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7. delay grounds ball run
8. perfume genius whole life (jaakko eino kalevi remix)
9. cala vento el mejor momento de mi vida
10. 7 notas 7 colores siete
11. alemayehu eshete chiro adarie negne
12. mulatu astatke, his ethiopian quintet i faram gami i faram
13. lump climb every wall
14. low days like these
Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. augustus pablo pablo meets mr. bassie
2. car seat headrest golden years (david bowie cover)
3. meridian brothers extranos juegos
4. cocorosie gravediggress
5. peaches dick in the air
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Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. da pöschl come & go dub
2. yves tumor jackie
3. berwyn vinyl
4. childcare little secret
5. dmx exodus take control feat. snoop dog
6. dope lemon rose pink cadillac
7. frank ocean in my room
8. geo jordan let go
9. hassan wargui gar miden
10. jeans team keine melodien
11. manzanita shambar
12. rostam from the back of a cab
13. the pocket gods weekend revulers
14. the rebels of tijuana celui qui danse
15. caribou never come back (floating points remix)
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Kings Of Convenience Fever EMI
2. Yumbo The Devil Song Morr Music
3. Good Morning TV Emptiness Overload Geographie
4. Blak Saagan Scuola Hyperion Maple Death Rec
5. Veik Downside (I Wanna Know) Fuzz Club
6. John Carroll Kirby Rainmaker Stones Throw
7. Gaspar Claus Une Foule InFine
8. Park Hye Jin Y DON'T U Ninja Tune
9. Cartel Madras Dream Girl Concept Sub Pop
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1. John Carroll Kirby Rainmaker
2. Kurt Vile Was All Talk
3. Frankie Cosmos Window
4. Iannis Xenakis Metastasis
5. Red On Ghana
6. Dana Gavanski I Talk To The Wind
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Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. shitney beers i don't like you
2. shitney beers i don't like singing
3. shitney beers y
4. bitume d21
5. bitume das gedicht
6. kontrolle warentrenner
7. kontrolle wir warten
8. suspectre meander
9. lak saagan dentro la prigione del popolo
10. lak saagan lettera da via massimi
11. psychic tv eden 1
12. zement hohlraum
13. edgar wasser & fatoni realität
14. sex bob-omb we are sex bob-omb
Lokale Leidenschaften 2.0
Moderation: Andreas Basner Musikauswahl: Andreas Basner
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1. Die False Jakke EfEfPe2 (von der EP "Drüber)
2. Aga Labus Lebenselixier (Single)
3. The Sandbox Josephs The Wood Stares Back (Reahearsals) (Single)
4. Symptom Eskalation God's Best Creation (von der gleichnamigen Single)
5. Juc Ritual (Single)
6. The Lasts The End (von der EP "Vitals")
Moderation: Andi Pfitschler Musikauswahl: Andi Pfitschler
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1. Whispering Sons Flood
2. Deafheaven Great Mass of Color
4. Scotch Rolex Omuzira
5. Liz Lawrence Saturated
6. Meat Wave For Sale
7. Rejjie Snow feat. Tinashe & grouptherapy - Disco Pantz
8. Helge Schneider Mondscheinelise
9. Egotronic Der Schoenste Platz Ist Inner Apotheke
10. Subterfuge Stephanie Said
11. Mykki Blanco It´s Not My Choice
13. La Luz In the Country
14. Dez Dare Dumb Dumb Dumb
15. The Shins Caring Is Creepy
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1. Hania Rani Wildfires from Truth in Fire
2. Akne Kid Joe RiP
3. Shitney Beers Modern Love
4. Elena Steri Just Be
5. Isolation Berlin Ich hasse Fußballspielen
6. Fritzi Ernst Trauerkloss
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Walter Kaufmann Sonatine f. Klarinette u. Klavier
2. Józef Koffler Klavierkonzert (1932)
3. Józef Koffler 2. Sinfonie (1933)
4. Karol Rathaus Trio f. Klarinette, Violine u. Klavier (1944)
5. Walter Kaufmann Septett f. Streicher u. Klavier
6. Walter Kaufmann 2. Violinsonate
Moderation: Crystal Musikauswahl: Crystal
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1. Marcia Griffiths Rock Steady
2. Dave & Ansel Collins Double Barrel
3. Derrick Morgan Lover Boy
4. Laurel Aitken Bachelor Life
5. Laurel Aitken Bad Minded Woman
6. Laurel Aitken Hometown
7. Count Ossie & Im Give Me Back Me Language And Me Culture
8. The Silvertones Burning In My Soul
9. Wailing Souls Rock But Don´t Fall
10. Trevor Clarke Sufferation
11. The Viceroys So Many Problems
12. The Viceroys Ya Ho
13. Pablove Black Inner Peace
14. The Gladiators Serious Thing
15. Freddie McGregor I am A Revolutionist
16. Culture Stop The Fighting (Stop the Fussing And Fighting)
17. Culture Work On Natty
18. Culture Dog A Go Nyam Dog (12"Mix)
19. Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny Salaam (Peace)
20. Bongo Herman & Les Home Sweet Home
21. The Ethiopians Lot Wife
22. Joe White Call Me Trinity
23. The Preacher Black Moses
24. The Crystalites Short Cut
25. Clive & Doreen What More Can I Do
26. Joya Landis (If You Really Love Me) Let Me Know ( Rock Steady Version)
27. Joya Landis When The Lights Are Low
28. Joya Landis Ride Me Donkey ( Ride Your Donkey)
29. Dennis Alcapone Mava
30. Brain Damage & Big Youth Educated Fools
31. Brain Damage & Big Youth Biological Warfare
32. Brain Damage & Big Youth Wareika Hill
33. Big Youth Cool Breeze
34. I Roy Thougher Than Tough
35. Augustus Pablo (with The Crystalites) Bedroom Mazurka
36. Junior Murvin Big Boy
37. Derrick Harriott Blacula
38. Horace Andy Lonely Woman
39. U-Roy ft Santigold Man Next Door
Limbo Rhythm
Moderation: Dr. Best Musikauswahl: Dr. Best
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1. Greentea Peng Kali V2 AMF Records
2. Darkhouse Family All The Way (feat. Tyler Daley & Kaidi Tatham) First Word Records
3. Ancient Astronauts We Are To Answer Switchstance Recordings
4. REMI Goin Up Jakarta Records
5. Ol' Burger Beats Vent (Instrumental) Jakarta Records
6. DJ Format Warm Dust Project Blue Book
7. DJ Format The Light Project Blue Book
8. DJ Format Strange Sensations Project Blue Book
9. Mathias Modica Mica Male Kryptox
10. Mathias Modica Le Sud Kryptox
11. Ramp x A Tribe Called Quest Daylight / Bonita Applebum (Serge Gamesbourg Edit) Self-Released
12. Main Concept Righteous Lyricist Buback Tontr?ger
13. Main Concept 3.0 Buback Tontr?ger
14. REMI Warrior Tribe (feat. Baasto & Whosane) Jakarta Records
15. Main Concept Touche (feat. Die P) Buback Tontr?ger
16. REMI Finesse It Jakarta Records
17. Potatohead People & De La Soul (feat. Posdnuos & Kapok) Baby Got Work (DJ Jazzy Jeff & Kaidi Tatham Remix) Bastard Jazz Recordings
18. Daytoner (It Ain't) All Good Friday's Funky 45
19. No Se J'aime (feat. Sidney) Bandcamp
20. The Good People Sound The Horns Self-Released
21. Noah Slee Radar (Soulphiction Remix) Best's Friends
22. Michael The Lion & Amy Douglas Willing (Ron Basejam Remix) Soul Clap Records
23. Jayl Funk I Get High (Funky Breakbeat Mix) Sondae Records
24. Mitiko Automatic Move Disco Fruit
25. Bluestaeb Whoa Wait (feat. Ric Wilson & Cay Caleb) Jakarta Records
26. Cody Currie (feat. Eliza Rose) Moves (Original Mix) Toy Tonics
27. Hector Plimmer Step (Daz I Kue Remix) Albert's Favourites
28. Underground Nation Undertour Sensation Save Me (MB Trip) Rebirth
29. Alex Neri The Wizard (Club Mix) Rebirth
30. Flevans Biznizz Jalapeno Records
31. Kraak & Smaak (feat. Izo FitzRoy) Twilight (Titeknots Extended Remix) Boogie Angst
32. Robin S. Show Me Love (Album Version) Champion Records
33. Titeknots On My Mind Boogie Angst
34. Freestyle Man All Nite, Every Nite Freestyle Man Records
35. Manuold Esotica Excedo Records
36. Smoove & Turrell It Ain't Working (Smoove Extended Club Dub) Jalapeno Records
37. DJ Rasoul Smoothed Out Funk Compost Records
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Perfume Genius Describe
2. Xiu Xiu Sad Mezcalita
3. Young Marble Giants Choci Loni
4. Darkside Lawmaker
5. Dean Blunt Nil By Mouth
6. Felt Fortune
7. N0V3L Untouchable
8. Palais Schaumburg Wir bauen eine neue Stadt
9. Die Fische Lost Pilots
10. Zipper High War
11. Pigeon Simple, Involved, Failed
12. Wendy Eisenberg AOB
13. Nuha Ruby Ra Erase Me
14. Mega Bog Station To Station
15. resa Das Liebhaber
16. Good Sad Happy Bad Taking
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. New Order Temptation (live)
2. Alice Cooper Halo of Flies (live)
3. The Charlie Daniels Band Saddle Tramp
4. Pineapple Thief The final thing on my mind
5. Candlemass Demon's Gate
6. Sonic Desolution Eye to eye
7. Ozric Tentacles Og-Ha-Be
8. Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood & Jason Isbell Let there be rock/Keep on smiling (Medley - live)
9. Black Sabbath Megalomania
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1. International Music Immer mehr
2. Lost Girls Real Life
3. Loraine James Self Doubt
4. N0V3L Falling In Line
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Liars Big Appetite
2. Fehler Kuti All We’ll Ever Need
3. Murena Murena Ciao Dick
4. Yves Tumor Jackie
5. Deliluh Amulet B
6. Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt The Blob
7. Jap Kasai チョイサのサ choisa no sa
8. Jap Kasai 酔鴨 yoi kamo
9. Dean Blunt Sketamine
10. Divide and Dissolve Far From Ideal (Chelsea Wolfe Remix)
11. Lingua Ignota Pennsylvania Furnace
12. Aldous Harding Old Peel
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. mocky stevie´s room
2. stephen malkmus & von spar vitamin c
3. burial broken home
4. derya yildirim & grup simsek haydar haydar
5. f.s. blumm & jeff oezdemir i follow my heartbeat
6. fehler kuti all we´ll ever need
7. hiatus kaiyote chivalry is not dead
8. homeboy sandman holiday
9. isolation berlin ich hasse fussballspielen
10. juana molina el desconfiado
11. lucas santtana feat. selecao natural into shade
12. sophia nzayisenga & andi otto abagore barashoboye
13. the pocket gods someone else is on our moon
14. toni sauna king james
15. yumbo that´s reality
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1. Mogwai No Medicine For Regret
2. A Tale Of Golden Keys Hockey Pants
3. schubsen aroma
4. lali puna everything is always
5. Erregung Öffentliche Erregung Vermessen
6. Daniel Johnston Mountain Top
7. A Blurred View Kraut Inc.
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Hania Rani from Nora Gondwana Rec
2. Sunny Jain Wild Wild East (Recharged) Sinji Rec
3. Wet Leg Chaise Longue Domino
4. Emma-Jean Thackray Spectre Movementt
5. Eloise Hungover Harbour Artists & Music
6. Billie Eilish Lost Cause Darkroom
7. Liz Phair Soul Sucker Chrysalis
8. Clinic Fine Dining Domino
9. Da Poeschl Absynth Echokammer
10. Laura Masotto Water 7K
Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. chihei hatakeyama late spring
2. dean blunt nil by mouth
3. the zaphyrs the witches
4. radiohead burn the witch
5. alex g witch
6. darkside lawmaker
7. bacao rhythm & steel band i need somebody to love tonight
8. lump climb every wall
9. death grips culture shock
10. jeb loy nichols living it up
11. bobby sessions luxurious serenity