Yeasayer Fluttering In The Floodlights
11. Billie Eilish ilomilo
12. Bibio Quarters
13. Arlo Day Bad Timing
14. Amyl And The Sniffers Got you
15. Alex Lahey Am I Doing It Right
16. Darjeeling Shiver
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. frittenbude rote sonne
2. frittenbude filmriss 2000
3. waving the guns oscar pistorius
4. oidorno bordbistro
5. nghtmre redlight
6. fortuna ehrenfeld helm anb zum gebet
7. meloco wonderland
8. priests youtube sartre
9. the primals another world to call your own
10. superheaven i've been bored
11. superbloom saints
12. swain never clean my room
13. hors manifestation
14. sex bob-omb we are sex bomb-omb
Moderation: Axel Musikauswahl: Axel
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1. The Mystery Lights I m so Tired (Of Living in the City) Wick
2. Truth Club Not An Exit Tiny Engines
3. Collate Selective Memory Market Square
4. Mope Grooves In the Center See My Friends
5. The Crows Chain of Being Balley
6. Drahla Stimulus For Living Captured Tracks
7. German Error Message Murmuring Self-released
8. Fond Bastards Art of the Uncarved Block
9. Supermilk Lycanthrope Keroleen
10. Half Thought Medians Self-released
11. Schmave Chester Chab Flesh & Bone
12. Omni I Don t Dance Sub Pop
13. Dehd On My Side Fire Talk
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1. orions belte new years eve 2
2. martha heart is healing
3. dream boogie at the heart of seoul
4. luke sital singh the last day
5. gurr she says
6. angela aux killer kid
7. ex hex no reflection
8. art brut i hope you're very happy together
9. autonomics dead TV star
10. spirit fest look at the colours
11. the coathangers bimbo
12. odetta hartman cowboy song
13. hello emerson ohio
14. black mountain future shade
15. telekinesis like nothing
16. okta logue the wheel
17. dave evans doorway
18. charlotte brandi where the wind blows
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1. the heliocentrics the uncertainty principle
2. swutscher faxen dicke
3. the coathangers hey buddy
4. fat white family tastes good with the money
5. my ugly clementine never be yours
6. gurr zu spät
7. martha sight for fore eyes
8. chilly gonzales othello
9. fortuna ehrenfeld das letzte kommando
10. the heavy burn bright
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Vanja Sky Hard Working Woman
2. Suzi Quatro Going Home
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fancy
4. Licia Chery Treat me good
5. Nina Attal Jump
6. Katarina Pejak Old Pain
7. Deborah Coleman Nothin' to do with love
8. Birtha Fine talking man
9. Susan Santos Fool me
10. Alabama Shakes I found you
11. Audrey Motaung Still in love with you
12. Dana Fuchs Lonely for a lifetime (live)
13. The Pretenders Mystery AchievementsWhitney
14. Holy Moly & The Crackers Upside Down
15. Holy Moly & The Crackers Through with talking
16. Ina Forsman No room for love
17. Ally Venable Come and take it
18. Joanne Shaw Taylor Ready to roll
19. Joanne Shaw Taylor Reckless Heart
20. Heartless Bastards Down in the Canyon
21. Whitney Shay Get down with it
22. Samantha Fish Go to hell
23. Jane Lee Hooker Ends meet