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Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Yo La Tengo Autumn Sweater
2. Dehd Flood
3. INGA Make Them Shine
4. Dry Cleaning Sombre One
5. Egyptian Hip Hop Yoro Diallo
6. Plants and Animal House On Fire
7. Photay The People
8. Perfume Genius Queen
9. En Attendant Ana Enter My Body (Lilith)
10. Gum Country Somewhere
11. Es Unsavoury Union
12. Deerhoof Damages
13. Parquet Courts Dust
14. Alex G Gretel
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1. Corridor Domino
2. The Cool Greenhouse Life Advice
3. Bad Moves Working for Free
4. Medhane Watch My Step feat. Jadasea
5. The Koreatown Oddity We All Want Something (feat. Anna Wise)
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1. Pottery Down in the Dumps
2. Soccer96 Children Will Dance
3. Crack Cloud Tunnel Vision
4. Art Feynman The Physical Life of Marilyn
5. Khruangbin Connaissais de Face
6. Dirty Projectors Self Design
7. Becca Mantari Hunter
8. Darkstar Wolf
9. Darkstar Loon
10. Arca No Queda Nada
11. Arca Afterwards feat. Björk
12. Jónsi Swill
13. Sault Stop Dem
Moderation: andi pfi Musikauswahl: andi pfi
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1. Idles Grounds
2. Mura Masa Raw Youth Collage
3. Anna B Savage Dead Pursuits
4. A.A. Williams Melt
5. Bully Where to Start
6. Deema RAT RACE
7. Smith & Burrows All The Best Moves
8. Khruangbin Pelota
9. We Were Promised Jetpacks Impossible
10. Pabst Skyline
11. Run The Jewels ooh la la (feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier)
12. Average Joe Promo
13. Wonk Unit Summer Time
14. Trixsi Trauma
15. Boston Manor On A High Ledge
16. Mogwai El Dante
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1. Lauri Hannu ev'rybody loves mambo
2. Dinosaur Jr. Good To Know
3. Neonbabies Blaue Augen
4. Erregung Öffentliche Erregung Jugendlich
5. Sonic Youth Youth Against Fascism
6. Egotronic Linksradikale
7. Blumfeld Atem und Fleisch
8. monokini green hornet theme
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Cat Power Feat -M- Toop Toop Self
2. RVG Help Somebody Fire Rec
3. Throwing Muses Kay Catherine Fire Rec
4. Thurston Moore Strawberry Moon Self
5. Darkstar Tuesday Warp
6. Roy Ayers, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad Solace Jazz Is Dead
7. Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert The Ultimate Seduction Frank Music
8. Nelson of the East On Ay Tartelet Rec
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1. A Coral Room The South Border
2. Viruuunga Going North
3. Friendly Fires In The Hospital
4. Art Brut Hospital!
5. Erobique Traurige Clownerie
6. Datashock Tod in der Saarvanne
7. Karin Rabhansl Wind
8. The Utopia STrong Swimmer
9. Japanische Kampfhörspiele Wir Haben Nicht Gewusst, Dass Es Solche Lager Gibt
10. Les Savy Fav Dirty Knails
11. The Black Cherries We Won't Stay At Home Tonight
12. Blandine Bonjour & Bernd Köhler Göttingen
13. Tocotronic Tapfer und grausam
14. Idiot Glee Don't Go Out Tonight
15. Frankie Cosmos Wannago
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. hintergrundmusik: deichkind porzellan und elefanten instrumental
2. oxy music mad world
3. ben watt retreat to find
4. watermelon slim dark genius
5. antilopen gang feat. monchi verliebt
6. geneva pony
7. the black elephant band punchable face
8. hochzeitskapelle (unterleger) bang bang
9. los retros new humanity
10. car seat headrest hollywood
11. the sorry entertainers local jet set
12. meridian brothers yo soy tu padre, yo te fabrique
13. pan amsterdam golden ticket
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1. robag wruhme yes
2. porridge radio sweet
3. aaron taylor shooting star
4. cut beetlez vs nice guys games we play
5. freddie gibbs something to rap about feat. tyler, the creator
6. g.rag + zelig implosion deluxxe implosions
7. idles grounds
8. moulay ahmed el hassani mcha omri
9. mounika. tender love
10. nayana iz tnt
11. rubie whole (syd nukuluk quarantine remix)
12. scott matthew abandoned
13. siti muharam pakistan
14. steve arrington the joys of love
15. suff daddy & eloquent weit her
16. the flaming lips flowers of neptune 6
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Claude Debussy La Mer. Trois esquisses symphoniques (1903-05)
2. Ernest Bloch Poems of the Sea f. Klavier (1922)
3. Jacques Ibert Symphonie marine (1931)
4. Diana Burrell Das Meer, das so gross und weit ist, da wimmelts ohne Zahl, grosse und kleine Tiere - f. Streichorchester (1992)
5. George Antheil Fighting the waves (W.B. Yeats, 1929)
6. Lord Berners The Triumph of Neptun (Suite, 1926)
Moderation: Crystal Musikauswahl: Crystal
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1. JahFrican Thank You
2. Kristine Alicia Love Liberation
3. Kaibanon Fade Away
4. Thriller U Pothole
5. Yellowman ft K`reema Rise And Fall
6. Anthony B Chill Out
7. Jesse Royal Ooh La La
8. Wayne Marshall Everybody Talking Bout (Covid)
9. Don Tippa Living In Jamaica
10. Da Real Storm Angry Beast
11. Perfect Giddimani Wrathology
12. Angie Angel Cant Keep Me Quiet
13. Huge Andrew Blessings
14. Spechinal Help The Youths
15. Teesha Rain Love
16. Everton Blender Spiritual Man Remix
17. Hopeton Lindo Feel It
18. Lukie D Lifetime Love
19. Paille & Etana Lover Boy
20. Aka Koxx Woman
21. Kristine Alicia This Is A Sign
22. Mighty Diamonds ft Aaron Nigel Smith Declaration Of Rights
23. Jahricio ft Jah Guidance Rise Up
24. Culture ft Kenyatta Hill Free Africa
25. Chyna Nicole Righteousness Reigns In A Mama Africa
26. Ranita Dub & Backing Band Afrika
27. Ranita Dub & Backing Band Giro
28. Ranita Dub & Backing Band Piove
29. DJ Frass ft Chip Lock Down
30. Teejay Moon Light
31. Moyann & Kranium I Got You
32. Palmdan Feelings
33. Lilyyanna Strategy
34. Lila Iké Forget Me
35. Lila Iké Solitude
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Melenas Primer Tiempo
2. Public Practice Cities
3. Deerhoof The Loved One
4. Perfume Genius Your Body Changes Everything
5. Photay The People
6. Holy Hive Be Thou By My Side
7. Weyes Blood Andromeda
8. No Age Smoothie
9. The Cool Greenhouse Cardboard Man
10. Lithics Hands
11. Ohmme 3 2 4 3
12. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Cameo
13. The Stroppies Look Alive
14. Jarv is... Save The Whale
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1. Squid Match Bet
2. Primo! Machine
3. Coriky Clean Kill
4. Run The Jewels Walking In The Snow
5. Disheveled Cuss Oh My God
6. Momma Double Dare
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Golden Earring Eight Miles High
2. Asgard Shaman
3. Patti Smith Land
4. Blackberry Smoke Sleeping Dogs (live)
5. Stone Temple Pilots Where the river goes
6. Subsignal The Passage (live)
7. ELO Kuiama
8. Judas Priest Cathedral Spires
9. Iron Butterfly In-a-gadda-da-vita
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Bully Where to Start
2. Gum Country Somewhere
3. Idles Grounds
4. Dehd Flood
5. Darkstar Text
6. Jockstrap Acid
7. Kate NV Sayonara
8. Kate NV Marafon 15
9. Phoebe Bridgers Kyoto
10. Mount Eerie Of Pressure
11. Daniel Blumberg Sidestep Summer
12. The Fiery Furnaces Down at the So and So on Somewhere
Musik spezial
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Popperklopper Konform
2. Popperklopper Otto B.
3. Popperklopper Ungehörte Schreie
4. Popperklopper feat Peggy Pattex No Compromise
5. Cut My Skin Your Paradise Sucks
6. Cut My Skin Tal der Ahnungslosen
7. Popperklopper Perverse Welt
8. Popperklopper Kein Mensch
9. Popperklopper Break Out
10. Popperklopper Nicht tot genug
11. Popperklopper Generation APP
12. Popperklopper Sick Society
13. Popperklopper Sorry for your hate
14. Popperklopper Leben im KZ
15. Popperklopper Das deutsche Heer
16. Normahl Deutsche Waffen
17. Akne Kid Joe What AfD thinks we do
18. Fortuna Ehrenfeld Das Ist Punk Das Raffst Du Nie
19. Messer Tapetentür
20. Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen Kein Lied für dich
21. Bifi im Berghain Champagner
22. Björn Peng Reset feat Julian/ScheisseDieBullen
23. GrGr Standby
24. Adam Angst Punk
25. Keele Einer von den Grossen
26. Affenmesserkampf Im Auge des Verachters
27. Kontrolle Ich volk mich um
28. Kaltfront Tot wie Spielzeug
29. Maffai Tunnelblick
30. schubsen ein versprechen, kein versprechen
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. kansas smitty´s dreamlane
2. run the jewels ooh la la feat. greg nice & dj premier
3. bacao rhythm & steel band the healer
4. bibio sleep on the wing
5. boy pablo hey girl
6. brainstory runaway
7. darkstar jam
8. dives 100 times
9. flyte easy tiger
10. gabriel garzon-montano someone
11. inga das abc
12. jarv is... save the whale
13. jens kuross done with dancing
14. pauls jets trap band
15. sessa controlled by your love
16. tricky fall please
Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. jaf trio masterpiece
2. westerman think i´ll stay
3. sleep cinema rif
4. hank williams long gone lonesome blues
5. darkstar jam
6. pole strand
7. melenas no puedo pensar
8. gudrun gut green rain
9. eve massacre bond (shaken not stirred)
10. arca time
11. yg fuck the police
12. jay-z bam feat. damian marley
13. gil scott-heron enough
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1. the notwist object 7
2. alt-j every other freckle
3. Pom Poko My Blood
4. Ariel Pink Bloody
5. Silicon Cellphone
6. WhoMadeWho Anywhere In The World
7. Human Abfall Vom Grund der Haltung der Grundhaltung
8. Mark Barrott Deep Water
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1. lauri hannu ev'rybody loves mambo
2. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile Continental Breakfast
3. Otzeki Foreign Love
4. The Scenes Allways Lie About Your childhood
5. Frittenbude Oury
6. All Diese Gewalt Jeder Traum eine Falle
7. Girlpool City Bus
8. The Utopia Strong Swimmer
9. Slut For The Soul There Is No Hospital
10. Dope Mia Was Caught At A Communist Parade
11. Susanna Fear And Terror
12. Tocotronic Keine Angst Für Niemand
13. Parquet Courts Had To Start A Fight