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Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Maggie Musikauswahl:
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1. Anika I go to sleep
2. Tricky feat Anika Lonely Dancer
3. Haelos boy girl
4. Hannah William& The Affirmatic hourglass
5. sad like cigarettes ok dirk
6. Panic Girl morning cofee in tokyo
7. Sofia Portanet ArtDeco
8. Angela Chambers Etched
9. Akne Kid Joe Sarah (Frau in ner Band)
10. Emilie Zoe The Painter
11. Grimes Violence with o
12. Alexandra Savior Howl
Moderation: timo möller Musikauswahl: timo möller
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1. Laurent Garnier Psyche Delia
2. The Homesick The Big Exercise
3. YVON Im Kreis der Liebe
4. Sea&Air Dirty Love
5. The Proper Ornaments Purple Heart
6. Deaf Havanna Subterranean Bullshit Blues
7. Counterfeit For the Thrill of it
8. Arto Lindsay Into Shade
9. The Sound of Konk Konk Party
10. Bilderbuch Bungalow
11. Black Lipstick Yesterdays Horoscope was right
12. The Constantines No Ecstasy
13. Laurent Garnier Bang the underground
14. Dublex Inc Simply Smooth
15. Brian Auger Indian Rope man
16. Andi Fins French Movie
17. Giant Robot Nine Tons
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1. Playlist
2. Playlist
3. Me & My Drummer Down my Couch
4. Temper Trap Need your love
5. The Cribs Come on, be a no one
6. Playlist
7. Hood The rest of us still care
8. Burning Hell The River (Never freezes anymore)
9. The Black Elephant band Berlin Cops
10. Compulsive Gamblers Pepper Spray Boogie
11. Calibro35 4x4
12. Rage against the Machine Bulls on Parade
13. Shopping No apologies
14. Mush Revising my fee
Moderation: timo möller Musikauswahl: timo möller
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1. The quiet Temple X Rated
2. The Roots Dont feel right
3. Cigarettes after Sex Heavenly
4. Diamond Thugs Tell me
5. Ezra Furman Calm down aka I should not be alone
6. A Tree Grows Wau Wau Water
7. Polica Dark Star
8. Wookie feat Eliza Doolittle The Hype
9. Black Mountain High Rise
10. Cherry Glazerr Humble pro
11. Socalled Kid Again
12. Angela Aux Story of Heavy Mike
13. Talco Dai Nomadi
14. Flavien Berger Deadline
15. Haszcara Hautnah
16. Sohnemann Hotline blinkt
17. Lemo Alte Seele
18. Xul Zolar Your Ways
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1. Playlist
2. Playlist
3. Maribou State Rituals
4. Samuel These Days
5. The Cat Empire Que Sera Ahora
6. Meat Wave Cosmic Zoo
7. The Clash Jimmy Jazz
8. White Rabbits Its frightening
9. Feine Sahne Fischfilet Komplett im Arsch
10. H Burns Naked
11. Tame Impala Eventually
12. Feeling like a million Big Wave
Moderation: Axel Musikauswahl: Axel
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1. Stuck Bells Born Yesterday
2. Horse Jumper of Love Airport Run For Cover
3. Baklavaa A Thousand Dinners Crass Lips
4. Gouge Away Consider Deathwish
5. Mush Eat The Etiquette Memphis Industries
6. Peel Dream Magazine Pill Slumberland
7. Anna Calvi Eden (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg) Domino
8. Sleepies Roman Road Self-released
9. Slunq Using Pumps Actual Size Music
10. Whelpwisher Am I Buying A Buick Self-released
11. Archers of Loaf Raleigh Days Merge
12. Trace Mountains Lost in the Country Lame-O
Moderation: timo möller Musikauswahl: timo möller
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1. Jeff Parker Max Brown
2. KasbaH Divane
3. Damian Marley Road to Zion (feat Nas)
4. Moaning Ego
5. Ron Sexsmith When Love pans out
6. The Homesick Male Bonding
7. Yune Odd one out
8. Ellas Seven Billion
9. Calibro35 Black Moon
10. Hannah Williams The Only way out is trough
11. Gil Scott New York is killing me
12. Motörhead Damage Case
13. Frittenbude Rote Sonne
14. Kassa Overall I think im good
15. Petra und der Wolf The Geatest
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1. Playlist
2. Playlist
3. Akne kid joe Markus Erlöser
4. Scotch Walker Moving on
5. Tame Impala Ludicity
6. Cherry Glazerr Lucid Dreams
7. Wolf Parade Julia Take your man home
8. Playlist
9. AFI White Offerings
10. Con brio Hard times
11. Austra Utopia
12. Fat Freddys Drop Pull the catch
13. The Drums Lets go surfing
14. Joan as Police Woman The Magic
15. The Cribs Come on be a no one
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Blue Öyster Cult Astronomy
2. Gillian Welch I dream a highway
3. Johnny Winter Mean Down Blues (live)
4. Myriad Drone Disguidance
5. Michael Thompson Band Wasteland (live)
6. Billy Sherwood Hold Quite
7. VUG Palace of sin
8. RPWL Light of the world
9. Eric Clapton The Core
10. Blind EGO The Pulse
Moderation: timo möller Musikauswahl: timo möller
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1. An on Bast Coherent Excitations
2. Dream Nails Text me back
3. The Orielles Space Samba Disco (Chirpse Degree Burns)
4. Turbostaat Meisengeige
5. Shopping Initiative
6. Simen Lyngroth Morning Lights
7. Peggy Reeder Dick und weich
8. The Callas with Lee Ranaldo Trouble & Desire
9. Khruangbin Evan finds the third Room
10. Little Dragon Holding on
11. Poolside Around the Sun
12. 21 Years Feel Key Elements feat. Gerry Franke
13. Telquist Trash Talk
14. They wanna kill you 10MK Main
15. Metronomy On Dancefloors
16. The whitest Boy alive Timebomb
17. Mos Def The Estatic
Musikauswahl: timo möller
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1. Playlist
2. Playlist
3. Anna Erhard Cut it Out
4. Georg Michaels Careless Wisper
5. 1984 L'Homme aux Os
6. Mint Mind Alcoholicity
7. Playlist
8. The Black Keys Oceans and STreams
9. ZSK Fight for more
10. Anti Flag Power to the Peacful
11. Muddy what Rollin and Tumblin
12. The Doors Five to one
13. Bears Den Think of England
14. MAribou State Rituals
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Spinning Coin Despotic Sway
2. Nap Eyes So Tired
3. King Krule Cellular
4. Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams The Runaround
5. The Avalanches feat. Blood Orange We Will Always Love You
6. Yves Tumor Gospel For A New Country
7. Grimes Darkseid
8. Arca @@@@@
9. Darkstar Wolf
10. Moses Sumney Polly
11. Public Practice Compromised
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Germs Round 'n' round (zum Tod von Lorna Doom)
2. The Cure A Forest - live (zum Tod von Andy Anderson)
3. Blue Cheer Summertime Blues (zum Tod von Paul Whalley)
4. Captain & Tennille Medley: Do that to me one more time / Happy Together (zum Tod von Daryl Dragon))
5. Captain & Tennille Smile for me one more time (zum Tod von Daryl Dragon)
6. Kraan Vollgas Ahoi! - live - (zum Tod von Ingo Bischof)
7. Talk Talk Give it up (zum Tod von Mark Hollis)
8. Talk Talk Wealth (zum Tod von Mark Hollis)
9. The Tractors Tulsa Shuffle (zum Tod von Steve Ripley)
10. Gus Backus Medley: Da sprach der alte Häuptling der Indianer / Sauerkraut Polka / Brauner Bär und weiße Taube / Rote Lippen muss man küssen (zum Tod von Gus Backus)
11. Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds (zum Tod von Reggie Young)
12. The Hollies Bus Stop (zum Tod von Eric Heydock)
13. The Hollies Stay (zum Tod von Eric Heydock)
14. Dorothy Masuka Igoli (zum Tod von Dorothy Masuka)
15. Tedschi Trucks Band Missunderstood (zum Tod von Koffi Burbridge)
16. The Monkees Theme from The Monkees (zum Tod von Peter Tork)
17. The Monkees Last Train to Clarksville (zum Tod von Peter Tork)
18. The Monkees Daydream Believer (zum Tod von Peter Tork)
19. Clydie King Ode to Billy Joe (zum Tod von Clydie King)
20. Jacqueline Sharpe (Jacqueline Steiner) No more war (zum Tod von Jacqueline Steiner)
21. The Sensationel Alex Harvey Band Isobel Goudie (zum Tod von Ted McKenna)
22. James Ingram Everything must change (zum Tod von James Ingram)
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Maggie Musikauswahl:
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1. Lala Lala Destoyer
2. Big Thief two hands
3. Lea Porcelan Love is not an empire
4. Shadow Show Glass eye
5. Charlotte Brandi Two rooms
6. Hand Habbits in between
7. Torres two of everything
8. Aldous Harding Horizon
9. Palehound Bullshit
10. Ariel Sharrat & Matthias Korn Two Jeffs
11. Playlist
12. Playlist
Moderation: timo möller Musikauswahl: timo möller
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1. Automat Modul 15
2. Alexandra Savior Saving Grace
3. Blood Orange Charcoal Baby (radio edit)
4. Humanoids The Shadow isn`t yours
5. Mount Kimbie Blue Train Lines (feat. King Krule)
6. Brooke Annibale Under Streetlights (Acoustic)
7. Fatoni Das ist alles Kunst
8. Deap Lips Home thru Hell
9. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Mars for the Rich
10. Calibro 35 Stan Lee feat. Illa J
11. The War on Drugs Holding on
12. Algiers Unoccupied
13. Jakob Dobers Neues Haus
14. Jeff Parker Gnarciss
15. Akne Kid Joe What AfD thinks we do
16. Ty Segall Fanny Sketch
17. Little Simz One in Rotation - Wide awake (feat. SIR)
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1. Ana Helder Track con flute
2. My Baby In the club
3. DC Schneider Starbucks
4. Call the Police LCD Soundsystem
5. Calibro35 Death of Storytelling
6. Joe Gideon Armagideon
7. Playlist
8. Frances Quinlan Likewise (album)
9. Meadows Emergency Song
10. OKAY KAYA Ascend and try again
11. Real Estate Paper Cup
12. Khruangbin Leon Bridges
13. King Krule Dont let the Dragon
14. Other Lives Lost Day
Mach mal langsam
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1. Ground Zero Null & Void Introduction
2. Ove-Naxx Miburunin
3. Ground Zero Crossing Frankfurt Four Times
4. Hijokaidan The Neverending Story Of...
5. Tatsuya Yoshida Bambling
6. Tenko Cardiogram
7. Guilty Connector New York Shibaki Terror ...
8. Boredoms JB Dick + Tin Turner
9. Gound Zero Live 1992
10. Dododo Great Ereat Nr. 9
11. hamaYoko Furies
12. Merzbow Krokodil Rock Mix
13. Pain Jerk & Anla Courtis Pachinko Blast Anarchy
14. Daisanmy Aku X Vesuvius
15. Otomo Yoshihide DT-2.01
16. Ground Zero Null & Void Right Side
17. Kouhei 210409
18. Haco Pachinko Mandala 00
19. Fushitsusha The Caution Appears Pt. 5
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. timo lassy undecided (live)
2. tame impala it might be time
3. yves tumor gospel for a new century
4. celeste moin envie danser on belle biguine
5. chinese man + scratch bandits crew + baja frequencia party at jay´s feat. asm, youthstar & illaman
6. das hobos discover
7. foreign fields don´t give up
8. frank ocean chanel
9. gang starr, method man, redman bad name (remix)
10. ian chang audacious feat. kazu
11. kassa overall show a prison feat. j hoard & angela davis
12. rejoicer lemons feat jenny penkin
13. shopping body clock
14. sleater kinney can i go on
15. spinning coin laughing ways
16. the proper ornaments the park
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1. dj koze seeing aliens
2. fka twigs holy terrain feat. future
3. sleaford mods drayton manored
4. jimi tenor my mind will travel (teen party edit)
5. bowman trio the hillary step
6. dirty projectors cool your heart (ludwig göransson remix)
7. the aubreys & the turning getting better
8. willie west i´m still a man
9. sleater kinney hurry on home
10. homeboy sandman consumption
11. thundercat dragonball durag
12. bonnie prince billy you know the one
13. fontaines dc roy´s tune
14. dc schneider starbucks
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Jon Hopkins Scene Suspended Domino
2. CocoRosie Restless Marathon Artists
3. Personality Cult Circles Dirtnap
4. Shadow Show Shadow Box Burger Rec
5. Drama Dance Without Me Ghostly
6. King Krule Perfecto Miserable XL Rec
7. Rejoicer Pre Memory Circle Stones Throw
8. Andrew Weatherall Blue Bullet Byrd Out