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Diggin'! ... deep into Jazz, Blues, Soul & Rock.
Presenter: Gerd Rudel Music Editor: Gerd Rudel
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1. Little Walter Juke
2. Junior Wells Hoodoo Man
3. James Cotton Cotton In The Kitchen
4. Carey Bell Let Me Stir In Your Pot
5. Lurrie Bell & Billy Branch The Train I Ride
6. Sugar Blue Krystalline
7. Jason Ricci & New Blood The Blow Zone Layer
8. Bob Corritore Harp Blast
9. Paul Butterfield Blues Band One More Headache
10. John Mayall Harmonica Free Form
Presenter: andi pfi Music Editor: andi pfi
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1. Brutus Django
2. Billy Nomates Right Behind You
3. Noga Erez End Of The Road
4. Elda What If
5. Pagan Death Before Disco
6. Oathbreaker Ease Me (Chelsea Wolfe Remix)
7. Stelahr Crocodile Eyes
8. Pom Pom Squad LUX
9. First Aid Kit Suzanne
10. Mrs. Piss Downer Surrounded By Uppers
11. Middle Kids Stacking Chairs
12. Julien Baker Heatwave
13. Petrol Girls Naive
14. Brodka Game Change
15. Press Club I'm In Hell
16. Kae Tempest My New Love
17. Deutsche Laichen My Cunt My Business
Music Editor:
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1. Afrodeutsche Now What
2. Anna Calvi Eliza
3. Petrol Girls The Sound
4. Brutus Sand
5. Press Club Behave
6. Goat Girl Slowly Reclines
Rock in Black
Presenter: Dieter Radke Music Editor: Dieter Radke
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1. The Cobra Cult Run for your life
2. The Nova Hawks Redemption
3. Jack McBannon An Outlaws inner fight
4. Siggi Schwarz Rockin' through the night
5. Door 964 C.O.T.D
6. Alice Cooper Rock and Roll
7. Walk the Walk Fight on your feet
8. Brunhilde All is lost (Album der Sendung "To cut a long story short" im Bereich Rock)
9. Brunhilde So Bad (Album der Sendung "To cut a long story short" im Bereich Rock)
10. Erik Cohen Schleswig Holstein
11. Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird Sweet Oblivion
12. 3.2 A fond Farewell
13. Roof Down Slipped on a stone
14. Occult Hand Order What comes after us
15. Betty Sue & The Hot Dots A coffee and a cigarette
16. The Hold Steady Heavy Convenant
17. Volter Boogie Ride
18. Bones Owens Country Man (Album der Sendung "Bones Owens" im Bereich Americana)
19. Soup Review Orion's elesticated waistband
20. Loz Tinitoz Japan
21. The Bates Good Friends
22. Inglorious Medusa
23. Arc of Life Life has a way
24. kreek Down 'n Dirty
Presenter: Dr. Best Music Editor: Dr. Best
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1. Kraak Smaak (feat. Izo FitzRoy) Twilight (Aeroplane Remix) Boogie Angst
2. Bodie Lee Let Me Take You Dancer Chopshop
3. GMGN & Saucy Lady It's Time (Extended Instrumental) Toucan Sounds
4. Ben Kaiser Untitled (eis #01) Bandcamp
5. Demarkus Lewis I Just Wanna Vibe (Main Mix) Viva Recordings
6. Toni Young Impossible To Imagine Piston Recordings
7. Lauhaus & Mario Franca Move On Piston Recordings
8. Evenn When The Club Closed Piston Recordings
9. Captive State I Got You Synthetic Soul Recordings
10. Mikey Lion Above The Clouds Desert Hearts Records
11. Jordan Strong & Tony H (feat. Ramiro) Be See Seek (DYR Remix) Uniting Souls Music
12. JOFF Probably Piston Recordings
13. Haze-M (feat. Zanjma) Eclipse (Original Mix) OKO Recordings
14. Douglas Greed (feat. Odd Beholder) Numbers (Koelsch Remix) 3000 Grad
15. Rob Me One Word Jaw Dropping Records
16. Maurice Mino Lone Ranger (Khainz Remix) Jannowitz Records
17. Max von Sternberg Forgiveness (Original Mix) Musica Autonomica
18. Mikey Lion & Sacha Robotti Do Or Die (Extended Mix) Desert Hearts Records
19. Captive State Signals Synthetic Soul Recordings
20. Captive State Revolutions Synthetic Soul Recordings
21. Captive State Black Tide Synthetic Soul Recordings
22. Radiorobotek Kupchino Deep Ibiza Boys
23. Simon Berry Rogue Planet (Torsten Fassbender Remix) Platipus Records
24. A.Fleming Beta Orion OKO Recordings
Presenter: Christian Mosbacher Music Editor: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Yves Tumor Hasdallen Lights
2. King Krule Cellular
3. Nightshift Outta Space
4. Kìzis Sister Flower 3 (Tree)
5. Black Dresses Gone In An Instant
6. Kœnig Sesselleiste feat. Coco Béchamel
7. Smerz Believer
8. Rosa Anschütz Methane
9. Sarah Mary Chadwick Don't Like You Talking
10. Stella Sommer Nothern Dancer
11. The Weather Station Atlantic
12. FKA twigs Don't Judge Me
13. Moor Mother & Billy Woods Chimney feat. Mach Hommy
Music Editor:
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1. Rats On Rafts A Trail Of Wind And Fire
2. Dry Cleaning Strong Feelins
3. U.S. Girls Born To Lose
4. Horsegirl Ballroom Dance Scene
Castrop Rauxel
Presenter: Christian Mosbacher Music Editor: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Whispering Sons Surface
2. Arab Strap Here Comes Comus!
3. AZITA Online Life
4. Jane Weaver Heartlow
5. Satomimagae Numa
6. Visionist The Fold
7. Alpha Maid Sum1
8. Nuha Ruby Ra Sparky
9. Billy Nomates Heels
10. Black Dresses Heaven
11. Black Dresses Ragequitted
12. Lonesaw Barbed Wire Church
Presenter: Stefan Wagner Music Editor: Stefan Wagner
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1. driftmachine memories of the lakeside
2. king gizzard & the lizard wizard see me
3. adrian younge revolutionize
4. aloa input the other rainbow
5. berwyn vinyl
6. bobby oroza i got love
7. el michels affair ala vida
8. kojaque no hands
9. marinero nuestra victoria
10. mustafa kuss & illmece veda
11. natty wylah bruce
12. ngozi family timwenge
13. nick waterhouse very blue
14. ol' burger beats & vuyo enough for you
15. stereo total relax baby be cool
16. tony higgins salvage
17. truc mai sai gon
Presenter: Chris B. Music Editor:
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1. hintergrund: marsmobil palak paneer
2. bonnie prince billy Torn And Brayed
3. Kerosin Catch Me
4. broken social scene Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
Music Editor: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Indigo Sparke Colour Blind
2. Indigo Sparke Undone
3. Indigo Sparke Carnival
4. Indigo Sparke Everything Everything
5. Sarah Mary Chadwick Always Falling
6. Sarah Mary Chadwick Full Mood
7. Sarah Mary Chadwick Let's Go Home
8. Sarah Mary Chadwick Don't Like You Talking
9. Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive
10. Cassandra Jenkins Crosshair
11. Cassandra Jenkins Ambiguous Norway
12. Cassandra Jenkins Hailey
13. Cassandra Jenkins The Ramble
14. Pauline Anna Strom Tropical Convergence
15. Pauline Anna Strom The Eighteen Beautiful Memories
16. Pauline Anna Strom Equatorial Sunrise
17. Pauline Anna Strom Small Reptiles On The Forest Floor
18. Kìzis Tebwewin
19. Kìzis I'm Right Here
20. Kìzis Verne
21. Kìzis Tribe
22. Kìzis When The Night Came
23. Mica Levi Blue Shit
24. Mica Levi Waves
25. Thirty Pounds Of Bone A Note To Myself
26. Thirty Pounds Of Bone You Made Me
27. Thirty Pounds Of Bone A Story Long
28. Tindersticks I Imagine You
29. Tindersticks The Bough Bends
Music Editor:
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1. Camera Prosthuman Apptime
2. Orange Mandarine Jelly Jelly Bean
3. Le Tigre Well Well Well
4. Lower Dens Socit Anonyme
5. Kumbia Queers Mientes
Lola Rosa
Presenter: Gerlinde Bogner Music Editor: Gerlinde Bogner
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1. Arlo Parks Hope
2. Goat Girl Sad Cowboy
3. Oneohtrix Point Never Long Road Home
4. Caribou Like I Loved You
5. All diese Gewalt Echokammer
6. Conny Frischauf Auf Wiedersehen
7. Tune Yards Hold Yourself
8. Dream Wife Teoporary
9. Sarah Mary Chadwick Allways Falling
10. Inga Weltraum
11. Playlist
Castrop Rauxel
Presenter: Pyro Music Editor: Pyro
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1. tortusa Så Oss Altså Ikke
2. moop #eule
3. the fratellis need a little love
4. woodenpeak swarm
5. mogwai it's what i want to do, mam
6. pom poco danger baby
7. pom poco lika a lady
8. pom poco andy go to school
9. ja, panik! backup
10. lauter bäumen wer sind wir jetzt?
11. lauter bäumen leicht sein
12. Die Welttraumforscher Dieses Haus ist nur ein Traum
13. sex bob-omb we are sex bomb-omb
Presenter: Hans Plesch Music Editor: Hans Plesch
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1. wg. Corona Wiederholung Sept. 2020
Presenter: andi pfi Music Editor: andi pfi
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1. Skull Sized Kingdoms Cushion
2. Glitterer How A Song Should Go
3. Balthazar Halfway
4. Stahlnackenhansi92 feat. Saxophon-Legende DJ Mario Ramazzotti Querdenkerlove
5. Billy Nomates Heels
6. Julien Baker Heatwave
7. Melvins I Fuck Around
8. Schubsen Zwingende Aussichten
9. Carpool Tunnel Impressions
10. Social Haul Wet Eyes
11. Destroy Boys Muzzle
12. Elena Steri Pavement
13. Marianne Faithfull with Warren Ellis She Walks in Beauty
14. Dote Suburbs
15. Wolf Alice The Last Man On Earth
16. CHAI Maybe Chocolate Chips (feat. Ric Wilson)
17. Chad Van Gaalen Nightwaves
Music Editor:
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1. Mark Barrott Dr Nimm's Garden Of Intrigue & Delight
2. Courtney Barnett Pedestrian At Best
3. Billy Nomates No
4. Porridge Radio Born Confused
5. Julien Baker Faith Healer
6. Arlo Parks Portra 400
7. DREAM NAILS Kiss My Fist
8. King Hannah Creme Brulee
9. Georgia Running Up That Hill
10. Elena Steri Pavement
11. Lael Neale Acquainted with Night
12. Sarah Mary Chadwick Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby
13. Playlist
Musik spezial
Presenter: Dieter Radke Music Editor: Dieter Radke
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1. Brunhilde Miss God
2. Brunhilde Choir Boy
3. Brunhilde Digging Ditches
4. Caro und Kurt von Brunhilde Interview mit FB, Teil 1
5. Brunhilde Hell or high water
6. Brunhilde I'm crying
7. Brunhilde Sleep with my enemy
8. Brunhilde Dollhouse
9. Brunhilde Second Class
10. Caro und Kurt von Brunhilde Interview mit FB, Teil 2
11. Brunhilde Judas
12. Brunhilde Come out, come out
13. Caro und Kurt von Brunhilde Interview mit FB, Teil 3
14. Brunhilde When you were born
15. Brunhilde Where are you going?
16. Brunhilde Drive me like a maniac
17. Brunhilde Never die
18. Caro und Kurt von Brunhilde Interview mit FB, Teil 4
19. Brunhilde All is lost
20. Brunhilde So bad
21. Brunhilde It's all lies
22. Brunhilde Tube Radio
23. Brunhilde Machine Gun
24. Brunhilde Justified
25. Brunhilde In my head
Teardrop's Digest
Presenter: Martin Schmidt Music Editor: Martin Schmidt
# artist title label URL
1. AMMER/EINHEIT Radio Inferno
2. STEREO TOTAL Supercool
3. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE [Dolores - Hintergrundmusik]
4. STEREO TOTAL Les Minets
5. D. O. A. Fucked Up Donald
7. HEX DISPENSERS Are You An Assassin?
8. MR. BUNGLE Grizzly Adams
9. MR. BUNGLE Anarchy Up Your Anus
10. MRS. PISS Nobody Wants To Party With Us
11. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE Fahr Zur Hölle
12. TRAPPIST AFTERLAND Twelve Sparrows
13. CURRENT 93 (David Tibet) Black Ships Ate The Sky
14. COIL Are You Shivering?
Blues Home / Banjo & Fiddle
Presenter: Dieter Radke Music Editor: Dieter Radke
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1. The Band Stage Fright
2. Chris Darrow Southern California Night
3. Antoine Villoutraix La Falaise
4. Steve Earl & The Dukes The Saint of Lost Causes
5. Julie Felix Summer of fire
6. Passenger Sandstorm
7. Lucero Outrun the moon
8. Bones Owens Lighting Strike
9. The Dead South Broken Cowboy (live)
10. RodeoFM Same old door
11. Kacey & Clayton and Marlon Williams Light of love
12. Linda Ronstadt The Dolphins
13. Someday Jakob Always on the run
14. Joe Farren Til the day
15. Bruce Springsteen Valentine's Day
16. Chris Darrow We don't talk of lovin' anymore
17. Will Hoge They don't make 'em like they used to
18. Willie Nile Run Free
19. Torpus and the Art Directors In hushed tones
20. Bones Owens White Lines
21. Israel Nash Down in the country
22. David Rawlings & Gilian Welch Abandoned Love
23. Someday Jakob Room with a view