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Teardrop's Digest
Presenter: Martin Schmidt Music Editor: Martin Schmidt
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1. Ammer/Einheit Radio Inferno cantus I
2. L´Épée Lou
3. Bohren & der Club of Gore (Dolores)
4. New Model Army No Rest
5. New Model Army White Coats
6. New Model Army 51st State
7. New Model Army Green And Grey
8. The Outsiders Consequences
9. The Outsiders Vital Hours
10. Second Layer Underneath The Gloss
11. Second Layer State Of Emergency
12. The Sound Cold Beat
13. The Sound Missiles
Music Editor:
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1. gurr & eddie argos christmas holiday
2. Sam Vance Law Take It Fast
3. Get Well Soon It's Love
4. Karies Kartell
5. A Tribe Called Knarf 20 Geschichten
6. The Maccabees Something like Happiness
7. The Robocop Kraus In Fact You're Just Fiction
8. Cat Power What The World Needs Now
9. The Green Apple Sea Northern Sky
10. Parquet Courts Berlin Got Blurry
11. Erobique Wann strahlst du?
12. Albert Hammond Jr. Power Hungry
Music Editor: Stefan Wagner
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2. cavern of anti-matter phase modulation (shuffle edit)
3. bonnie 'prince' billy at the back of the pit
4. woog riots revolution
5. tyler, the creator are we still friends
6. stephen steinbrink what identity?
7. sudan archives iceland moss
Castrop Rauxel
Presenter: Christian Seitz Music Editor: Christian Seitz
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1. Kelly Moran (V.A. - WXAXRXP Sessions) In Parallel Acoustic Warp
2. The Leaf Library Bright Seas
3. Michael Kiwanuka Living In Denial Polydor
4. Zement C2 (A,F) (Eve Massacre Remix) Verydeeprec
5. Ficus Night Attack Faktura Rec
6. La Vampires Lovedbyyou 100% Silk
7. Bella Boo She's Back! Studio Barnhus
8. Casino Times Rush (Filburt Remix) Mireia Rec
Music Editor:
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Music Editor:
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1. gurr hot summer
2. lilly among clouds look ath the earth
3. frankie cosmos windows
4. nouvelle vague i melt with you
5. joseph good luck, kid
6. kid be kid monument
7. missincat per un ora
8. laamaa nuri brut
9. yvon nikotina
10. anna erhard one minute
11. agnes obel island of doom
12. children forever & ewig
Music Editor:
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1. Corridor Goldie
2. Omni Present Tense
3. black midi BmBmBm
4. Black Country, New Road Sunglasses
5. Squid Match Bet
6. Squid The Cleaner
7. The Homesick I Celebrate My Fantasy
8. Pendant Through A Coil
9. Palehound Autumn Sweater
10. Squirrel Flower Red Shoulder
11. Mount Eerie Love Without Possession feat. Julie Doiron
Music Editor:
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1. woody herman at the woodchoppers ball
2. feist i feel it all (instrumental)
3. the angelcy the revolution
4. juiceboxxx ripping up my soul
5. idles great
6. lukka tin can
7. deerhunter element
8. lucero to my dearest wife
Music Editor:
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1. the heliocentrics the uncertainty principle
2. bad weed falling down
3. ezra furman evening prayer
4. dream boogie at the heart of seoul
5. field medic i was wrong
6. mattiel blisters
7. prince daddy & the hyena lauren
8. ralph pelleymounter your pet scan
9. the coathangers f the nra
10. martha love keeps kicking
11. odetta hartman sweet teeth
12. jeffrey lewis & the voltage LPs
13. stumfol i got lost
14. caamp penny heads up
15. gender roles you look like death
16. die cigaretten typen mit girls
17. giant sand hard man to get to know
Rock in Black
Presenter: Dieter Radke Music Editor: Dieter Radke
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1. Wayward Sons Any other way
2. Eclipse The Masquerade
3. Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock
4. Ray Wilson Change
5. The Doors Touch me
6. The Beatles Come together
7. The Beatles Plythene Pam
8. The Beatles She came in through the bathroom window
9. The Doors Shaman's Blues
10. The Doors Wisful Sinful (Doors only)
11. The Doors Runnin' Blue
12. Wolf Jaw Open your eyes
13. The Beatles Octopus's Garden
14. Imperial Jade The Call
15. Swedish Death Candy A Date with Caligula
16. Bombadil The man who loves you
17. The Doors The Soft Parade
18. The Beatles I want you (she's so heavy)
19. Imperial Jade Glory train
20. The Beatles Here comes the sun
21. The Doors Who scared you
22. The Beatles Something
23. Stonefield End of time
Limbo Rhythm
Presenter: Dr. Best Music Editor: Dr. Best
# artist title label URL
1. Erick Cosaque Guadeloupe, ile de mes amours Heavenly Sweetness
2. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley Black Woman Agogo Records
3. Professor Wouassa Thiaroye Gare Matasuna Records
4. London Afrobeat Collective Tolembi (Radio Edit) London Afrobeat Productions
5. Professor Wouassa Iba Niawoulo Matasuna Records
6. Sir Frank Karikari & The Polyversal Souls Odo Agye Gye Me Philophon
7. Erick Cosaque Joue zizipan Heavenly Sweetness
8. Farafi Sembere Piranha
9. Farafi Nina Andelea Piranha
10. Alogte Oho & His Sounds Of Joy Mam Yinne Wa Philophon
11. Guts Kenke Corner (Poirier Remix feat. Samito) Heavenly Sweetness
12. David Walters Mama (Original Mix) Pura Vida Sounds
13. Moses Boyd Stranger Than Fiction (Radio Edit) Exodus Records
14. Mr Raoul K Africans In Deep And Dance (feat. Ahmet Sosso) Compost Records
15. iLLBiLLY HiTEC (feat. Longfingah) Higher Calling (Dubmatix Remix) Echo Beach
16. iLLBiLLY HiTEC (feat. Longfingah & Tribuman) Head Up (Max Powa Remix) Echo Beach
17. iLLBiLLY HiTEC (feat. Longfingah & Lady N) State Of Emergency (RSD Dub) Echo Beach
18. Igloo Two The Big Ego Scene (Los Chicos Altos Remix) Growroom Productions
19. Igloo Two Just Green (Ornette Hawkins Remix) Growroom Productions
20. Joe Publik Come Correct (Dubmatix Remix) Rustik Records
21. Tenor Youthman meets King Toppa Light My Fire (feat. Choora) King Toppa
22. MouseFX Jah Come To Earth (One Blood) (Jstar Remix) Bandcamp
23. Dunkelbunt Hiroshima Mon Amour Dunkelbunt Records
24. Saigon Soul Revival Vo Mong an Tinh Nguyen (feat. Thi Hai Phuong) Saigon Supersound (INFRACom)
25. Saigon Soul Revival Nao Ta Cung Hat Saigon Supersound (INFRACom)
26. Igloo Two Lazy Daze (Clairvo Remix) Growroom Productions
27. Koka Mass Jazz (feat. Tiffany Blu) Play That Game (Timewarp Inc Remix) Timewarp Music
28. Dubben Jesus Boogie Matasuna Records
29. Los Sobrinos Del Juez Harina de Maiz Matasuna Records
30. Daytoner Comanche Cabin Pressure Recordings
31. Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) Afrolicious (feat. J. Josh) Timewarp Music
Music Editor:
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1. black midi Speedway
2. Drahla Gilded Cloud
3. slowthai Doorman
4. Panda Bear playing the long game
5. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Fright Night (Nevermore)
6. Helado Negro Pais Nublado
7. Panic Girl Red Stairs
Presenter: Christian Mosbacher Music Editor: Christian Mosbacher
# artist title label URL
1. Sleater-Kinney The Future Is Here
2. Juana Molina Paraguaya Punk
3. Sorry Right Round The Clock
4. Big Thief Not
5. Corridor Goldie
6. Porches rangerover
7. Blood Orange Happiness
8. Teebs Studie feat. Panda Bear
9. Black Marble Feels
10. Kim Gordon Murdered Out
11. Palehound Autumn Sweater
12. Richard Dawson The Queens Head
13. The Notwist Close To The Glass
14. Drab Majesty Ellipsis
15. DIIV For The Guilty
Music Editor:
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6. Playlist
7. The Utopia Strong Swimmer
8. We Fade To Grey Disappearances
9. Sleep Sleep Looking for Freedom
10. Trümmer Europa Mega Monster Rave
11. Brockdorff Klang Labor Festung Europa
Music Editor:
# artist title label URL
1. James Blake Not Long Now
2. Love Sandwich Orchestra Holiday in Spain
3. Kishi Bashi Marigolds
4. Lali Puna Come Out Your House
5. Lower Dens In Your House
6. Animal Collective Floridada
7. Killed by 9V Batteries Deathmatch Media
8. The Soft Pink Truth Media Friend
9. Chk Chk Chk !!! Freedom
10. Messer Die Furcht
11. Sinkane Everybody
12. Cari Cari Anaana
13. the utopia strong emerald tablet
Presenter: Alexander Müller Music Editor: Alexander Müller
# artist title label URL
1. Alain Johannes Take a Break
2. Alain Johannes Inca Road
3. Alain Johannes Culta Village
4. Ola Strandh The Garden
5. Ola Strandh Prologue
6. Ola Strandh We Are the Division
7. Brian Reitzell The Loop
8. Brian Reitzell Jackson's Safety
9. Brian Reitzell Reunion
10. Vibe Avenue Under the Dead City
11. Vibe Avenue Main Title Alt version
12. Vibe Avenue Making it home again
13. Bay Area Sound Back to the Future The Game - Title Credits
14. Yoko Shimomura Valse di Fantastica
15. Yann Tiersen A quai
16. Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C Paul Johnson, Rotem Moav & Pieter Schlosser What We Fight For
17. Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C Paul Johnson, Rotem Moav & Pieter Schlosser Traveler's Dream
18. Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C Paul Johnson, Rotem Moav & Pieter Schlosser Journey (feat Kronos Quartet)
Lola Rosa
Presenter: Gerlinde Bogner Music Editor: Gerlinde Bogner
# artist title label URL
1. Kim Gorden Sketch Artist
2. Vagabon Water Me Down
3. Vagabon Flood
4. Kreidler Nesindano
5. Perfume Genius Pop Song
6. Sudan Archives Glorious
7. Mira Mann Schau mir in die Augen
8. Polica Driving
9. Shannon Lay November
10. Marika Hackmann Come Undone
11. Torres Good Scare
12. Tame Impala It Might Be Time
13. Lana Del Ray Hope Is A Dangeres Thing for a Woman Like Me
Castrop Rauxel
Presenter: Christian Seitz Music Editor: Christian Seitz
# artist title label URL
1. The Shivas Sometimes II Tender Loving Empire
2. The Stargazer Lilies Blows My Mind Rad Cult
3. All We Are L Is for Lose Domino
4. Fenella Shard of Glass Fire
5. Sudan Archives Coming Up Stones Throw
6. Homeboy Sandman Yes Iyah Mellow Music Group
7. FKA Twigs Sad Day Young Turks
8. MinaeMinae Leichtlich Human Pitch
Castrop Rauxel
Presenter: Pyro Music Editor: Pyro
# artist title label URL
1. shi offline bipolarity
2. frittenbude vida
3. agnes obel island of doom
4. vandalismus du liest die falschen bücher
5. vandalismus boss der neuen welt
6. the jester badflower
7. james gillespie beyond today
8. james gillespie home
9. adw-homeboy sandman picture on the wall
10. sex bomb-omb we are sex bob-omb
11. ben watt irene
12. messed up who gave you the right to
13. egotronic linksradikale
Music Editor:
# artist title label URL
1. the notwist object 7
2. Candelilla Intimität
3. Girls in Hawaii Guinea Pig Lost
4. Sufjan Stevens Love Yourself
5. Austra Change The Paradigma
6. Frittenbude Oury
7. Fehlfarben Untergang
8. A Coral Border The South Border
9. A Tribe Called Knarf Mein Nachbar ist ein Alien
10. Kommando Sonne-Nmilch Kranke Bunker
11. Mogwaii Acid Food
12. Andreas Dorau Das bist nicht du
13. Allah-Las Stars
14. Messer Die Furcht
15. ODD OKODDO Joka Awuor