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Limbo Rhythm
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1. Naeem Shiraz All City Records
2. Budgie On My Shit (feat. Traffic) All City Records
3. Emapea Big Small Talks Cold Busted
4. Defari Acknowledgement (feat. Evidence) All City Records
5. DJ Stylewarz Intro Der Letzte seiner Art
6. DJ Stylewarz Die Besten (feat. Lakmann) Der Letzte seiner Art
7. DJ Stylewarz Fresh Aahh Pt.2 (feat. DJ Robert Smith, DJ Crypt & DJ Woody) Der Letzte seiner Art
8. People Under The Stairs San Francisco Knights OM Records
9. Don Leisure Kazakh Honey First Word Records
10. Maze Soundz Hip Hop Bread Self-Released
11. Maze Soundz Theres Only One Self-Released
12. People Under The Stairs Reach Out Piecelock 70
13. Niles Philips I Lo-Fi You Timewarp Music
14. People Under The Stairs The Sound Of A Memory Piecelock 70
15. Emapea Blue Almonds Cold Busted
16. Es-K Flrn Cold Busted
17. Paper Tiger Lullaby (Vital Remix) Wah Wah 45s
18. Es-K TN Cold Busted
19. Dr. Dundiff Skat (feat James Lindsey) Cold Busted
20. Jitwam Temptations Tartelet Records
21. Slug Father Time With You Gents & Dandy's Records
22. Harry Wolfman The Accord Toy Tonics
23. Kraak & Smaak Dolce Far Niente (Radio Edit) Boogie Angst
24. Unknown (vs Jimmy Ross) Love Affair (Disco Bits Edit) Disco Bits
25. Flevans (feat. Laura Vane) Who's Got Me (Art Of Tones Dub Mix) Jalapeno Records
26. Calender Hypertension (Hotmood Edit) Matasuna Records
27. Patawawa Wires (Hot Toddy Disco Dub) Boogie Angst
28. George Kelly Vibe Away Chopshop
29. Igor Gonya & Tamandua Twist The Bee's Knees (Tamandua Twist Acid Mix) Gents & Dandy's Records
30. E. Live Got Me Good (Saine Remix) Boogie Angst
31. The Doors Riders On The Storm (Charles J Remix) Pornostar Records
32. Jad & The Strings That Never Win Toy Tonics
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Maisha There Is A Place Brownswood Recordings
2. Emapea Rainy Day Cold Busted
3. Eric Lau Oh Dara First Word Records
4. The Stance Brothers Minor Minor We Jazz Records
5. Vula Viel Well Come Vula Viel Records
6. Vula Viel Inside Mirror Vula Viel Records
7. Liquid Saloon Polaroid Banana Raw Tapes
8. Cochemea Mitote Daptone Records
9. Souleance Le Sexy First Word Records
10. Sorraia Cadiz Timewarp Music
11. Los Terrificos La Mordida (D. Briggs Remix) Peace & Rhythm
12. Kokolo Hey Hey (Dustin Rosata 'Psychedelic Sludge' Remix) Peace & Rhythm
13. Modified Man Sergio Arpeggio Albert's Favourites
14. Blay Ambolley Walk For Ground (Aldubb Remix) Agogo Records
15. David Hanke Impala Roundabout Agogo Records
16. Elias Agogo Some Music Agogo Records
17. Almamegretta Pray Dub Echo Beach
18. The Hempolics Warrior Sound (Original Version) BBE
19. Almamegretta Once In A Lifetime Echo Beach
20. Almamegretta Why Not Echo Beach
21. Fugees Fu-Gee-La (Instrumental) Columbia
22. Andrea Benini Jawa Agogo Records
23. Cochemea All My Relations Daptone Records
24. Magic Drum Orchestra (feat. Bunty) Original Nuttah (7" Edit) Tru Thoughts
25. Dubzee (feat. Demolition Man & Trinity Chris) Everybody Smoke (Danny Styles Jungle Remix) M Ocean Records
26. Max RubaDub (feat. Crosby) Dem Nah Ready (Gold Dubs Remix) RubaDub Blends
27. Ram Goat Hi-Fi Non Stop (feat. Junior Cat) Ram Goat Records
28. Rumble (feat. I Octane) Wine N Go Down Liondub International
29. RSN (feat. Kathrin deBoer & BNC) Everything (Timewarp Inc Remix) Timewarp Music
Limbo Rhythm
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1. The Mighty Heard Still High (Original Version) Growroom Productions
2. Lee Fields & The Expressions It Rains Love Big Crown Records
3. The Putbacks Straight HopeStreet Recordings
4. The Soul Surfers Popcorn With A Feeling Ubiquity Records
5. Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum Goodbye, So Long Freestyle Records
6. The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Ain't It Funky Now Freestyle Records
7. Obrey Wilson Headman Perfect Toy Records
8. Morning Reign She's Got Time To Be Blind (7" Edit) Perfect Toy Records
9. Cookin' On 3 Burners Force Of Nature (feat. Fallon Williams) Soul Messin' Records
10. Michael Nau Far The Far Full Time Hobby
11. Nick Waterhouse Undedicated Innovative Leisure Records
12. Holy Hive This Is My Story Big Crown Records
13. The Vicious Seeds Happy Lobster Tramp Records
14. The New Mastersounds Miracles One Note Records
15. Nick Waterhouse Wherever She Goes (She Is Wanted) Innovative Leisure Records
16. Nick Waterhouse Song For Winners Innovative Leisure Records
17. Chic Morrison Talk About Love Perfect Toy Records
18. Morning Reign But It's Alright Perfect Toy Records
19. Benchmark Hold On, I'm Coming Perfect Toy Records
20. Jayl Funk Let Me Be Honkey Phonk
21. Flo Mega BAM (Da isser) (feat. Kwam E., Chefboss & Das Bo) Styleheads Music
22. The Allergies (feat. ASM) When The Heat Comes Down (Remix) Jalapeno Records
23. Jack Hammer Swim (Wonderlove's Short Edit) Soul Flip
24. The Mighty Ryeders Evil Vibrations Freestyle Records
25. Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum Joyous Freestyle Records
26. Jungle By Night Love Boat New Dawn
27. Flevans It Just Goes (feat. Sarah Scott) Jalapeno Records
28. Hoodna Orchestra Breathe Agogo Records
29. Rage Against The Machine Renegades Of Funk Epic
30. Djar One I Can Feel Your Love Beats House Records
31. Funky Destination Let's Make This Party Jumpin' Timewarp Music
32. The Allergies (feat. Andy Cooper) Run It Back (Smoove Remix) Jalapeno Records
33. Djar One You Keep Me Hangin' On Beats House Records
34. Lucinda Slim & The Law Men Whirlpool Haggis Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Masta Ace & Marco Polo Breukelen 'Brooklyn' (feat. Smif-N-Wessun) Fat Beats
2. Dabrye Nova (feat. Nolan The Ninja) Ghostly International
3. Masta Ace & Marco Polo Still Love Her (feat. Pearl Gates) Fat Beats
4. Main Concept Genesis (Intro) 58 Beats
5. Main Concept Das Bildnis (feat. Kung Schu) 58 Beats
6. Bugseed A Class Reflection Cold Busted
7. Texta Fragestunde Plattenmeister
8. Main Concept Lyrics Like Sirup (feat. Get Open) 58 Beats
9. Main Concept Wasserfarben decken nicht 58 Beats
10. Teecain Brudermuehl No.1 (Achensee Remix) Number Nine Records
11. Masta Ace & Marco Polo Sunken Place (feat. Pav Bundy) Fat Beats
12. Djar One Cradle To The Grave (feat. Napoleon Da Legend) Beats House Records
13. Axion117 Continue Cold Busted
14. Bugseed Esc Cold Busted
15. Tonbe The Sun Goes Down Disco Fruit
16. A Tribe Called Quest (J. Cole Remix) Can I Kick It? (The Owl Remake) unreleased
17. Rakim Guess Who's Back (Second Hand Audio Remix) Bandcamp
18. Deep Velvet Can You Feel It? Tramp Records
19. Ron Henderson Boogie Man Tramp Records
20. Oakland Express Puss Tramp Records
21. Harold Vonghaniere House Party Chopshop Music
22. OOFT! Keep Running Hot Digits Music
23. Capofortuna MA NU Soul Clap Records
24. Funk Rimini Don't Smoke Soul Clap Records
25. I Gemin & Castanea Fall In Love (Original Mix) Boogie Angst
26. George Kelly We Can Be Free (Original Mix) Chopshop
27. Mitiko I Think You Like Fruity Flavor
28. Jeff Swiff Wun Type Uh Way Vino Recordings
29. Joe S Any Colour You Like Forgot Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Micah Shemaiah Keep On Keeping On (Original Version) Irie Ites Music
2. The Drop (feat. Lee 'Scratch' Perry) Dunna Runna (Radio Edit) Shoal Records
3. Ghost Writerz (prod. by Mungo's Hi-Fi) News Carrying Ghosts (feat. Chronixx) unreleased
4. Dubmatix (feat. Cheshire Cat) Heart And Soul (Dubmatix Rub-A-Dub Riddim) Ram Goat Records
5. The Last Poets Understand What Black Is (Mala Remix) Studio Rockers
6. JStar (feat. Spikey Tee) Babylon Children (Numa Crew Remix) JStar Records
7. Shamans Of Sound Shamans Of Sound (feat. Navisa Hunter) Shamans Of Sound
8. Zap Pow This Is Reggae Music D. Michael / VPAL Music
9. El Tipo Este y Al Quetz Regla Sound System (feat. Taliwah) Pura Vida Sounds
10. Savages Y Suefo Pass It On (feat. KRSA & Bogar) Agogo Records
11. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band Real Hot Big Crown Records
12. Soothsayers Watching The Stars (Legartijeando Remix) Wah Wah 45s
13. Maku Soundsystem Llama (Vocal Mix) Peace & Rhythm
14. Omegaman (feat. Desi Hyson) Babylon Don't Interfere (Ornette Hawkins Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
15. Danny Styles Police Pressure M Ocean Records
16. Freestylers Rebel Lion (feat. K-OSS) Mama's Pie
17. Protoje feat. Chronixx No Guarantee (Riddim Punks Bootleg) unreleased
18. Savages Y Suefo Come Away With Me (feat. Fedora) Agogo Records
19. El Tipo Este y Al Quetz Inflowencias Pura Vida Sounds
20. The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra Fight So Hard (Radio Edit) HopeStreet Records
21. The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra Naming & Blaming HopeStreet Records
22. El Tipo Este y Al Quetz Zafra Pura Vida Sounds
23. El Tipo Este y Al Quetz Usame Pura Vida Sounds
24. Baba & Djana Sissoko Bognie Bognie Blind Faith Records
25. David Nesselhauf Intrologue Legere Recordings
26. David Nesselhauf The Void Legere Recordings
27. Grupo Bahia x Cutty Ranks Rumba Limbs (Deela Mashup) Bandcamp
28. iZem + K.O.G. Change (Vocal Mix) Pura Vida Sounds
29. Hailu Mergia Yegle Nesh Philophon
30. Alemayehu Eshete Alteleyeshegnem Philophon
31. Resonators Won't Suffer (Original Version) Wah Wah 45s
32. Resonators Won't Suffer (A Telling Dub) Wah Wah 45s
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Jose James Ain't No Sunshine Blue Note
2. deM atlaS Music Man Rhymesayers Entertainment
3. deM atlaS Bad Loves Company Rhymesayers Entertainment
4. Ancient Astronauts & Asphate SUFFOC-HATE (Original Mix) Switchstance Recordings
5. Umse Bruce Banner Jakarta Records
6. LTF Space Bop The Content Label
7. Mister T. Rock Stars Cold Busted
8. Shinji Be True Cold Busted
9. Charles Bradley Heart Of Gold Dunham Records
10. Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics With You Badasonic Records
11. Mister T. Black Drop Cold Busted
12. Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics Feel Like Jumping Badasonic Records
13. J.P. Bimeni & The Black Belts Free Me Tucxone Records
14. J.P. Bimeni & The Black Belts Don't Fade Away Tucxone Records
15. The Devonns Think I'm Falling In Love Record Kicks
16. Jose James Lovely Day (feat. Lalah Hathaway) Blue Note
17. Mitiko Easy To See Disco Fruit Records
18. Daytoner Shout Love Cabin Pressure Recordings
19. Streamer Mama's Funky Life (Papa's 45 Version) Timewarp Music
20. Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum The Dump Freestyle Records
21. LTF Light The Fuse The Content Label
22. Honest Lee Waxy Stax Growroom Productions
23. Ice-T & Charlie Funk vs The Mighty Mocambos Bounce That Ass (Remix) Mocambo Records
24. Charles Bradley Luv Jones (feat. LaRose Jackson) Dunham Records
25. The Sonics Find Myself Another Girl Big Crown Records
26. The Allergies Let's Drive (feat. Izo Fitzroy) Jalapeno Records
27. Outlaw Posse Enforce The Positive Self-Released
28. The Allergies When The Heat Comes Down (feat. ASM) Jalapeno Records
29. Aeon Seven Seven Breaks (Original Version) 45 Live Records
30. The Allergies Fade Away (feat. Andy Cooper) Jalapeno Records
31. Flevans Take Your Money Jalapeno Records
32. Koka Mass Jazz Summer Soul (feat. Tiffany Blu) Timewarp Music
33. Mr. Confuse Only A Man (feat. Dan Salem) Confunktion Records
34. Tanika Charles Love Fool Record Kicks
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Okonkolo Canto Por Ochun Big Crown Records
2. C-Ras Wraiths Beat Art Department
3. Deela Message From The Mountain Luvah Records
4. C-Ras Visitors Beat Art Department
5. Sasco Winning Right Now Diamond Studios
6. Anthony Joseph Milligan. The Ocean (feat. Ella Andall) Heavenly Sweetness
7. Soothsayers (feat. Dele Sosimi) Sleepwalking (Black Man's Cry) (7" Edit) Wah Wah 45s
8. Savages Pitch In Mana Mana Records
9. Kill Emil Matata Matasuna Records
10. JStar (feat. Tomawok) Real Apache Style (DJ Alias Remix) JStar Records
11. Kitgum Allstars (prod. by Ancient Astronauts) Acholi Warrior (Pt.1) Rhythm Is Life (Bandcamp)
12. Jack & Jointz feat. Wild Life Coming Down (Jack & Jointz Remix) Timewarp Music
13. Fort Knox Five & K+Lab Jinglin' Janglin' (feat. Baby Bam) Fort Knox Recordings
14. Deela Sundance (Remix) Luvah Records
15. Max Cilla Le chant du pauvre (Deela Remix) Luvah Records
16. Ray Lugo Mi Alegria (Valique & Funky Junkie Remix) Ammonite Records
17. Banderas Banderas Mambo Matasuna Records
18. Trio Ternura A Gira Polydor / Melodies International
19. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band Bushfire Big Crown Records
20. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band 1 Thing Big Crown Records
21. Anthony Joseph Dig Out Your Eye Heavenly Sweetness
22. Gerardo Frisina Katanga Schema Records
23. Gerardo Frisina Yapatera Schema Records
24. Savages Summer Vibe Mana Mana Records
25. Savages Getting Crazy Sometimes Mana Mana Records
26. Sangre Joven Zamba Zamba (Voodoocuts Edit) Matasuna Records
27. Otto de Rojas y Los Ultra 76 Al Ritmo del Bump Bump Matasuna Records
28. Capablanca & T. Keeler No Hay Ritmo Toy Tonics
29. Orquesta Akokan Un Tabaco Para Elegua Daptone Records
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Atmosphere Virgo Rhymesayers Entertainment
2. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band Xxplosive Big Crown Records
3. Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics Tic Tac Toe Badasonic Records
4. 79.5 I Stay, You Stay Big Crown Records
5. Shinji For Some Reason Cold Busted
6. Geliks 2376 Broadway Cold Busted
7. Geliks Jet Oil Cold Busted
8. RSN Monday Agogo Records
9. RSN Welcome To Life Max (feat. Thaliah) Agogo Records
10. Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s For Once And For All Tramp Tapes
11. Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s Mesquite Beat Tramp Tapes
12. Stone Foundation Only You Can (feat. Hamish Stuart) 100% Records
13. Stone Foundation Give The Man A Hand 100% Records
14. Soothsayers (feat. Cornel Campbell) Natural Mystic (7" Edit) Wah Wah 45s
15. Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Tahira 'Abayomy Afrobeat' Version) Wah Wah Dubplates
16. Waaju Waaju Olindo Records
17. Sefi Zisling Avocado Dance (feat. Nomok) Wah Wah 45s
18. Fort Knox Five I Know Kung Fu (DC's Finest Remint) unreleased
19. Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP Hit Me With The Horns Self-Released
20. Fuselage Seize The Time (Original Mix) Bona Fido
21. Sonale Believe It Or Not (I Come To Funk Mix) Big Fat Mama Beats
22. The Allergies Can't Keep Working This Hard Jalapeno Records
23. Lee Dorsey Get Out Of My Life Woman (Maze Soundz Breaks Rework) Nu Blends
24. 45 Brothers Hit Me Gimme Some More Records
25. Dr Rubberfunk How Beautiful (7" Mix) Jalapeno Records
26. Max Sedgley Funkiest Breaks Ever unreleased
27. Cookin' On 3 Burners Warning (feat. Kaiit) Soul Messin' Records
28. Uebertribe Game Over Legere Recordings
29. Uebertribe Purple Pearl Legere Recordings
30. The Lively Set Blues Get Off My Shoulder Big Crown Records
31. The Three Dudes I'm Beggin You Big Crown Records
32. Djar One (vs The Four Seasons) Beggin' Beats House Records
33. Joy Lovejoy In Orbit (Soul Flip Edit) Soul Flip
34. Marvin Gaye It's Not Unusual (Soul Flip Edit) Soul Flip
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Eins Zwo Danke, gut Yo Mama's Recording
2. Big Mama's Boys Muencheeen (feat. epi.kur) Tramp Records
3. Blockboy World Against Us (feat. Mista Min) Tramp Records
4. Umse Bescheid Jakarta Records
5. Eins Zwo Und so weiter (Tony Crisp Remix) Bandcamp
6. The Traffic California Love Choi Records
7. Brownout I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Nigga Fat Beats
8. Public Enemy I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Nigga Def Jam Recordings
9. Smith & Smart Neu & alt Smith & Smart Records
10. Kesta Kest Is High Beats House Records
11. Schmiddlfinga & DJ Robert Smith Safety First Jam unreleased
12. Brownout Louder Than A Bomb Fat Beats
13. Smith & Smart Aber mehr auch nicht Smith & Smart Records
14. Le Fly 1001 Kneipe St. Pauli Tanzmusik
15. Le Fly Snervt St. Pauli Tanzmusik
16. Honeyfeet Meet Me On The Corner (Radio Edit) Wah Wah 45s
17. Smith & Smart Frag den DJ Smith & Smart Records
18. Blockboy The Renaissance Tramp Records
19. Life On Planets & FSQ Cold Front (FSQ Northern Soul Remix) Soul Clap Records
20. Lack Of Afro Good Love (feat. Emma Noble) LOA Records
21. Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s Saints & Beggars Tramp Tapes
22. The White Blinds Little Giant F-Spot Records
23. Kent & The Candidates (feat. Bill King) What Cha Trying To Do? Double Shot Records
24. Lack Of Afro Back In Business (feat. Wax & Herbal T) LOA Records
25. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playin' (Soul Flip Edit) Soul Flip
26. Boz Scaggs Lowdown (Live at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco) Gray Cat Records
27. Boz Scaggs Rock And Stick Concord Records
28. Boz Scaggs Those Lies Concord Records
29. Joseph Malik Take A Left (Album Version) Ramrock Red Records
30. Daytoner Second Stomp Cabin Pressure Recordings
31. Smoove & Turrell Something Better Jalapeno Records
32. Daytoner Needed You Cabin Pressure Recordings
33. Djar One Movin' Now Beats House Records
34. The White Blinds Get To Steppin' F-Spot Records
35. The Faithful Brothers Crossroads Of Love Record Kicks
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Kuchenmann Die Legende von Icy Gulp Self-Released
2. L One Winterblues Beat Art Department
3. The Deli Going Home Cold Busted
4. K15 You're Alive (There's Still Time) WotNot
5. Potatohead People Quest For Love Bastard Jazz Recordings
6. L One Solitude Beat Art Department
7. Sola Rosa Leave A Light On (feat. Kevin Mark Trail & L.A. Mitchell) The Orchard
8. Kaidi Tatham Cupid (feat. Uhmeer) First Word Records
9. Kaidi Tatham Bien First Word Records
10. RSN Cherry Tree (feat. Kathrin deBoer) Agogo Records
11. Potatohead People Do My Thing (feat. Kapok & Illa J) Bastard Jazz Recordings
12. Children Of Zeus All Night First Word Records
13. The Deli Virgo Flip Cold Busted
14. TheodorBlack Blues Hues And Views (feat. Jozif Bernard) Reservoir Records
15. Pete Philly Come Together Black Unicorn
16. Sola Rosa Truth (feat. Kevin Mark Trail) The Orchard
17. Jonny Drop (feat. Sarah Williams White) The Looking Glass (Radio Edit) Albert's Favourites
18. Earl Jeffers Energy Flow Excursions
19. Sola Rosa (feat. Noah Slee) Back To You (Flytones Remix) The Orchard
20. Potatohead People Rituals Bastard Jazz Recordings
21. TheodorBlack N89 (feat. Kish) Reservoir Records
22. Mad Skillz In A Minute Big Kidz Entertainment
23. Archie Bell & The Drells Strategy (The Reflex Revision) Self-Released
24. Chaka Khan Like Sugar (Extended Mix) Diary Records
25. The O'Jays For The Love Of Money (DJ XS Edit) unreleased
26. George Kelly & DJ 'S' (feat. Sparky-T) Movin To The Groovin (Original Mix) Chopshop Music
27. Ten Different Let's Dance Chopshop Music
28. Kraak & Smaak Bobby & Whitney Jalapeno Records
29. V.B. Kuehl Come On And Dance
30. Legs 11 The Rhythm (Kellini Skrangledisco Remix) Beatservice Records
31. Kraak & Smaak (feat. Luxxury) Keep It Together (Dr Packer's Disco Radio Edit) Future Disco
32. Smoove & Turrell You're Gone (feat. Izo FitzRoy) Jalapeno Records
33. Scrimshire (vs Blaze) Blazed Up (Scrimshire Edit) Wah Wah Dubplates
34. DJ Koze Pick Up (Radio Edit) Pampa Records
35. Dirty Beatniks Disco Dancing Machines (Crispin's Black And White Dub) Wall Of Sound
36. Jad & The Strings That Never Win Toy Tonics
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Yazmin Lacey 90 Degrees First Word Records
2. Nicola Conte Universal Rhythm MPS Records
3. Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge Questions (feat. CeeLo Green) Linear Labs
4. Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge Dans Un Moment D'errance (feat. Laetitia Sadier, Questlove & Keyon Harrold) Linear Labs
5. Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge Mare (feat. Ladybug Mecca) Linear Labs
6. WVR BVBY Watch The Woodgrain Crawl Plug Seven Records
7. Toshio Matsuura Group Brown Paper Bag Brownswood Recordings
8. Binker & Moses The Birth Of Light Gearbox Records
9. Nicola Conte Me Do Wo MPS Records
10. Lutz Krajenski Supreme Agogo Records
11. Nicola Conte Essence Of The Sun MPS Records
12. Nicola Conte Cosmic Peace MPS Records
13. Nick Monaco, FSQ, G Koop & Billy 'Bass' Nelson Feel Like A Woman Would (FSQ Revision) Soul Clap Records
14. Quiet Dawn Human First Word Records
15. Lee Dodou & The Polyversal Souls Sahara Akwantuo Philophon Records
16. Subelo Cuba! (Havana Cultura) Hasta pronto (feat. DJ Jigue & Yissy Garcia) Brownswood Recordings
17. 50 Cent vs The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band P.I.M.P. (Deejay Irie Mashup) unreleased
18. The Rebel feat. Dark Angel Warrior (Original Mix) DJ's Choice
19. JStar Boss Riddim (FLeCK Remix) JStar
20. Dubmatix (feat. Tenor Fly) Show Down (Bassbin Remix) Echo Beach
21. Dubmatix Detonator Instrumental (Fire Remix) Echo Beach
22. Subelo Cuba! (Havana Cultura) Ciclo de la vida (feat. Luz de Cuba & Kamerum) Brownswood Recordings
23. Subelo Cuba! (Havana Cultura) Number One (feat. Nino Fony) Brownswood Recordings
24. Andrea Benini Marranzanu Cristalline
25. Delinquent Habits La Voz Delinquent Habits
26. Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs Redrum Soul Assassins Records
27. Andrea Benini Pink Twirl Cristalline
28. Subelo Cuba! (Havana Cultura) Carambuko (feat. Joao PGlagarto) Brownswood Recordings
29. Resonators Something Special (Radio Edit) Wah Wah 45s
30. Victor Rice Party Line Easy Star Records
31. Prince Fatty Sunshine (feat. Omar & Fatlip) Evergreen Recordings
32. The PathHeights Way Off Echo Beach
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Thievery Corporation Joy Ride (feat. Mr. Lif) ESL Music
2. The Hungarian Sample Heritage Band Mennyikincs (Much Treasure) (feat. Busa Pista) Mana Mana Records
3. Nickodemus Caballito Del Mar (feat. La Yegros) Wonderwheel Recordings
4. The Sweet Life Society Switch On Black Seed Records
5. Blundetto Slow Dance (feat. Jahadan Blakkamoore) Heavenly Sweetness
6. Jessica Lauren Teck et Bambou Freestyle Records
7. Dunkelbunt L'amour Fidele (feat. Kadero Rai) Bandcamp
8. Nickodemus All Over The Place (Outro) Wonderwheel Recordings
9. Bombino Deran Deran Alkheir (Well Wishes) Partisan Records
10. Uzgin Uver Sodras Mana Mana Records
11. Nickodemus Mystic Molay (feat. Innov Gnawa) Wonderwheel Recordings
12. The Hungarian Sample Heritage Band Socialist Beat Mana Mana Records
13. Uzgin Uver Gazlo Mana Mana Records
14. Isaac Chambers Moonlight Ride (Maze Soundz 'Magnetic Field' Remix) unreleased
15. The Grinders Trumble Down Babylon (Dub Version) Down The Bush Records
16. Andrea Benini El Guerrero Cristalline
17. Pablo Fierro Timanfaya Compost Black Label
18. Laolu & Mr Raoul K (feat. Ahmed Sosso) Djougou Yah (Perc Mix) Compost Records
19. Nickodemus Invisible Cities Wonderwheel Recordings
20. Ancient Deep Arizona Heart Soul Clap Records
21. Mr. Bird (feat. Chief Commander Yaaba) Dance Away (Patrick Jahn Remix) Matasuna Records
22. Chiwoniso Gomo (DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Saxfro Mix - feat. Max Wild) Soul Clap Records
23. Nickodemus Livin' Your Dream (feat. Jahdan Blakkamore) Wonderwheel Recordings
24. Jimi Tenor My Mind Will Travel (Teen Party Edit) Philophon Records
25. Thievery Corporation Music To Make You Stagger ESL Music
26. Deela Asi Soy (Dub Mix Melodica Instrumental) Switchstance Recordings
27. Blundetto Good Ol' Days (feat. Cornell Campbell & Little Harry) Heavenly Sweetness
Limbo Rhythm
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1. Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix Burru Saturday Echo Beach
2. Vibronics & Cross Club Each One Teach One (feat. Nish Wadada) Scoops
3. Richie Phoe Unity Dub Kingston Express Records
4. Vullaka Roots Radics vs Coldplay (Mashup) unreleased
5. Zion Train Tranquility Through Humility (Madplate Remix) Elastica Records
6. Zion Train (feat. Daman) No ID (Numa Crew Remix) Elastica Records
7. Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix Dictionary Echo Beach
8. Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix Great Wall Echo Beach
9. Deela El espiritu Luvah Records
10. Mr. Bird (feat. Chief Commander Yaaba) Dance Away (Dave Aardvark's Spacedub Mix) Matasuna Records
11. Rootwords Blue Sapphire Kinyama Records
12. Deela La Forca Luvah Records
13. Miraa May I Don't Want Ya (Didi) (NameBrandSound Remix) CoOp Presents
14. Daniel Magg Set For Seizure (Ennio Styles Remix) Compost Records
15. Blackalicious Shallow Days Mo Wax / Quannum Projects
16. Akua Naru Made It (feat. Eric Benet) Code Black
17. Toshio Matsuura Group I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun Brownswood Recordings
18. Dave Hank & The Raw Ingredients Magnetic North Agogo Records
19. Lack Of Afro Take It Up A Notch (feat. Wax & Herbal T) LOA Records
20. Wild Child Think It Over Dualtone Records
21. De La Soul Pain (Rhythm Scholar Heart Attack Remix) unreleased
22. Ken@Work Red Hot Chopshop
23. Bosq Tonight (feat. Nicole Willis) Ubiquity Records
24. Cantaloop (feat. The Haggis Horns) Slip It Back (Sam Redmore vs Cantaloop Remix) Cantaloop
25. Bosq In Orbit (feat. Monolog) Ubiquity Records
26. DJ Koze (feat. Roisin Murphy) Illumination (Radio Edit) Pampa Records
27. Harry Wolfman Stromboli Toy Tonics
28. Mr. Bird The Sasquatch Matasuna Records
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1. Verses Cherokee Tramp Records
2. Sandro Brugnolini & Giorgio Carnini Verso la droga Four Flies Records
3. Kool & Together Sittin' On A Red Hot Stove Big Crown Records
4. Fuenf Sterne Deluxe 555 Yo Mama's Recording
5. Emapea Funk It Up Cold Busted
6. Emapea Downtown Cold Busted
7. Anatoly Ice One More Time Anatoly Ice / Symphonic Distribution
8. Anatoly Ice I Know The Way (feat. Iskra) Anatoly Ice / Symphonic Distribution
9. Zion I Supreme (Deejay Irie 'Light My Fire' Edit) unreleased
10. Andy Cooper The Perfect Definition (Djar One Remix) unreleased
11. Bluntskull Mandingo (feat. Peppery) Raider Records
12. Cut La Vis (feat. Lotek) Rinse And Repeat (Boom Bap Remix) unreleased
13. Vullaka Kool & The Gang vs Cypress Hill vs Mr. Vegas vs Snoop Dogg (Mashup) unreleased
14. DJ Inko Hot Money Dirty Dubster Digital
15. JazzProfilactika Stop & Go Timewarp Music
16. Funky Destination Amy's Story Timewarp Music
17. Bill King There It Is! 7 Arts Music
18. Calibro 35 Modo Record Kicks
19. Bill King In The Blues Garden 7 Arts Music
20. George Kelly (feat. Andre Espeut & BnC) Bright Lights (Jayl Funk Remix) Our Records
21. Black Milk 2 Would Try (feat. Dwele) Mass Appeal Records
22. The Expansions Dragonfly Albert's Favourites
23. Gil Scott-Heron Gun (Jayl Funk Edit) unreleased
24. Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) Fela Mania Timewarp Music
25. Sampleheadz Moving On Timewarp Music
26. Gianni Oddi & Gianni Dell'Orso Soul Meeting Four Flies Records
27. Kapote Salvation (FYI Chris Remix) Toy Tonics
28. Romolo Grano & Berto Pisano Working In The City Four Flies Records
29. Sidney, George & Jackie Papa Was A Rolling Stone (DJ Twister Broken Dub Edit) unreleased
30. The Doors vs Santana Santana's Kitchen (DJ Rebel Mashup) unreleased
31. Funky Destination To My People Timewarp Music
32. Ellipsis People Briarmeade Records
33. Cesar's Children For What It's Worth Tramp Records
34. Silvano D'Auria Porto Cammelli Four Flies Records
35. The Shacks Follow Me Big Crown Records
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1. Charles Watson Abandoned Buick Moshi Moshi Records
2. Little Axe When I Rise Echo Beach
3. Little Axe Snake Oil Echo Beach
4. D/troit Rock Me Baby Crunchy Frog Recordings
5. Evidence Love Is A Funny Thing (feat. Styles P, Rapsody & Khrysis) Rhymesayers Entertainment
6. Evidence Jim Dean Rhymesayers Entertainment
7. Jeru The Damaja Me Or The Papes (Rae & Christian Remix) Payday
8. Figub Brazlevic Shadows In The City Agogo Records
9. Ty As The Smoke Clears (feat. Randolph Matthews & Malik MD7) Jazz re-freshed
10. Ty World Of Flaws (feat. John Robinson) Jazz re-freshed
11. Saib Summer In Rio Cold Busted
12. Nightmares On Wax Tomorrow Warp Records
13. Guts Score 20 (Tribute To Fugees) (feat. Tanya Morgan & Lorine Chia) Agogo Records
14. Green Street Don't Deny It Agogo Records
15. Saib Beautiful Terrace Cold Busted
16. Soothsayers Dis & Dat (Radio Edit) Wah Wah 45s
17. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 (feat. Carlos Santana) Black Times (Radio Edit) Strut Records
18. The Buttshakers Sweet Rewards Underdog Records
19. Mamas Gun London Girls Legere Recordings
20. D/troit This World (Is Changing) Crunchy Frog Recordings
21. George Ezra Don't Matter Now (Jayl Funk Edit) unreleased
22. Q-Tip (vs Ultrafunk) Breathe & Stop (DJ XS Indigo Funk Edit) unreleased
23. D/troit Do Your Thing Crunchy Frog Recordings
24. The Embers Fast David And The Wolfpack Perfect Toy Records
25. Bo-Jack Flower Child Perfect Toy Records
26. D/troit Hurricane Crunchy Frog Recordings
27. The Buttshakers Hypnotized Underdog Records
28. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 Last Revolutionary Strut Records
29. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 Struggle Sounds Strut Records
30. The Buttshakers What You Say Underdog Records
31. Gizelle Smith S.T.A.Y. (feat. Eric Boss) Jalapeno Records
32. Wild Child Back And Forth Dualtone Records
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1. The Frightnrs Gonna Make Time (Version) Daptone Records
2. The Hempolics Life Ain't Easy (Dubmatix Breakbeat Mix) BBE
3. Dubmatix feat. Linval Thompson Peace And Love (Original Version) Jah Fingers Music
4. Irievibrations (feat. Anthony B) Dem A Vampire Irievibrations Records
5. Megaloh (feat. Musa & Patrice) vs Razoof Oyoyo The Roots (Monophonic Mashup) unreleased
6. The Hempolics Boss Clock Me Style (Original Mix) Shark Free Records
7. Sister Nancy vs Dub Specialist Bam Milk (Vullaka Mashup) unreleased
8. Dubmatix feat. Gappy Ranks Roll Dem (Roots Version) Dub Arc Records
9. Rukus (feat. Ward 21) Champion (Dubmatix Remix) Raider Records
10. MenaceLive My Persona (Dubmatix Remix)
11. Rae & Christian vs Jungle Brothers Hold On (Mark Rae Re-Edit) Bandcamp
12. Mark Rae Sweet & Sour Chicken (Mashup) Bandcamp
13. Mo Fingaz ShyManCrew First Word Records
14. Eric Lau Can I Get A Witness First Word Records
15. Mark Rae Sample Of A Sample (Vocal Mix) Bandcamp
16. Little Axe London Blues Echo Beach
17. Ammoye Soul Rebel eOne Music Canada
18. Jake La Botz Feel No Pain Hi-Style Records
19. Otis Redding Dock Of The Bay (Demo Take) (The Reflex Revision) Bandcamp
20. Il Complesso Di Tada Movimentato Record Kicks
21. Third Coast Kings Cop It Proper Record Kicks
22. Beastie Boys Just A Test Capitol Records
23. Floyd Lawson Roof Top Sugar Record Kicks
24. Crowd Company Away With You Vintage League Music
25. Clarence Carter Back Door Santa (Maze Soundz Edit) unreleased
26. Djar One You Set My Soul On Fire Beats House Records
27. Andy Taylor Broken Flute Resense
28. Gee Gee Shinn & The Boogie Kings Fever Tramp Records
29. The James Hunter Six I Don't Wanna Be Without You Daptone Records
30. Hummingbird 4 Cho Cho San Tramp Records
31. Beastie Boys Song For Junior Capitol Records
32. Lisa Hilton Hot Summer Samba Ruby Slippers Productions
33. Same Speed Edits Samba Operator Same Speed Edits
34. Mr. Bird Carnival Beat Matasuna Records
35. Renegades Of Jazz (feat. Hugo Kant) Moyo Wangu (Bosq Remix) Agogo Records
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1. Evidence Throw It All Away Rhymesayers Entertainment
2. Children Of Zeus (feat. Caron Wheeler) U Alone (Remix) unreleased
3. Akua Naru My Mother's Daughter (Radio Edit) SPV Recordings
4. Children Of Zeus Happiness First Word Records
5. Darkhouse Family The Offering First Word Records
6. Rootwords A Matter Of Time Kinyama Records
7. Darkhouse Family Space And Time (feat. Jessy Allen) First Word Records
8. Colm K Water All City Records
9. Ephemerals In And Out (Original Mix) Jalapeno Records
10. The Expansions Breakthrough (7" Version) Albert's Favourites
11. The Tibbs Lies Record Kicks
12. Crowd Company Get In The Groove Vintage League Music
13. The Haggis Horns What It's All About (feat. Doc Brown) Haggis Records
14. Maze Soundz feat. Urban Shokker Raise The Funk (Bouncy Version) unreleased
15. Ken@Work The Jackal Chopshop
16. Chris Zent & Maze Soundz Calling Mama (Original Mix) Nuit Blanche Musique
17. Fatwax45 & Wildaboutnothin' Dominoes (Talkin' All That) Waxnerds
18. Lack Of Afro Balcony (feat. Wax & Herbal T) LOA Records
19. The Allergies (feat. Andy Cooper) Blast Off (Remix) Jalapeno Records
20. The Haggis Horns Take It Back (feat. Doc Brown) Haggis Records
21. The Haggis Horns (feat. Lucinda Slim) World Gone Crazy (Lack Of Afro Remix) Haggis Records
22. Lack Of Afro Ride (feat. Wax & Herbal T) LOA Records
23. Robert Finley Medicine Woman Easy Eye Sound
24. Radio Trip Computers Singing (Alfomega?Mix by Markey Funk) Jalapeno Records
25. Boca 45 & Mohawkestra The Bear Pit Bomb Strikes
26. Freethinker Funk Essence Dust On My Shoes MustBeat Records
27. The Andy Tolman Cartel Move Over (feat. Jo Harman) Freestyle Records
28. Soopasoul Pushin' Weight Jalapeno Records
29. Myles Sanko Promises (Smoove Remix) Legere Recordings
30. The Allergies You Got Power Jalapeno Records
31. The Allergies Entitled To That Jalapeno Records
32. The Allergies Get On The Floor Jalapeno Records
33. Robert Finley Honey, Let Me Stay The Night Easy Eye Sound
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1. Phil Vetter Niemand Hausboot Entertainment
2. Lee Fields & The Expressions Time Big Crown Records
3. Backbeat Underground (feat. Aaron Abernathy) She Don't Love Me (Like I Do) (Radio Edit) Fort Knox Recordings
4. Crowd Company Can't Get Enough Vintage League Music
5. The Haggis Horns Curse Of The Haggis Haggis Records
6. Martha High (with Osaka Monaurail) Don't Throw Your Love In The Garbage Can Record Kicks
7. Combined Forces Feeling Alright Tramp Records
8. Holly Carroll Lovin' Tramp Records
9. Souleance That Guy (feat. Von Pea) First Word Records
10. Wu-Tang Clan Hood Go Bang (feat. Redman & Method Man) eOne
11. Southpaw Chop feat. Large Professor Here We Go (Large Pro Remix) Southpaw-Chop Music
12. Lack Of Afro International (feat. Wax & Herbal T) Freestyle Records
13. Radio Citizen Opium Sonar Kollektiv
14. Alex Puddu Ocean Drive (feat. Duane Hobson) Al Dente
15. Kind & Kinky Zoo Hurricane Train (SoulBrigada Remix) Legere Recordings
16. Kind & Kinky Zoo Beat Sample Legere Recordings
17. Kabanjak The Ocean Within Luvah Records
18. Kabanjak All I Need Luvah Records
19. Spangle Do Dat Stuff Tramp Records
20. Alex Puddu Runaway Boys (feat. Lonnie Jordan) Al Dente
21. Nautilus Root Down (Instrumental Version) Agogo Records
22. Funkallisto Piamose Trastevere Express Yourself
23. Martha High (with Osaka Monaurail) Think (About It) Record Kicks
24. Chuck D & The Slamjamz Artist Revue Talking Loud, Saying Nothing (feat. Most HiFi) The Slamjamz Recording Company
25. Funkallisto Take A Little Time (feat. Jess Roberts) Express Yourself
26. Funkallisto The Devil Express Yourself
27. TNT Powerhouse Basement Jam Tramp Records
28. Martha High (with Osaka Monaurail) Mama Feelgood Record Kicks
29. The Fugitives & Archie Brooks Rich Man Poor Man Tramp Records
30. DJ 'S' Funk In A Bottle Chopshop
31. Alex Puddu Wild Saxophone Al Dente
32. Instigator Afrobeat Orchestra Yellow Fever Bandcamp
33. Crowd Company Saw You Yesterday Vintage League Music
34. Instigator Afrobeat Orchestra G-Spot (Victor Rice Remix) Bandcamp
35. The Frightnrs Do Unto Others (Version) Daptone Records
36. The Frightnrs More To Say (Version) Daptone Records
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1. Zara McFarlane In Between Worlds Brownswood Recordings
2. Minoru Muraoka Take Five United Artists Records
3. Supersoul Dem Funk sei Dank (Instrumental) Agogo Records
4. Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra Togetherness Persephone Records
5. Jackie Johnson & The Backbeaters How Tough It Was Tramp Records
6. Paper Tiger Recliner Pt.1 Wah Wah 45s
7. Paper Tiger Slippery Wah Wah 45s
8. Zara McFarlane Stoke The Fire Brownswood Recordings
9. Zara McFarlane Allies And Enemies Brownswood Recordings
10. Minoru Muraoka The Positive And The Negative (Yin & Yang) United Artists Records
11. Ancient Astronauts & Azeem Intro Switchstance Recordings
12. Ancient Astronauts & Azeem Poetic Occupation (feat. Divine Styler) Switchstance Recordings
13. Thunderball (feat. Mustafa Akbar) Heart Of The Hustler (Thunderball Poor Hand Dub) Fort Knox Recordings
14. Ancient Astronauts & Azeem False Charges Switchstance Recordings
15. Thunderball (feat. Hutchy) Selector (Drive By Mix) Fort Knox Recordings
16. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Subatomic Sound System New Ark Subatomic Energy (Intro) Echo Beach
17. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Subatomic Sound System Curly Dub (Sing Along Jah Jah Children) Echo Beach
18. Amlak Redsquare Judges (Kabanjak Remix) Switchstance Recordings
19. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Subatomic Sound System Chase The Devil (feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore & Screechy Dan) Echo Beach
20. Afrob (feat. Megaloh) R.I.P. (Acoustic Version) One Shotta Records
21. Sticky Joe & Kingston Express (feat. Horace Andy) Stress Out (Lion Dub Remix) Kingston Express Records
22. Thunderball (feat. Miss Johnna M) Daydream (Thunderball vs Slant Mix) Fort Knox Recordings
23. India Arie Video (Al Pack Bootleg) unreleased
24. Thunderball If Knowledge Is Power (feat. Akil Dasan) Fort Knox Recordings
25. Washed Out Hard To Say Goodye (Lone Remix) Stones Throw Records
26. Soothsayers Blinded Souls (SMBD '79 Raw Disco Mix) Wah Wah 45s
27. Son Palenque A Pila El Arroz (Los Chicos Altos Dub) unreleased
28. NameBrandSound & Sonar's Ghost Can't Hold It First Word Records
29. Son Of Scientist Spartan Riddim First Word Records
30. Resonators Right Time (Ash Walker Vocal Mix) Wah Wah 45s
31. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Subatomic Sound System Dub Along Echo Beach
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1. Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra Still Got A Way To Fall (Version) Ronet Records
2. The Soul Session Sun Shines Softly (feat. Anaj) Agogo Records
3. Ton Steine Scherben (feat. Nina Hagen) Keine Macht fuer Niemand (Dubvisionist Dub Version) Echo Beach
4. The Black Seeds Wake Up Proville Records
5. Professor Wouassa Serema (feat. Ebo Taylor) Matasuna Records
6. Chico Trujillo, Wiracocha & Rodrigo Gonzalez La Partida Off Ya Tree Records
7. Gaston Avila Lleu Lleu Off Ya Tree Records
8. Luis Alberto Gomez Reganame Off Ya Tree Records
9. The Soul Session Live Your Life (feat. Anaj) Agogo Records
10. Chinoy De Barro Off Ya Tree Records
11. Lutz Krajenski I Got Hope (feat. Alana Alexander) Agogo Records
12. Rodrigo Amarante Tuyo (Original Version) Lakeshore Records
13. Colonel Faat Balantinje (Mankoora Remix) Agogo Records
14. The Black Seeds Everybody Knows Proville Records
15. Dubmatix feat. Prince Blanco The Israelites Dub Arc Records
16. Ton Steine Scherben Lass uns ein Wunder sein (Aldubb Reggae Dub Version) Echo Beach
17. Urbs Happy Days (feat. Bagi & Sarah Ann) Beat Art Department
18. Wu-Tang Clan People Say (feat. Redman) 36 Chambers
19. Urbs Holdin' Back (feat. Wordsworth) Beat Art Department
20. Urbs Fiass in d'Hand (feat. Skero & Kayo) Beat Art Department
21. Curtis Mayfield Right On For The Darkness (Serge Gamesbourg Rework) unreleased
22. The Olympians Sirens Of Jupiter (Goji Berry Edit) Bandcamp
23. Chuck D & The Slamjamz Artist Revue (feat. Kyle Jason & The Banned) Make It Funky The Slamjamz Recording Company
24. Sunny & The Sunliners Intro 2 Big Crown Records
25. Sunny & The Sunliners Get Down Big Crown Records
26. Sunny & The Sunliners Should I Take You Home Big Crown Records
27. The Poets Of Rhythm Upper Class (Maze Soundz Re-Edit) unreleased
28. Professor Wouassa Doumadem Matasuna Records
29. Professor Wouassa Papa Jo Matasuna Records
30. The Eminent Stars Brown Thang (Instrumental) Tramp Records
31. The Souljazz Orchestra Dog Eat Dog Strut Records
32. The Soul Session You Are Everything (feat. Jiddu Krishnamurti) Agogo Records
33. The Souljazz Orchestra Is Yeelyel Strut Records