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Moderation: Dr. Best Musikauswahl: Dr. Best
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1. Principleasure Fractal Gem Principleasure
2. Ozzy Aloe Schalen
3. Blue Soul Hedonic Adaptation Aphorism Recordings
4. Bell Towers Want You (Need You) (Tornado Wallace Remix) Public Possession / Cascine
5. Blue Soul Past Continuous Tense Aphorism Recordings
6. Roberto Rodriguez (Manolo) TB Discotheque Perce Recordings
7. Joal Reminder Perce Recordings
8. Principleasure Aurora Principleasure
9. John Tejada Moving 909s (Original Mix) Palette Recordings
10. Ozzy Een Slechte Middag Radical New Theory
11. Elec Brown & Rachel Raw Ohne Worte (Intro Mix) Jaw Dropping Records
12. Mr. Bizz Perseus (Light Breath & Krias Remix) Jaw Dropping Records
13. Jerome Steam 505 Jannowitz Records
14. BOHO, Mateo & Gaga Kenzo (Original Mix) Jannowitz Records
15. Poor Pay Rich What's That? Jaw Dropping Records
16. Anfisa Letyago Push Hotflush Recordings
17. Lampe Lost Focus (Original Mix) Jaw Dropping Records
18. Rachel Raw Mumble Crumble (Original Mix) Jaw Dropping Records
19. Javiis Babba Jagga Jaw Dropping Records
20. Abstraal & Pontias Abyss Toward Hope (Kiko Remix) Jannowitz Records
21. Maurice Mino Bottom Of Facts Jannowitz Records
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1. Sleater-Kinney Hurry On Home
2. U.S. Girls Overtime
3. Buscabulla NTE
4. Porridge Radio Circling
5. Perfume Genius Describe
6. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Temple
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Peel Dream Magazine Pill
2. CMON Peter Pan
3. caroline Blue Dark
4. Ty Segall Coconut
5. Psychic Ills Never Learn Not To Love
6. Melenas No Puedo Pensar
7. No Age Feeler
8. Yves Tumor Gospel For A New Century
9. serpentwithfeet A Comma
10. Jenny Hval Bonus Material
11. Everything Is Recorded Dream I Never Had
12. Thundercat Fair Chance feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B
13. Lorenzo Senni Canone Infinito
Lost And Found
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. the black elephant band It's Been A Shitshow So Far
2. the black elephant band The Sneaker You Can Wear Underwater
3. the black elephant band All Those Strange Machines
4. the black elephant band Left-Wing Batman
5. the black elephant band A Little Brain, A Little Fingers, A Little Heart
6. the black elephant band To Blow Up A Whale
7. endlich schlechte acoustic nie wieder
8. endlich schlechte acoustic Alt-69er
9. endlich schlechte acoustic Titelvorschläge für Liebeslieder
10. endlich schlechte acoustic Winterspeck (feat. Wollstiefel)
11. endlich schlechte acoustic Nach dem Kotzen weiterkaufen
12. endlich schlechte acoustic WmG
13. endlich schlechte acoustic Der Letzte stirbt zuletzt
14. endlich schlechte acoustic Planungssicherheit
15. akne kid joe What AFD thinks we do ...
16. akne kid joe Gestern Emergenza
17. endlich schlechte acoustic Erlesene Leserkommentare
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1. Algiers Void
2. Idles Never Fight A Man With A Perm
3. Squid Match Bet
4. Hak Baker Conundrum
5. King Krule Stoned Again
6. Kinderzimmer Production Come On, Sign Up
7. Akne Kid Joe Gestern Emergenza
8. Touché Amoré Harbor
9. Baxter Dury The Night Chancers
10. Sparta Miracle
11. Gender Roles That´s How You Want It To Be
12. Porridge Radio Born Confused
13. King Buzzo I´m Glad I Could Help You Out
14. Mark Lanegan Bleed Over
15. Erobique Urlaub in Italien
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. marsmobil palak paneer
2. good wilson walk the talk
3. john garner russina ballet
4. marc mothersbough loquasto international film festival
5. daft punk the son of flynn
6. daft punk disc wars
7. die sterne der palast ist leer
8. pöbel mc feat. mili dance keine rolle
9. the black elephant band the sneakers you can wear under water
10. stereo total cinemascope
11. simple creatures strange love
Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Cable Ties Hope
2. Porridge Radio Pop Song
3. Anna Burch Every Feeling
4. Waxahatchee Arkadelphia
5. Dirty Projectors Search For Life
6. Sorry Snakes
7. Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists
8. Car Seat Headrest Martin
9. Disq I Wanna Die
10. Nap Eyes Real Thoughts
11. Peel Dream Magazin Up And Up
12. Kevin Morby I Was On Time
13. Phoebe Bridgers Garden Song
14. Soccer Mommy Night Swimming
15. Muzz Broken Tambourine
16. Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams The Runaround
17. Jorge Elbrecht Corpse Flower
18. Cold Beat Prism
19. Squid Sludge
20. Yves Tumor Kerosene!
21. Perfume Genius Describe
22. Lewsberg The Door
23. Dana Gavanski Memories of Winter
24. Porridge Radio Homecoming Song
25. Katie Von Schleicher Nowhere
26. Soccer Mommy Crawling In My Skin
27. U.S. Girls IOU
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Dirty Projectors Search for Life Domino
2. Lily Konigsberg I Said Wharf Cat Rec
3. The Cats Heatstroke Bargain Bin
4. Sorry Rosie Domino
5. Mote Duo Canopy Bells American Dream Rec
6. Yves Tumor Strawberry Privilege Warp
7. Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams The Runaround Asthmatic Kitty
8. Nicolas Jaar Mud Other People
9. Zoe Rijue & Iorie Magic Man Serafin Audio Imprint
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1. the notwist object 6
2. Hope Kingdom
3. Peel Dream Magazine Permanent Moral Crisis
4. Schleuse Corona
5. Of Montreal Nursing Slopes
6. Foreign Diplomats Crown
Moderation: Alexander Müller Musikauswahl: Alexander Müller
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1. Ola Strandh Prologue 2
2. Ola Strandh Saint
3. Sarah Schachner Legion of Dawn
4. Sarah Schachner Reflections
5. Frida Johansson, Henrik Oja Mist in the Mire
6. Frida Johansson, Henrik Oja Unraveling
7. Tilo Alpermann The Night of the Rabbit
8. Tilo Alpermann The Land of Ice
9. Tilo Alpermann The Marquis Do Hoto
10. Tommy Buckley The Little Acre - Official Trailer Music
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. pöbel mc schlau ohne grund
2. pöbel mc dünnes eis
3. antilopen gang wein zu wasser
4. antilopen gang zentrum des bösen
5. peter coretto vergiss nicht zu atmen
6. peter coretto die sonne scheint heute nur für mich
7. peter coretto empire
8. album der woche-isobell campbell counting fireflies
9. kalipo & local suicide wunderbar
10. daf verschwende deine jugend
11. death before digital ilfmmty
12. arterials the spaces in between
13. akne kid joe what afd thinks we do
14. the black elephant band it's been a shit show so far
15. the black elephant band the sneaker you can wear under water
16. ben watt festival song
17. sex bomb-omb we ares sex bob-omb
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1. Penguin Cafe The Life Of An Emperor
2. Waxahatchee Misery Over Dispute
3. Heinz Strunk Wer wird Millionär
4. Die Türen Miete Strom Gas
5. Field Music Money Is A Memory
6. Menomena Dirty Cartoons
7. A Tribe Called Knarf Mein Nachbar
8. Feist I Feel It All
9. Barbara Morgenstern Was du nicht siehst
10. Parquet Courts Violence
11. Lady Lamb Oh My Violence
12. Kid Be Kid Monument
13. The Homesick I Celebrate My Fantasy
Die Sendung mit dem polnischen Akzent
Musikauswahl: Agata Kamińska
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1. Dawid Podsiadlo Małomiasteczkowy
2. Flower Kissers Take your time
3. Variete Piję pod
4. VooVoo Nie muszę musieć
5. Coals Lato 2002
6. Artur Rojek Bez końca
7. Paulina Przybysz feat. Dawid Podsiadło Dobrze
8. Neal Cassady Waiting for summer
9. Cinamon Cold sea
10. Kinga Głyk Trio Dream
11. Pianohooligan Aria da capo
12. Kroke Time
Diggin'! ... deep into Jazz, Blues, Soul & Rock.
Moderation: Gerd Rudel Musikauswahl: Gerd Rudel
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1. John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers All Your Love
2. Alexis Korner Blues Incorporated Hoochie Koochie Man
3. Eric Clapton & Jimi Page Tribute to Elmore
4. Fleetwood Mac Rollin' Man
5. Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation My Whiskey Head Woman
6. Jeff Beck Group I Ain't Superstitious
7. Cream Born Under a Bad Sign
8. Ten Years After Hear Me Calling
9. Savoy Brown Someday People
10. Taste Leavin' Blues
11. Climax Chicago Blues Band And Lonely
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. m.rux wartburg
2. monophonics last one standing
3. bright eyes persona non grata
4. buscabulla nte
5. cut beetlez & nice guys cut ya ass up
6. denzel curry diet_
7. dream wife sports!
8. everything is recorded 3:15am/caviar feat. ghostface killah & infinite coles
9. gary olson giovanna please
10. gil scott-heron i´ll take care of you
11. hawa frick
12. king krule (don´t let the dragon) draag on
13. knxwledge don´t be afraid
14. pinegrove phase
15. ranil pueblo
16. skinshape sua alma feat. d´alma
17. the slow show mountbatten
18. zebra katz lousy
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1. dj koze seeing aliens
2. fka twigs holy terrain feat. future
3. yves tumor gospel for a new cantury
4. car seat headrest martin
5. moderate rebels stranded in brazil
6. automatic calling it (peaking lights disco rerub)
7. me succeeds the virus to destroy every kind
8. tommy guerrero the spirit from
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Tropical Fuck Storm Suburbiopia
2. Control Top One Good Day
3. Porridge Radio Pop Song
4. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Temple
5. Protomartyr Processed By The Boys
6. Yves Tumor Kerosene
7. Perfume Genius On The Floor
8. Stephen Malkmus Xian Man
9. Soccer Mommy Crawling In My Skin
10. The Innocence Mission On Your Side
11. (Sandy) Alex G Gretel
12. Big Thief Not
13. Drab City Devil Doll
14. Lewsberg At Lunch
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1. Drab Majesty Ellipsis
2. Cold Beat Prism
3. King Krule Cellular
4. Thundercat Fair Chance
5. Peel Dream Magazine Pill
6. Tricky Lonely Dancer
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Man Man Future Peg
2. Cable Ties Sandcastles
3. Car Seat Headrest Martin
4. Dirty Projectors Search For Life
5. Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists
6. Squid Sludge
7. Sorry As The Sun Sets
8. Azu Tiwaline Until The End
9. Shabazz Palaces Chocolate Souffle
10. Buscabulla NTE
11. Dean Blunt Felony
12. Nicolas Jaar Faith Made Of Silk
13. Sufjan Stevens & Lowell Brams The Runaround
14. Muzz Broken Tamourine
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Artillery Mercy of Ignorance (zum Tod von Morten Stützer)
2. Roky Erickson Haunt (zum Tod von Roky Erickson)
3. The Amazing Rhythm Aces Third Rate Romance (zum Tod von Russell Smith)
4. Black Sabbath ft. Jeff Fenholt Star of India (zum Tod von Jeff Fenholt)
5. Daniel Johnston Impossible Love (zum Tod von Daniel Johnston)
6. Dr. John Helping Hand (zum Tod von Dr. John)
7. Dr. John Qualified (zum Tod von Dr. John)
8. Fats Domino I'm walkin' (zum Tod von Dave Bartholomew)
9. The Jodimars Flip, flop and fly (zum Tod von Dick Richards)
10. Donnie Fritts Better him then me (zum Tod von Donnie Fritts)
11. Karel Gott Einmal um die ganze Welt (zum Tod von Karel Gott)
12. Purple Mountains That's just the way I feel (zum Tod von David Berman)
13. Cannad Heat My Mistake (zum Tod von Larry "The Mole" Taylor)
14. Roxette June Afternoon (zum Tod von Marie Fredriksson)
15. Johnny Clegg Africa (zum Tod von Johnny Clegg)
16. Derek Trucks Band 555 Lake (zum Tod von Yonrico Scott)
17. Blackwood Creek Your Revolution (zum Tod von Nate Winger)
18. Quicksilver Pride of man (zum Tod von Gary Duncan)
19. Pink Fairies Street Urchin (zum Tod von Larry Wallis)
20. Tom Fogerty Black Jack Jenny (zum Tod von Bill Vitt)
21. Neville Brothers Hey Pocky Way (zum Tod von Art Neville)
22. Neal Casal Willow Jane (zum Tod von Neal Casal)
23. Leon Redbone Big time woman (live - Tod von Leon Redbone)
24. Mott Shout it all out (zum Tod von Nigel Benjamin)
25. City Boy School in the summeryard (zum Tod von Lol Mason)