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1. khruangbin maria también
2. cuco lo que siento
3. show me the body now i know
4. Microphone Mafia & Esther Bejarano ballade von der judenhure marie sanders
5. 9/11 youth no witness
Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. mr. mitch it takes hold of you
2. kamasi washington fists of fury
3. dirk von lowtzow tschüss horst
4. little simz flowers feat. michael kiwanuka
5. mac demarco all of our yesterdays
6. cavern of anti-matter phase modulation (shuffle edit)
7. owls are not asali feat. certifyd
8. julia shapiro natural
9. orchestre miniature in the park songs about the sun
10. gerry read it´ll be all over (dj koze remix)
11. whitney no woman
12. stereolab wow and flutter
13. loyle carner sail away freestyle
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. big thief from
2. death and vanilla eye bath
3. protomartyr cartier e. g.`s
4. kind kaputt unterholz
5. drahla serotonin level
6. simone giudice veleno
7. kundan la (v.a. - mictlán) nakoi
8. rosa anschütz diopter
9. roche a future with no robots
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. frittenbude süchtig
2. kind kaputt schwertschlucken
3. kind kaputt abschied
4. kind kaputt geisel
5. kind kaputt der graue mann
6. perry farrel pirate punk politician
7. captain gips willi bredel
8. waving the guns das muss eine demokratie aushalten können
9. sex bomb omb we are sex bob-omb
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1. Helena Hauff Nothing Is What I Know
2. The Phoenix Foundation Mountain
3. Gewalt So soll es sein
4. All diese Gewalt Kuppel
5. Le Millipede Rote Laterne
6. HGich.T Bullenwache
7. Isolèe Taktell
8. Code Canary Delete
9. Apparat 44 (istrumental)
10. Krachwalze Der Gott der Freien Marktwirtschaft
11. Extrawelt Fischmarkt (instrumental)
12. Julia Holter Feel You
13. eSKAlation Abschiebung
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Sneaks Addis
2. Sneaks The Way It Goes
3. Sneaks Cinnamon
4. Sneaks And We´re Off
5. Sneaks A Lil Close
6. Sneaks Money Don´t Grow On Trees
7. Die Heiterkeit Was Passiert Ist
8. Die Heiterkeit Im Fluss
9. Die Heiterkeit Ich Sehe Dich Am Liebsten
10. Die Heiterkeit Wie Finden Wir Uns
11. Die Heiterkeit Alles Sieht Gross Aus
12. Die Heiterkeit Die Sterne Am Himmel
13. schubsen im netz
14. schubsen ein versprechen, kein versprechen
15. schubsen p.s.
16. schubsen cocktails
17. The Comet Is Coming Because The End Is Really The Beginning
18. The Comet Is Coming Summon The Fire
19. The Comet Is Coming Super Zodiac
20. The Comet Is Coming Timewave Zero
21. The Comet Is Coming Blood Of The Past feat. Kate Tempest
22. Vouna A Place to Rest
23. Vouna Last Dream
24. Vouna Drowning City
25. Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia Come Back Lord
26. Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia I Never Told
27. Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia Macorina
28. Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia Nerviosa
29. Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia Black Metal
30. Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia Lass uns Liebe machen
31. P. Maxwell Davies Eight Songs for a Mad King feat. Julius Eastman (exc.)
32. Julius Eastman Evil Nigger f. vier Klaviere (1979)
33. Show me the body Badge Grabber
34. Show me the body Forks and Knives
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1. mother mother get up (instrumental)
2. the coathangers f the nra
3. field medic i was wrong
4. the divine comedy queuejumper
5. sinkane depayse
6. we brought a penguin hurricane
7. black mountain future shade
8. fat white family tastes good with the money
9. luke sital singh the last day
10. protomartyr machinist man
11. the breeders spacewoman
12. okta logue the wheel
13. toby goodshank all goes down
14. bird berlin bingo
15. fortuna ehrenfeld helm ab zum gebet
16. angela aux killer kid
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1. air la femme d'argent
2. wargirl no difference
3. strand of oaks moon landing
4. ralph pelleymounter your pet scan
5. bror gunnar jansson body in a bag
6. autonomics dead tv star
7. sleeper paradise waiting
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Bad Religion End of history
2. John Fairhurst Blood & Fire
3. The Yawbers Child of mercy
4. Whitesnake Hey you (you make me Rock)
5. Josh Ritter Old Black Magic (Album der Sendung "Fever Breaks" im Bereich Americana)
6. Leverage Rollerball
7. Jawbone Rolling on the underground
8. Pristine Bluebird (Album der Sendung "Road Back to Ruin" im Bereich Rock)
9. Pristine The Sober (Album der Sendung "Road Back to Ruin" im Bereich Rock)
10. Damien Jurado The Shape of a storm
11. Bruce Hornsby White Noise
12. Shayna Steele Wash me over
13. Fortune Freedom Road
14. Drugstore Gypsies Never settle
15. Viagra Boys Sports
16. Hardline Place to call home
17. Joy Williams The trouble with wanting (Album der Sendung "Forch Porch" im Bereich Americana)
18. Snowy White & The White Flames The Situation
19. Jim Peterik and World Stage You're always there
20. Krissy Matthews Easy Meat
21. Big Daddy Wilson Voodoo
22. Alan Parsons As Lights fall
23. Michael Thompson Band Passengers
Moderation: Dr. Best Musikauswahl: Dr. Best
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1. A.A. Bondy Fentanyl Freddy Fat Possum
2. Ant Antic In A Nutshell (Original Mix) Whoop
3. Dokta Venom Fire Lord Visions Recordings
4. Irah Siu Hinama Tambourhinoceros
5. Q-Burns Abstract Message Kept In A Shadehouse 8D Industries
6. Robag Wruhme Venq Tolep Pampa Records
7. Elder Island You & I The Orchard
8. Fred und Luna Compostonikum Compost Records
9. Plaid Maru Warp Records
10. FYI Chris Just Atmosphere Toy Tonics
11. Fred und Luna Der Elektrolektor Compost Records
12. Pawas (feat. Arooj Aftab) Naja (Mr Boom Remix) Get Physical Music
13. Scrimshire (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray) Won't Get Better (Radio Edit) Albert's Favourites
14. MKS (Sasse, Sandrino & Langenberg) Rough Trade (Original Mix) Moodmusic
15. George Morel (feat. Lxdy Jxne) Yesterday Made Today (Timo Maas Remix) II.0
16. Moshic Touched By Past Contrast Records
17. Torsten Fassbender Void Platipus Records
18. Touchtalk Melody (Christian Craken Remix) Jannowitz Records
19. Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio Believe (Original Mix) Platipus Music
20. Touchtalk Melody (Mycell Remix) Jannowitz Records
21. Touchtalk Choice Jannowitz Records
22. Just Doc. Green Hooks Ibiza Boys
23. Makossa & Megablast Galaxy 82 (Original Mix) Stripped Down Records
24. DYT U8 Perce Recordings
25. G-Prod & Adam Carling Place (Original Mix) CZ
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Bleached Shitty Ballet
2. Nots Floating Hand
3. Fontaines D.C. Boys In The Better Land
4. Clinic Laughing Cavalier
5. Vampire Weekend Unbearably White
6. Blood Orange Charcoal Baby
7. Jackie Mendoza De Lejos
8. Pixx Disgrace
9. CHAI Fashionista
10. Gauche Running
11. The Clash Magnificent Seven
12. Wand The Gift
13. The Mountain Goats Younger
14. Insecure Man Whitney Houston And I
15. Nicolas Jaar History Lesson
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1. Moses Sumney Rank & File
2. Beck Deadweight
3. Txarango Al Vulto al Mundo
4. Priests Jesus Son
5. Tacocat Little Friend
6. Holly Herndon Eternal
7. ALDO Trembling Eyelids
8. Bleached Shitty Ballet
9. Fever Ray Wanna Sip
10. FEELS Awful Need
11. Primeira Dama Sono com Medo
12. A.A. Bondy Killers 3
13. Stef Chura Method Man
14. Mitski Happy
15. Skinny Pelembe No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish
16. Flying Lotus Takashi
17. Dave Screwface Capital
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Flamingods Paradise Drive
2. Empath Roses That Cry
3. Big Thief Jenni
4. ALDO Trembling Eyelids
5. Protomartyr In My Sphere
6. Porridge Radio Don't Ask Me Twice
7. Angela Aux Story Of Heavy Mike
8. Angela Aux Dreamt Of The Death Of A Friend
9. Tacocat Crystal Ball
10. Pile Bruxist Grin
11. Versing Entryism
12. Black Midi Talking Heads
13. Sequoyah Murray Penalties Of Love
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Drab Majesty Ellipsis
2. Versing Entryism
3. Wand Rio Grande
4. Toby Goodshank Call Me Dead
5. Black Belt Eagle Scout Loss & Relax
6. Lowly Baglaens
7. Fat White Family Feet
8. Flying Lotus Spontaneous
9. Palmistry Rovin
10. Fontaines D.C. Sha Sha Sha
11. Empath Roses That Cry
12. My Bloody Valentine In Another Way
13. Cate Le Bon Daylight Matters
14. Aldous Harding Weight Of The Planets
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Monika Bernreuther Musikauswahl: Monika Bernreuther
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1. Aldous Harding The Barrel
2. King Lizard & The Wizard Lizard Boogieman Sam
3. The Mountain Goats Clemency for the Wizard King
4. The Fat White Family Feet
5. Doyle Garner Ice Water
6. ANGELA AUX Wanna Be A Woman
7. ANGELA AUX Story of Heavy Mike
8. Deaf Dog Encouragement Pit
9. Bruce Springsteen Hello Sunshine
10. Kevin Morby No Halo
11. Julia Jacklin Body
12. Modest Mouse I´m Still Here
Art, Pop & Roll
Moderation: Lukas Münich Musikauswahl: Lukas Münich
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1. Big Gainer Adult Toys
2. Big Gainer The Summer I lost My Home
3. Martin Staeffler Kinderkreuzzug
4. Martin Staeffler Paint it, yellow
5. Jules Werna Nebel
6. Jules Werna Lisa
7. Jules Werna Dei Wadln
8. Die blühenden Landschaften Frustration
9. Demien Bartok Sonne
10. Vic DeMarco Chambers of Loneliness
11. Flyness McCoy HI
12. Tyre des Valdes Dreck auf der Hose
13. Mendelsson Storagemanagementadministrationssuitesalesman
14. Angela Aux Typewriters Run
15. Angela Aux Won't Break Any Day Now
16. Wrong. (Must Have Been A) Good Party
17. Ana Roxanne It's a Rainy Day On The Cosmic Shore
18. Heart Eyes Wantme
19. Soft Lashes Aimless
20. omes mess
21. Mr. Husband Friends
22. Tantrees Wag Ka Matakot
23. zephyr City Lights
24. Dead Katz We Tried But It Just Couldn't Go Far Enough
25. Japanese Summer Orange Beautiful Glider
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. twilight j ruin the view of the mill
2. tacocat chrystal ball
3. pile a labyrinth with no center
4. angela aux the story of heavy mike
5. shortwave moon (pulse)
6. caterina barbieri arrows of time
7. ekiti sound ase
8. jackie mendoza mucho más
9. ariel zetina establish yourself in my body
Lola Rosa
Moderation: Gerlinde Bogner Musikauswahl: Gerlinde Bogner
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1. Julia Jacklin Body
2. Aldous Harding Designer
3. Billi Eilish You Should See Me In A Crown
4. Blood Red Shoes Elijah
5. Prists I'am Clean
6. Die Türen Abgehauen
7. Die Goldenen Zitronen Das war unsere BRD
8. Bernadette La Hengst Mutterland
9. Charlotte Brandi Two Rows
10. Hand Habits Are You Serious
11. Karen O & Danger Mouse Turne The Light
12. Playlist
Perlen der Klassik
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1. Leif Ove Andsnes Sibelius: 6 Impromptus Op. 5 Nr. 2
2. Giancarlo Simonacci John Cage: Root of an Unfocus
3. Boston Symphony Orchestra Sibelius: 5. Sinfonie I.
4. Stefano Scodanibbio, fabrizio ottaviucci piano John Cage: Concert for Piano and Orchestra
5. Leif Ove Andsnes Sibelius: 5 Pieces Dir Piano
6. Stefano Scodanibbio John Cage: Freeman Etudes no.5
7. Berliner Philharmoniker Sibelius: The swan of Tuonela
8. Giancarlo Simonacci John Cage: Cheap Imitation I.
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1. Fila Brazillia Harmonics are shite
2. FKA Twigs Video Girl
3. Princess Nokia Mine
4. Die Sauna Der Letzte
5. HGichT Bullenwache
6. The Black Elephant Band Berlin Cops
7. Bop Zakoulki Soznaniya
8. The Bellrays Black Is The Colour
9. All Diese Gewalt Morgen Alles Neu
10. Hamus Hamalone Neon & Plastik
11. Lamb The Other Shore
12. King Krule Easy Easy