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Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Andreas Diehlmann Band Opposites Attract
2. WolfPrayer Shapeshifter
3. Dezolat Frag nicht!
4. Ramses The War
5. Brunhilde Dark Defender
6. Brunhilde Interview
7. Brunhilde Second Class
8. Brunhilde Interview
9. Brunhilde Golddigger
10. Brunhilde Interview
11. Brunhilde Fake & Real
12. Extrabreit Für mich soll's rote Rosen regnen
13. Cannahan Staub
14. Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen und tschüss
15. Dune Pilot Postman
16. Blind Ego Death (live)
17. Lake Between the Lines
18. The Halo Trees Hipsters & Whores
19. Ramses All this time
20. MASS Dark Night
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. floating points lesalpx
2. sleater kinney hurry on home
3. !!! aka chk! chk! chk! serbia drums
4. clairo bags
5. cuco cr-v
6. denzel curry shake 88 feat. sam sneak
7. fat freddys drop 10 feet tall (loyoto rmx)
8. kate tempest keep moving don´t move
9. metronomy salted caramel ice cream
10. mndsgn sumdim
11. prince jungle love
12. snail mail heat wave
13. the mystery lights traces
14. trentemoller in the garden
15. tunng the pioneers
16. whitney giving up
Mach mal langsam
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1. Denseland big white circle
2. Jardín Maqui de Hierro
3. Sherwood & Pich feat, Daddy Freddy One Law For The Rich
4. Mark Stewart Favour
5. Susanna Gartmayer AOUIE
6. FAKA Bottoms Revenge
7. Bunte Truppe Krapplack
8. Fokn Bois Make It Slow
9. Carnation Dingthang no pain
10. Zonal + Mooer Mother Live at Roadburn Festival
11. Kevin Richard Martin Bad Dream
12. Ex-Kopf Greise Mutter
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1. Mark Barrott Go Berri Be Happy
2. the get up kids better this way
3. #zweiraumsilke Detox
4. Candelilla 31
5. DJ Koze Seeing AliensPlaylist
6. Stereo Total Hass Satellit
7. Frittenbude Oury
8. Sufjan Stevens With My Whole Heart
9. Pink Spider Future Plans
10. The Raconteurs Only Child
11. The Yoohoos I'm a little Dinosaur
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. felipe gordon azucena malagon
2. bon iver hey, ma
3. black midi crow´s perch
4. car seat headrest ivy (live at the capitol theatre, olympia, washington)
5. crumb fall down
6. damon locks the colors that you bring
7. deus instant street
8. hollerado days without sugar
9. jai paul crush
10. kindness lost without
11. pipe-eye best friend
12. sufjan stevens love yourself
13. tame impala patience
14. tty fake love
15. burial claustro
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. crumb m.r.
2. christelle bofale origami dreams
3. c joynes & the furlong bray librarie du maghreb
4. bon iver hey ma
5. just friends and lovers shot
6. julia shapiro shape
7. mark peters twenty bridges (andi otto remix)
8. earthen sea a blank slate
9. sweatson klank what a night
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1. Robag Qruhme AK DO 5
2. Sleater Kinney Hurry on Home
3. Lucy and the Rats Stick to you
4. Tusk Demon
5. Jai Paul He
6. Editors Frankenstein
7. I'm Not A Blonde Happy Face
8. Julien Baker Conversation Piece
9. PicaPica Teeth Chin
10. Okta Logue Choclate and Soda
11. Night Moves Recollections
12. Lust for Youth Fifth Terrace
13. Jane Weaver Majic Milk (Loops Variation)
14. Droughts Pure Carbon
15. Bush Bullet Holes
16. Anna Of The North Thank Me Later
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1. Onom Agemo + The Disco Jumper Cool Running
2. Roosevelt Heart
3. Janelle Monae Locked Inside
4. Princess Nokia Mine
5. Sufjan Stevens Love Yourself
6. Audiobooks Dance Your Life Away
7. Portico Quartet Steepless ft. Cornelia (capac mix)
8. A Tribe Called Red The Light Feat Lido Pimienta
9. Systema Solar Bienvenidos
10. Che Sudaka Mentira Politika
11. Akne Kid Joe adVANture
12. Wrackspurts About Queues
13. The War On Drugs Red Eyes
14. Rakes We dance together (instrumental)
Moderation: Axel Musikauswahl: Axel
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1. Vacation Hole That Once Held A Screw Salinas
2. Cassels A Snowflake In Winter Big Scary Monsters
3. Life Hollow Thing Afghan Moon
4. Comfort Work Through Fault Anxious Music
5. Christian Fitness You Can Stand On One Leg (But You Shouldn t) Self-released
6. J. Robbins Soldier On Dischord
7. The Appleseed Cast Chaotic Waves Graveface
8. Superchunk Water Wings Merge
9. Dolphin Pal Those Hands Self-released
10. Michael Cromier Either It s You Or It s Me Who Can t Sleep Dear Life
11. Ylayali Coin Pocket Sleeper
12. Marika Hackman I m Not Where You Are AMF
13. Brother Rutherford Light Guides 956742 Records DK
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1. orions belte new year's eve 2
2. ezra furman calm down aka i should not be alone
3. prince daddy & the hyena the prototype of the ultimate lifeform
4. andrew bird sisyphus
5. field medic i was wrong
6. caamp penny heads up
7. ian felice the 21st century
8. idles mercedes marxist
9. redd kross beyond the door
10. joe gideon with jim sclavonus expandable mandible
11. mattiel rescue you
12. spinning coin starry eyes
13. the burning hell the river (never freezes anymore)
14. the divine comedy queuejumper
15. tan leracoon tanuki is back
16. ralph pelleymounter your pet scan
17. friedberg go wild
18. die cigaretten typen mit girls
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1. john carpenter escape from new york main title
2. slothrust planetarium
3. the angelcy the revolution
4. ty segall fanny
5. the coathangers f the nra
6. wargirl no difference
7. akne kid joe give never up a fight
8. billy bang summer nights (with crickets)
9. giant sand valley of rain
10. amyl and the sniffers monsoon rock
11. travels & trunks the medicine
12. okta logue the wheel
13. ralph pelleymounter your pet scan
14. mitsk me and my husband
15. pink spider future plans
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Edmund Rubbra (1901-1986) 1. Strqu f-moll op. 35 (1934 rev. 1946)
2. Edmund Rubbra Improvisations on Virginal Pieces by Giles Farnaby op. 50 (1940)
3. Edmund Rubbra Violakonzert op. 75 (1952)
4. Edmund Rubbra 3. Strqu. op. 112 (1963)
5. Edmund Rubbra Symphony No 10 (Sinfonia da camera) op. 145 (1974)
6. Edmund Rubbra A Tribute for Ralph Vaughan Williams op. 56 (1942)
Moderation: Crystal Musikauswahl: Crystal
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1. Beda Mit Palme Zeit För Die Leid
2. Banda Senderos ft 257ers Sonne In Der Stadt
3. GReeeN Palmen Aus Plastik
4. GReeeN Smaragd
5. GReeeN Roll It Up
6. Fire Myke Weed And Jabba
7. Etana Ganja Lovers
8. Verse Simmonds Gunstown
9. Jah Cure ft Damian Jr Gong Marley Marijuana
10. Dj Khaled ft VA Holy Mountain
11. Asadenaki x Blvk H3ro Grass Is Greener
12. Richie Spice THC
13. G Duppy ft Blackut Ja, J-man & Steppa Style Embalming Fluid & Ganja
14. G Duppy ft Peppery Happy
15. G Duppy ft Mowty Mahlyka Nuh Drama
16. Kabaka Pyramid Mr Gunman
17. Protoje It Nuh Safe
18. Sukuward The Smoke
19. K Vibes aka Bryck Rose As He Made You
20. Tarrus Riley, Suga Roy, onrad Crystal, The Fireball Crew & Zareb Say A Prayer For Me
21. Suga Roy & The Fireball Crew Step Up In Life
22. Busy Signal No Problem
23. Vershon Pray
24. Lady G Nah Sell Out Me Soul
25. Shenseea ft Tyga Blessed
26. Shenseea Temptation Overdive
27. Moyann On My Mind
28. Busy Signal Perfect Spot
29. Krysie Know `Bout Me
30. RRE Rise Up
31. D´Angel Decent Whine
32. Busy Signal Got To Tell You
33. Ras Ajai Di Ras Hot
34. Charly Black Ganja
35. Popcaan 5 Bills
36. Tommy Lee King
37. Vybz Katel &Chronic Law Can´t Kill We
38. Tanya Stephens Aloe Vera
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Bat For Lashes Kids In The Dark
2. Black Belt Eagle Scout At The Party
3. Jay Som Superbike
4. Vagabon Flood Hands
5. sir Was Deployed feat. Little Dragon
6. Mndsgn Ggardenn
7. Kate Tempest Holy Elixir
8. Burial Claustro
9. Car Seat Headrest Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales (Live)
10. Bill Callahan The Ballad Of The Hulk
11. Sleater-Kinney The Future Is Here
Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Le Millipede Neue Welt
2. Thundercat Friend Zone
3. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Bike Lane
4. Royal Canoe Bicycle
5. Vampire Weekend Sunflower feat. Steve Lacy
6. Automatic Calling It
7. Black Midi Talking Heads
8. Health Die Slow
9. Bleached Shitty Ballet
10. ALDO Trembling Eyelids
11. (Sandy) Alex G Gretel
12. Avey Tare Nostalgia in Lemonade
13. Kyle Craft 2 Ugly 4 NY
14. LIFE Hollow Thing
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. MoLD Rock'n'Roll Monster
2. Pristine Carry your own weight
3. Graveyard Thin Line
4. Piss River Police Car
5. Spidergawd Blauer Jubel
6. Per Borten - Spidergawd Interview
7. Spidergawd Twentyfourseven
8. Per Borten - Spidergawd Interview
9. Spidergawd I'm the night
10. Per Borten Interview
11. Orango The Wooden Hymn
12. Prins Svart Jag kommer hem
13. King Hobo How come we're blind
14. The Night Flight Orchestra Saturn in Velvet
15. The Devil and the Almighty Blues Salt the earth
16. Lugnet Into the Light
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. (Sandy) Alex G Gretel
2. Stef Chura Sweet Sweet Midnight
3. Ezra Furman Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone
4. JARV IS... Must I Evolve?
5. Holly Herndon Swim
6. Black Midi Talking Heads
7. Drab Majesty Ellipsis
8. Wand Scarecrow
9. Automatic Calling It
10. Froth Department Head
11. Amen Dunes Miki Dora
12. Cate Le Bon Home To You
13. Porridge Radio Don't Ask Me Twice
Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. kettcar natürlich für alle
2. kakkmaddafakka neked blue
3. waving the guns was hast du denn erwartet
4. west coast experimental pop band i won't hurt you
5. Lali Puna Two Windows
6. Txarango Meravellos Regal
7. Diät We
8. Flying Lotus feat. Thundercat The Climb
9. Yok Der kleinste Fisch im Ozean
10. Whitney Giving Up
11. Pottery Lady Solinas
12. Flasher Who's Got Time
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Monika Bernreuther Musikauswahl: Monika Bernreuther
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1. Kishi Bashi Penny Rabbit & Summer Bear
2. The Divine Comedy Queuejumper
3. slowthai Doorman
4. Skinny Pelembe Spit / Swallow
5. Sufjan Stevens Love Yourself
6. Modern Nature Nature
7. Bad Religion My Sanity
8. Bad Religion Downfall
9. Bon Iver Hey Ma
10. Roisin Murphy Incapable
11. Jai Paul He
12. Sleater Keany Hurry On Home
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1. Hailu Mergia Tche Belew
2. Jules Be A Friend
3. A Blurred View Diferent Roots
4. John Maus Rights For Gays
5. Lurn Bury Your Brother
6. Pond Dig Brother
7. Mark Barrott Go Berri Be Happy
8. Bambi Davidson Brunswick
9. Clinic Flying Fish
10. Frenship Wide Open