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1. Unterleger Playlist
2. Villagers Earthly Pleasure
3. Sky Larkin Loom
4. Sun of Moon My arms around the world tonight
5. High Water Bad Touch
6. The Heliocentrics The Uncertainty Priciple
7. Unterleger Playlist
8. Playlist
9. Playlist
10. Playlist
11. Playlist
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Pottery Take Your Time
2. Stephen Malkmus Shadowbanned
3. Kevin Morby Gift Horse
4. P.E. Soft Dance
5. Porridge Radio Circling
6. U.S. Girls Overtime
7. U.S. Girls IOU
8. Soccer Mommy Crawling In My Skin
9. Soccer Mommy Bloodstream
10. The Saxophones Lamplighter
11. JARV IS... House Music All Night Long
12. Lorenzo Senni Discipline of Enthusiasm
13. Handle Punctured Time
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1. Hot Chip Colours (Instrumental)
2. Bikini Machine Shake
3. Day One Bad before Good
4. Roots Manuava Here we go again
5. Bonaparte White Noize
6. Scotch & Water Hit the ground
7. Swamp Dogg Good Better Best
8. Soccermommy Royal Screw up
9. OG Keemo 216
10. Out on a limb Just Regrets
11. Alex Gopher Boulder Colorado
12. DiscoOslo Leistung
13. LCD Soundsystem All my friends
14. Garbage Night Drive Loneliness
15. The Kills Let it Drop
16. Goldrush We will not be Machines
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1. marsmobil palak paneer
2. ben watt retreat to find
3. die sterne das elend kommt (nicht)
4. dropkick murphys smash shit up
5. der englische garten münchen '70
6. antilopen gang trenn dich
7. marc mothersbough loquasto international film festival
8. Algiers Black Eunuch
9. Parquet Courts Wide Awake
10. Disq Daily Routine
11. Sam Russo The Window
12. Akne Kid Joe What AfD thinks we do
13. Antilopen Gang Beate Zschäpe Hört U2 (Mit Jan Windmeier)
14. Pascow Unter Geiern
Art, Pop & Roll
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1. Virginia Jetzt! Mein Herz ist keine Wohnung
2. The Magnetic Fields I Don't Want To Get Over You
3. Elliott Smith Somebody That I Used To Know
4. Fink Herz aus Holz
5. Frankie Cosmos I Like You So
6. The Whitest Boy Alive Done With You
7. The Magnetic Fields All You Ever Do Is Walk Away
8. Erdmöbel Weil du fortgehst (Porque te vas?)
9. DIIV How Long Have You Known
10. Saint Estrela My Baby Is Gone
11. Isolation Berlin Du hast mich nie geliebt
12. Funny van Dannen Herzscheiße
13. Lassie Singers Mein Freund hat mit mir Schluss gemacht
14. The Magnetic Fields If There's Such A Thing As Love
15. Oliver Gottwald Schade, dass es endlich vorbei ist
16. Eels The Look You Give That Guy
17. The Lemon Twigs The One
18. The Sweets Come Back, Sweet Thing
19. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Heart In You Heartbreak
20. Norman Palm Boys Don't Cry
21. Momus Datapanik
22. Mitski Your Best American Girl
23. Margaret Glaspy Somebody To Anybody
24. Franz Ferdinand Fade Together
25. Desire Under Your Spell
26. KARO Paper Planes
27. Angelika Express Ferien in Prag
28. Lassie Singers Liebe wird oft überbewertet
29. Locas in Love Der einzige Song
30. Tocotronic Meine Freundin und ihr Freund
31. Herr Schenk Dieses Stück, das Liebe heißt
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Yves Tumor Gospel For A New Century
2. Perfume Genius Describe
3. King Krule Alone, Omen 3
4. Moses Sumney Polly
5. Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams The Runaround
6. U.S. Girls IOU
7. Soccer Mommy Crawling In My Skin
8. Douglas Dare The Joy In Sarah's Eyes
9. Nap Eyes So Tired
10. Spinning Coin Despotic Sway
11. Working Men's Club White Rooms and People
12. Pottery Texas Drums Pt I
13. Porridge Radio Lilac
14. Soccer Mommy Bloodstream
15. Purr Cherry
16. Penelope Isles Cut Your Hair
17. Tame Impala Posthumous Forgiveness
18. Dirty Projectors Overlord
19. Sorry Snakes
20. Stephen Malkmus Shadowbanned
21. JARV IS... House Music All Night Long
22. Cold Beat Prism
23. Public Practice Compromised
24. P.E. Pink Shiver
25. U.S. Girls Overtime
26. Anna Burch Party's Over
27. Phoebe Bridgers Garden Song
28. Soccer Mommy Night Swimming
29. Moses Sumney Neither/Nor
30. The Saxophones The Lamplighter
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1. Brutus Fire
2. Meat Wave Delusion Moon
3. Fidlar West Coast
4. Run The Jewels Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k) feat. Zack de la Rocha
5. Ezra Furman Pot Holes
6. Father John Misty I Love You Honeybear
7. The Reconteurs Help Me Stranger
8. My Ugly Clementine Who
9. Feels Deconstructed
10. Le Butcherettes nothing/BUT TROUBLE
11. Black Country, New Road Sunglasses
12. Touché Amoré Skyscraper (feat. Julien Baker)
13. God Damn Dreamers
14. Wolf Mountaines Vacation
15. Bonnie Prince Billy At The Back Of The Pit
16. Soccer Mommy Crawling In My Skin
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1. CD "Unterleger 2016/02" Track Nr. 03 "Tommy Guerrero - The Spirit Form"
2. CD "Mix Andreas März 2020" Track Nr. 13 "FIDLAR- West Coast"
3. Alexandra Savior Saving Grace
4. Soccermommy Up the Walls
5. Playlist
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Stephen Malkmus Shadowbanned Domino
2. Juniore En solitaire Le Phonographe
3. Farfisa On A Train Sour Grapes Rec
4. Soccer Mommy Lucy Caroline
5. Suff Daddy Lamborarri Jakarta Rec
6. Tycho Outer Sunset Nija Tune
7. Lorenzo Senni Discipline of Enthusiasm Warp
8. Takeleave Unrest Project: Mooncircle
9. Laurin Huber Hostage to History Hallow Ground
Lola Rosa
Moderation: Gerlinde Bogner Musikauswahl: Gerlinde Bogner
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1. Torres Records of Your Tenderness
2. Sudan Archives Limitless
3. Blond Thorsten
4. Gil Scott-Heron I`ll Take Care of You
5. King Krule Cellular
6. Das Hobos Discover
7. Destroyer The Raven
8. Soccer Mommy Bloodstream
9. Squirell Flower Street Light Blues
10. Fehler Kutti Mayday Mayday
11. Khurangbing Mary Always
Moderation: Alexander Müller Musikauswahl: Alexander Müller
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1. David Guo Happy Birthday - 8-bit
2. Ari Pulkkinen Angry Birds Theme (Balkan Blast Remix)
3. Qumu Overworld (From Super Mario World)
4. Qumu Overworld (From Super Mario Bros. 2)
5. Video Games Live The Secret of Monkey Island
6. Banjo Guy Ollie Scumm Bar
7. Michael Land Monkey Island (Rock Remix)
8. Brian Tyler Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme
9. Brian Tyler The High Seas
10. Brian Tyler In This World or the One Below
11. Tilman Sillescu Pirate Town Part 2
12. Tilman Sillescu Outdoor
13. Tilman Sillescu Pirate Town Part 1
14. Robin Beanland Becalmed
15. Robin Beanland We Shall Sail Together
16. Robin Beanland The Summoning
17. Marcin Przybylowicz The Trail
18. Marcin Przybylowicz A Story You Won't Believe
19. Percival Schuttenbach Cloak And Dagger
20. Mikolai Stroinski At War!
21. Hideki Naganuma Jet Set Medley
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1. Slowthai Doorman
2. Hak Baker Quasar
3. Kate Tempest Europe Is Lost
4. Black Midi Speedway
5. Pottery Texas Drums Pt. 1
6. Squid The Cleaner
7. Idles Mercedes Marxist
8. Stephen Malkmus Shadowbanned
9. Cold War Kids Waiting for Your Love
10. Michael Kiwanuka You Ain't The Problem
11. Algiers Hour Of The Furnaces
12. Mint Mind A New England
13. The Black Elephant Band Michael Keaton
14. Akne Kid Joe Sarah (Frau, auch in ner Band) feat. Alex Pascow
15. Hot Snakes I Shall Be Free
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1. Playlist
2. Playlist
3. The Scaners No Panic, no stress
4. Desmond Williams Delights of the Garden
5. Playlist
6. Playlist
7. Fucked Up Glass Boys
8. We Brought A Penguin Louder In The Dark
9. Chelsea Wolfe The Mother Road
10. Amanda Palmer Drowning_In_The_Sound
11. Bikini Kill Capri Pants
12. Amyl And The Sniffers Monsoon Rock
13. Courtney Barnett Out Of The Woodwork
14. Charlotte Brandi Where The Wind Blows
15. Playlist
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. finna overscheiss
2. elena steri hurry!
3. elena steri something like that
4. haszcara hautnah
5. lost count lost
6. izabella effenberg primavera
7. soccer mommy bloodstream
8. jarv is house music all night long
9. antilopen gang trenn dich
10. antilopen gang bang bang
11. the deadnotes hopeless romantic
12. sex bomb-omb we are sex bob-omb
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Poliça TATA
2. Poliça Feel Life
3. Poliça Be Again
4. Poliça Driving
5. Turbostaat hemmingstedt
6. Turbostaat stine
7. Turbostaat rattenlinie nord
8. Turbostaat meisengeige
9. Turbostaat schwienholt
10. Algiers There is No Year
11. Algiers Hour Of The Furnaces
12. Algiers Wait For The Sound
13. Algiers Nothing Bloomed
14. Algiers We Can´t Be Found
15. Zeal & Ardor We Can´t Be Found
16. Kali Malone Rose Wreath Crown (For CW)
17. Kali Malone Litanic Cloth Wrung
18. Kali Malone Sacrificial Code
19. Foyer des Arts Senf drauf!
20. Foyer des Arts Wissenswertes über Erlangen (Ur-Version)
21. Foyer des Arts Ein Fuss der Dame Anton
22. Aroma Plus Drums on my mind
23. Max Goldt Zurück in die Heimat
24. Max Goldt Weisst du noch?
25. Max Goldt Molke-Uhus Giftgewölle
26. Nuuk Mein Feuer macht noch Fehler
27. Max Goldt Draussen die herrliche Sonne
28. Foyer des Arts Familie, Pubertät und Haarwuchs
29. Max Goldt Eine Schangse für die Welt von morgen
30. Max Goldt Einmarsch der Hauptstädterinnen
31. Audionom (Wiedervorlage 2010) Hypnopompa Superior
32. Audionom (Wiedervorlage 2010) Run Into Sun
Teardrop's Digest
Moderation: Martin Schmidt Musikauswahl: Martin Schmidt
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1. AMMER/EINHEIT Radio Inferno - Canto I
2. CURRENT 93 This Carnival Is Dead And Gone
3. CURRENT 93 Invocations Of Almost (Hintergrundmusik für ganze Sendung)
4. CURRENT 93 Lucifer Over London
5. CURRENT 93 In The Heart Of The Wood (And What I Found There)
7. SORROW Extracts From Faery Queene
9. CURRENT 93 A Thousand Witches
10. CURRENT 93 All The World Makes Great Blood
11. CURRENT 93 The Beautiful Dancing Dust
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1. Playlist
2. Playlist
3. The Dope Me and i will die tonight
4. Son of Dave Lover not a fighter
5. Soufian Stevens Enchanting Ghost
6. This is the arrival Mexico
7. Playlist
8. Grinderman Evil
9. JJ Grey & Mofro War
10. Esben and the witch Marching Song
11. Black Belt Only One
12. Broadcast America's Boy
13. Darkstar Come To
14. Full time hobby No man can find the war
Moderation: timo möller Musikauswahl: timo möller
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1. The Roots Legend Beats #56
2. Jazzmatazz Stand Up
3. Fad Gadget Back to nature
4. Gymclass heroes The queen and I
5. Scissor Sisters She's my man
6. Hayiti Angst
7. What about carson I'm Broke, I'm Drunk and God hates me
8. Zebrahead Hell yeah
9. Forro in the Dark Limoeiro Do Norte
10. Here comes conclusion Ice cream
11. Nirvana Polly
12. Earthbend Traveller
13. Gemstones Carolina
14. The herbaliser Amores Bongo
15. ODYSSEY who
16. Caribou Lime
17. Fabian Simon Who Is she
18. TJ Roberts True Secret to a happy life
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Wilma Archer Decades featuring Laura Groves and Samuel T. Herring Domino
2. Zebra Katz UPP ZFK Rec
3. Saint Abdullah Plutos Porn PTP Rec
4. Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist The Sleeping Floor Geopraphic North
5. Assel Datsja Dub Anus Rec
6. Neinzer Deff Whities
7. Wolf Mueller & Niklas Wandt Weltraumsandalen (River Yarra's Krautback Dub) Glowing Pin
8. Carmen Villain I Trust You (Dj Python Remix) Smalltown Supersound
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Waiting for Monday Inside your head
2. Black Swan Big Disaster
3. Miracle Whips Captain Fuckpants
4. Blind Ego Preaching to the choir
5. Robert Vincent Conundrum
6. The Weight Pursuit of happiness (Album der Sendung "In Control" im Bereich Rock)
7. The Weight Almost Gone (Album der Sendung "In Control" im Bereich Rock)
8. Robert Cray Band This Man
9. Whitney Shay Change with the times
10. Russ Ballard Kickin' the can
11. Revolution Saints Higher
12. The Night Flight Orchestra Carmencita Seven
13. John Moreland Let me be understood
14. Archon Angel Fallen
15. Leaden Fumes Chromophobia
16. Drive-by Truckers Slow ride argument (Album der Sendung "The Unraveling" im Bereich Americana)
17. Re-Machined Killing words
18. The Cadillac Three Bar round here
19. Marty and the Bad Punch Say Hi to Eileen
20. The Weight Pursuit of Happiness (Album der Sendung "In Control" im Bereich Rock)
21. Gotthard Bad News