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1. Bob Mould American Crisis
2. Terrace Martin & Denzel Curry Pig Feet
3. Dua Saleh Body Cast
4. John Maus Cop Killer
5. Yves Montand Bella Ciao
6. Leonard Cohen The Partisan
7. Dälek Police State Is Nervous
8. Run The Jewels Holy Calamafuck
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Ohmme 3 2 3 4
2. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Cameo
3. LA Priest Open My Eyes
4. Juan Wauters Pasarla Bien
5. Run The Jewels Walking In The Snow
6. Jockstrap The City
7. Becca Mancari Lonely Boy
8. Owen Pallett A Bloody Morning
9. Owen Pallett Lewis Gets Fucked Into Space
10. Lithics Hands
11. Pozi The Nightmare
12. No Age Turned To String
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. hintergrund: marsmobil palak paneer
2. motorpsycho snafu
3. cihan okan yine mi cicek
4. god help the girl a loving kind of boy
5. the black elephant band morons of the universe
6. friends of gas graue luft
7. hintergrund: Flying Lotus More
8. Friends Of Gas Abwasser
9. Tocotronic Kapitulation
10. Fountaines D.C. A Hero's Death
11. Becca Mancari Hunter
12. Hania Rani Zero Hour
13. needtobreath seasons
Castrop Rauxel
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1. built to spill going against your
2. pup anaphylaxis
3. spanish love songs optimism as a radical life choice
4. fontaines d.c. a heroes death
5. wolf parade the static age
6. spinning coin black cat
7. NOTHING us we are
8. Perfume Genius nothing at all
9. giver built in the difference
Art, Pop & Roll
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1. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band Shirt
2. FM Belfast Underwear
3. HTRK Panties
4. Soko Who Wears the Pants?
5. Tyre des Váldes Fleck auf der Hose
6. The View Same Jeans
7. JaKönigJa Omas Hose
8. Buntspecht Waschmaschinentango
9. Danger Mouse & Jay-Z Change Clothes
10. SALES White Jeans
11. Childish Gambino Sweatpants
12. Yo La Tengo Autumn Sweater
13. MÄUSE Il Pullover
14. Шaпκa Elisabeth
15. +/- Summer Dress 1 (All Her Winter Clothes)
16. wishing emptiness is a closet full of your old clothes
17. Bug Guts Cummerbund
18. Johannes Bügeleisen First Frost
19. Frieder Butzmann Schmusewolle
20. Nick Drake Clothes of Sand
21. Tom Rosenthal Every Sock Gets a Hole
22. PeterLicht Meine alten Schuhe (Große Sonne verbrennt ganzes Geld)
23. Die Höchste Eisenbahn Pullover
24. Sarah M. T-Shirt
25. Dry Cleaning Goodnight
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. kamasi washington becoming
2. gil scott-heron the revolution will not be televised
3. angel bat dawid what shall i tell my children who are black (dr. margaret burroughs)
4. anti-pop consortium volcano (four tet remix)
5. babyfather aka dean blunt benzo amore freestyle feat. a$ap rocky
6. chika industry games
7. clipping. nothing is safe
8. dälek police state is nervous
9. death grips guillotine
10. dua saleh body cast
11. earl sweatshirt riot!
12. flying lotus more feat. anderson .paak
13. frank ocean forest gump
14. jay-z bam feat. damian marley
15. run the jewels get it
16. silvertone quintet stand by me
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1. kamaal williams broken theme
2. francis and the lights take me to the light feat. bon iver & kanye west
3. binder & krieglstein fahrradlied feat. makki
4. felixson ngasia & the survivals black precious colour
5. henry jamison reading days
6. melenas no puedo pensar
7. medhane late
Lola Rosa
Moderation: Gerlinde Bogner Musikauswahl: Gerlinde Bogner
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1. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Pure Cinema
2. Austra How Did You Know?
3. Arlo Parks Black Dog
4. Bibio Sleep On The Wing
5. Darkstar Jam
6. Caroline Rose Got To Go My Own Way?
7. Joan As Police Woman Kiss
8. Owen Pallett Polar Vortex
9. Moses Sumney Cut Me
10. Nick Hakin All These Instruments
11. Sudan Archives (Velvet Negromi Remix) Confessions
12. Torres Cracious Day
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Gil Scott Herron with Brian Jackson & The Midnight Band Winter In America Strata-East Rec
2. Nailah Hunter White Flower, Dark Hill Leaving Rec
3. Jockstrap The City Warp
4. Owen Pallett Fire-Mare Domino
5. Baths The Stones Anticon
6. Mrs. Piss Nobody Wants to Party with Us Sargent House
7. L.A. Salami The Cage Sunday Best Rec
8. Aithale The Big Breath USM Rec
9. Ricardo Donoso Crossed Destinies Denovali
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1. Penguin Cafe Midnight Sun
2. The Chap Burger Sauce
3. Paul Jets Klima Song
4. Leichmetall im Klimawandel
5. The Flaming Lips Suddenly Everything Has Changed
6. Fuck Yeah Check The Battery
7. Marissa Nadler Al The Colors Of The Dark
8. The Utopia Strong Swimmer
9. Anna Calvi Hunted
10. The Great Bertholinis Zeppelin Desaster
11. Lali Puna Machines are Human
12. schubsen Mosaike
13. Youngblood Brass Band Overtime
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16. Playlist
17. Playlist
18. Playlist
19. Playlist
20. Playlist
21. Playlist
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23. Playlist
24. Playlist
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl:
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1. the black elephant band how long can this possibly go on
2. the black elephant band just a list of space films
3. the black elephant band the morons of the universe
4. needtobreathe hang on
5. silentium truth
6. silentium unchained
7. owen pallet paragon of order
8. haiyti paname
9. zugezogen maskulin exit
10. haszcara hautnah
11. motorpsycho snafu
12. bastille fake it
13. sex bomb-omb we are sex bob-omb
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Hello/Again 2010/20
2. Our Native Daughters Blood and Bones
3. Dead Brothers Drunkards Dream
4. Delaney Davidson Around the World
5. Nils Koppruch Caruso
6. Xiu Xiu Impossible Feeling
7. Fursaxa Poplar Moon
8. Current 93 Tanks of Flies
9. Gonjasufi Holidays
10. Actress Wrong Potion
11. Antye Greie Her Beauty Kills Me
12. Greie Gut Fraktion Cutting Trees
13. Classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer Spartacus
14. arbeit Freitag im Hotel
15. Good for Cows Secret Hobbies
16. Scout Niblett I.B.D.
17. Stella Talent Is a Waste of Time
18. Solex vs Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer The Uppercut
19. The Bundles Pirates Declare War
20. Wooden Veil Red Desert
21. Sole And The Skyrider Band Longshots
22. Mutter Wohltäter
23. Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra I Built Myself A Metal Bird
24. Daughters The Dead Singer
25. Gay Beast Aspirin
26. Ahleuchatistas Those with guns
27. Zs Concert Black
28. Sajjanu Sylvester Stallone
29. AUN Erzot
30. Maniak Liles Czral En drape av meg
31. OOIOO Irorun
32. Akne Kid Joe Sarah (Frau, auch in ner Band)
Moderation: andi pfi Musikauswahl: andi pfi
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1. La Disputé A
2. Touché Amoré Honest Sleep
3. Other Lives For 12
4. Pressure Cracks Like Father Like None
5. Fever 333 The Innocent
6. Childish Gambino This Is America
7. The Cool Greenhouse Dirty Glasses
8. Protomartyr Michigan Hammers
9. The Chats The Kids Need Guns
10. Rrrags Messin
11. Psychic Markers Sacred Geometry
12. Bo Ningen Minimal
13. New Luna Prunus
14. Nayana Iz TNT
15. Eades Forget What You Want
16. Zombi Breakthrough & Conquer
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1. Deftones U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start
2. Pogendroblem Wir
3. Sonic Youth Youth Against Fascism
4. NOBRO Marianna
5. Angel Du$t No Fair
6. Playlist
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl:
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1. Shirley Collins Wondrous Love Domino
2. Sweet Whirl Tail Light Nice Music
3. Soko Blasphemie Babycat Rec
4. The Cool Greenhouse Dirty Glases Melodic Rec
5. Mirabelle Phenomene Simone Rec
6. Psychic Markers Silence In The Room Bella Union
7. Aksak Maboul Histories De Focus Crammed Disc
8. Rival Consoles Articulation Erased Tapes
9. Robot Koch Stars As Eyes Modern Rec
Teardrop's Digest
Moderation: Martin Schmidt Musikauswahl: Martin Schmidt
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1. AMMER/EINHEIT Radio Inferno Canto I
2. LISA KNAPP Till April Is Dead
3. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE Dolores (allderweil Hintergrundmusik)
4. LISA KNAPP Staines Morris
7. ALGIERS There Is No Year
8. TETEMA Dead Still
9. TETEMA Necroscape
11. D. O. A. Fucked Up Donald
12. BOLZWAGEN Eierlikörfrühstück
13. MESSER CHUPS Cemetary Beach
14. MESSER CHUPS Magneto
15. MESSER CHUPS Fantomasophobia
16. TURBONEGRO Selfdestructo Bust
Moderation: Dr. Best Musikauswahl: Dr. Best
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1. San Mateo Melatonin Fade 8D Industries
2. San Mateo Apophenia 8D Industries
3. Ben Lukas Boysen Venia Erased Tapes
4. Ben Lukas Boysen Medela (Radio Edit) Erased Tapes
5. Verda Suno Syndefallet Self-released
6. Verda Suno Gestalt Self-released
7. Verda Suno OVO II Self-released
8. San Mateo Floatation Device 8D Industries
9. Fluqx Carvings hfn music
10. Rob Clouth A Shiver Sequence (Edit) Mesh
11. Oakin Soulful Moments Smallprint Recordings
12. Nicolas Godin We Forgot Love (feat. Kadhja Bonet) Because Music
13. Frieder Nagel Karoshi InFine
14. Fluqx Mojave Booth hfn music
15. Max Cooper Penrose Tiling (3D) Mesh
16. Sangam & Pixelord City High Fantasy Hyperboloid
17. Prequel Tapes Hot Cell Mannequin Records
18. Client_03 Thought Disposal Astrophonica
19. Sangam & Pixelord Opacity Hyperboloid
20. Oakin Moving Forward Smallprint Recordings
21. Rone Ginkgo Biloba InFine
22. Chapelier Fou Le Triangle des Bermudes Ici D'Ailleurs
23. Sinfol Personal Change Anagram
24. Finn Trick Trick (Ruf Dug Remix) Ruf Kutz
25. Hesychia369 Only Love Drumpoet Community
26. Sinfol Undisputed Anagram
27. Nelson Of The East Burning Palms (Saudade Mix) Tartelet Records
28. Rone Nouveau Monde (Alternative Instrumental Version) InFine
29. Nelson Of The East Yahuda Tartelet Records
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Pottery Hot Heater
2. Heaven 17 (We Don't Need This) Facist Groove Thang
3. Squid The Cleaner
4. Becca Mancari Hunter
5. Melenas Despertar
6. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Lion On The Hunt
7. Neneh Cherry Kong
8. Perfume Genius Your Body Changes Everything
9. Yves Tumor Kerosene
10. Hanni El Khatib Stressy
11. Jeff Rosenstock The Beauty Of Breathing
12. Porridge Radio Long
13. Kate NV Plans
14. Owen Pallett Polar Vortex
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1. Vanishing Twin Language Is A City (Let Me Out!)
3. Friends of Gas Graue Felder
4. Public Practice Underneath
5. Khruangbin So We Won't Forget
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. 2nd Grade My Bike
2. Protomartyr Michigan Hammers
3. The Cool Greenhouse The Sticks
4. Whitney Rain
5. Baths Bet That
6. Aldous RH Since 1992
7. AdW: The Black Elephant Band Trying Superhard
8. The Black Elephant Band The Bruno Sammartino Of Drinking
9. The Memories Second Try
10. Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists
11. Psychic Markers Enveloping Cycles
12. Holy Hive Float Back To You
13. Skullcrusher Day Of Show