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1. Dizraeli My mama
2. Dizraeli Oi Oi
3. Ben Pavlo Wenn sie high ist
4. Oh Land Salt Arthur Moon Remix
5. Alex Mofa Gang Erstmal für immer
6. Ring Ring Rouge YOU
7. King Krule Baby blue
8. Trucks Bei Lando
9. Raury Devil's whisper
10. Fink Bloom Innocent
11. Black Milk Black NASA
12. BADBANNOTGOOD ft. Mick Jenkins Hyssop of love
13. Everything else Master
14. Ray Charles Mess around
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Soft Kill Tin Foil Drip
2. Cassels The Queue at the Chemists
3. Frankie Cosmos Moonsea
4. Chastity Belt Drown
5. Lower Dens Simple Life
6. Ex Hex What Kind of Monster Are You?
7. Jay Som Peace Out
8. Jay Som Crown
9. Boy Harsher Send Me A Vision
10. TR/ST Destroyer
11. Swans It's Coming It's Real
12. Squid Match Bet
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. club de belugas This Is What You Want
2. the green apple sea Grey Grey Sky
3. the stonemen Suitcase Blues
4. tubbe Schwarzes Schaf
5. Hintergrundmusik: Ana Helder Track con Flute
6. No Fun Pizza song
7. Clipping Nothing is safe
8. D'Angelo Ain't that easy
9. Moop Mama König der Strassenmitte
10. Alt J Ms
11. Stan Getz A night in tunisia
12. Van Bluus Bad time for the good time
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1. Berry Sesson Lone traveler
2. Tora Deviate
3. Birdy People help the people
4. Kaytranda ft Anderson Paak Glowed up
5. Asap Rocky PMW (All I really need)
6. Chel Strong she ready
7. Alice Dee She ready
8. Stormzy Shut up
9. Dr. Dre ft. Jill Scott, Jon Connor & Anderson Paak For the love of money
10. The Roots ft. Greg Porn & Truck Kool on
11. Asap Rocky Phoenix
12. D/Troit Let there be rock
13. Lloyd Parks and The People Life ain't easy
Castrop Rauxel
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1. Clipping Nothing is safe
2. Sampa the Great Heaven
3. Black Belt Eagle Scout at the party with my brown friends
4. Jay Som Get Well
5. Jay Som if you want it
6. Native Harrow How you do thing
7. Ada Lea Wild Heart
8. Annakhatie Koi Cats and diomonds
9. Omni Serencly yours
10. B Boys Ceremonie of waste
Lola Rosa
Moderation: Gerlinde Bogner Musikauswahl: Gerlinde Bogner
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1. Gurr Zu Spät
2. Girl Friday Generation Sick
3. Bernadette La Hengst Wir sind die Vielen
4. Die Goldenen Zitronen Nützliche Katastrophe
5. Die Türen Ich bin eine Krise
6. Amanda Palmer Drowning In The Sound
7. Cold War Kids Complaine
8. Flying Lotos feat. Solange Land Of Honey
9. Charlotte Brandi Where The Wind Blows
10. Mercury Rev feat. Hope Sandoval Big Boss Man
11. Father John Mysty Things It Would Be Helpful To Know Before The Revolution
12. Nilüfer Yanya Heat Rises
13. Aldous Harding The Barrel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Dylan Moon Song For Jerry
2. Boy Scouts Get Well Soon
3. Parsnip Seafarer
4. Big Thief Not
5. Black Belt Eagle Scout Half Colored Hair
6. Joyero After You
7. (Sandy) Alex G Gretel
8. DIIV Taker
9. Omni Sincerely Yours
10. Black Country, New Road Sunglasses
11. black midi Western
12. Ty Segall Ice Plant
13. Shannon Lay Wild
14. Lina Tullgren Golden Babyland
15. Angel Olsen All Mirrors
16. Lower Dens Real Things
17. Jay Som Peace Out
18. Hovvdy Cathedral
19. Yves Jarvis To Say That Is Easy
20. 0 Stars Round 2
21. Peaer Don't
22. oso oso Charlie
23. Cassels The Woman In The Moon
24. Squid Match Bet
25. Corridor Topographe
26. Gauche Flash
27. Pottery Worked Up
28. Knife Wife Dogs
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1. allen toussaint egyptian fantasy
2. khruangbin maria tambien
3. Al Pride People
4. We brought a penguin Vital Signs
5. Skyline Green This morning
6. Raury (ft. Adia) All we need
7. Sampa the great Final form
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2. alt-j In cold blood
3. Cigarettes After Sex Heavenly
4. Tom Jones Its not unusual
5. Alabama Shakes Guess
6. Marvin Gaye Lets get it on
7. Little Simz Picture perfect
8. Flying Lotus ft. Anderson Paak. More
9. A Tribe Called Quest Dis Generation
10. A Tribe Called Quest Conrad Tokyo
11. Four Tet Figaro (101 Remix) - Madvillain
12. Rock Co.Kane ft. MF DOOM Flow
13. The Roots ft. Greg Porn & Truck Kool On
14. Ray Charles Marry Ann
15. Benn Jagga Hold on pretty woman
16. Curtis Mayfield If I were only a child again
17. Nana Love Hip Hip Hip
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. salami rose joe louis love the sun brainfeeder
2. parsnip soft spot trouble in mind
3. sirom low probability of a hug glitterbeat
4. jay som tenderness lucky number
5. bat for lashes so good awal
6. yacht hey hey dfa rec
7. !!! off the grid warp rec
8. quiroga martinica feelings hell yeah
Moderation: Alexander Müller Musikauswahl: Alexander Müller
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1. The Maccabees Unknow
2. Silversun Pickups Connection
3. Klaxons Echoes
4. X Ambassadors Unconsolable
5. Kasabian Underdog
6. Klaxons Atlantis To Interzone
7. Brick + Mortar Locked In A Cage
8. Pint Shot Riot Not Thinking Straight
9. Neon Plastix On Fire
10. Ten Tonnes Silver Heat
11. The Vacation I'm No Good
12. Louis Berry 25 Reasons
13. Goodbye June Liberty Mother
14. Twisted Wheel Oh What Have You Done
15. The Bronx Notice of Eviction
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1. Get Up Kids Wouldn't Believe It
2. Isolation Berlin Körper
3. A Blurred View Different Roots
4. Die Radierer Autobahn
5. Radical Face The Road to Nowhere
6. Tom Waits Little Drop of Poison
7. Cassius Nothing about you
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1. Bon Iver iMi
2. Blood Orange Happiness
3. Dreamville ft. J.Cole, Earthgang, Smino & Saba Sacrifices
4. Sampa the great Freedom
5. Noname ft. Saba, Smino & Phoelix Shadow Man
6. Sleep Sleep 1979
7. Sudan Archives Confessions
8. Lee Fields Will I get off easy
9. Tora Similar
10. MIKE ft. Medhane Prayers
11. half alive Runaway
12. Yellow Days How can I love you
13. L`aupaire Rainmaker Radio Edit
14. Noah Slee Still
15. Nas ft. Al Jarreau, Keyon Harrold Jarreau of Rap
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Amanda Palmer The Ride
2. Amanda Palmer Congratulation + Drowning in the Sounds
3. Amanda Palmer There Will Be No Intermission + Machete
4. Amanda Palmer You Will Know The Statistics + Voicemail for Jill
5. Amanda Palmer Intermission Is Relative + Death Thing
6. Holly Herndon Birth
7. Holly Herndon Alienation
8. Holly Herndon Extreme Love
9. Holly Herndon Godmother
10. Holly Herndon Canaan
11. Holly Herndon Bridge
12. Holly Herndon Swim
13. Stereo Total Einfach
14. Stereo Total Cinemascope
15. Stereo Total Methedrine
16. Stereo Total Brezel says
17. Stereo Total Sur un fil
18. Stereo Total Keine Musik
19. Marika Hackman The One
20. Marika Hackman Send My Love
21. Marika Hackman All Night
22. Marika Hackman Conventional Ride
23. Marika Hackman Wanderlust
24. Yugen Blakrok Picture Box
25. Yugen Blakrok Gorgon Madonna
26. Yugen Blakrok Carbon Form
27. Yugen Blakrok Hibiscus
28. Yugen Blakrok Hydra
29. Yugen Blakrok Land of Gray
30. Alfred Harth´s Revolver 23 Kirschblüten mit verstecktem Sprengstoff
31. Alfred Harth´s Revolver 23 Halbapolitische Strategien alter Provokationsschule
32. Alfred Harth´s Revolver 23 Das Kunstwerk
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. function level marker interior
2. automatic too much money
3. allah-las polar onion
4. ariel pink stray here with you
5. babe rainbow morning song
6. bon iver rabi
7. chance the rapper hot shower feat. madeintyo & dababy
8. common my fancy free future love
9. ezra furman i wanna be your girlfriend
10. hochzeitskapelle anohito
11. jpegmafia jesus forgive me, i am a thot
12. mnnqns fall down
13. múm i´m 9 today
14. sir was no giving up
15. temples you´re either on something
16. the night café turn
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1. sons of kemet my queen is nanny of the maroons
2. girl friday generation sick
3. sandy (alex) g sportstar
4. die goldenen zitronen es nervt
5. awanto 3 pregnant
6. big thief not
7. kim gordon sketch artist
8. stereo total ich bin cool
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. bon iver holyfields painted word
2. whitney forever turned around echokammer
3. pinegrove moment dew process
4. frankie cosmos cosmic shop k?nigskinder
5. jeffrey lewis & the voltage lps verydeeprec
6. avey tare & geologist of animal collective ballad of referend war character (silver jews cover) omnidisc
7. adw: jay som if you want it office
8. sudan archives confessions intervision
9. bbymutha sick
10. ayelew mesfin hasabe (my worries)
11. klein claim it
12. carl gari & abdullah miniawy zawaj
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. violetta vicci wilkommen painted word
2. h im keller echokammer
3. waax no apology dew process
4. robot koch feat. Fiora wash away k?nigskinder
5. funktion level marker interior verydeeprec
6. vivian koch pu omnidisc
7. iron curtis 10103 office
8. dj varsovie sombre ibiza (14anger dark sun over languedoc beaches remix) intervision
Teardrop's Digest
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1. Andreas Ammer & FM Einheit Canto I
2. Fields Of The Nephilim Intro (The Harmonica Man)
3. Fields Of The Nephilim Slow Kill
4. L´Épée Dreams
5. L´Épée Last Picture Show
6. Messer Chups Cheap Holidays On The Moon
7. The Bonecollectors Bela Lugosi´s dead
8. The Product My Life
9. The Product Crawl
10. Tommi Stumpff Lobotomie
11. Silvia Zuerst ich
12. Za Za Vorbei vorbei
13. Sprung Aus Den Wolken A Gauche - A Droite